Nanny Survey 2008

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April 24, 2008

Dear BPN Subscribers,

The Berkeley Parents Network is conducting its third survey of what people pay nannies in our area and what the common practices are. Results from the survey will be made available online.

If you have a nanny now, or you have used a nanny during the past year, please complete this survey! The survey is anonymous. We will not collect any names or email addresses, only your zip code. You do not need to be a BPN subscriber to do the survey but you do need to live in the SF Bay Area.

One survey per family, please! We will accept surveys through the end of April, and publish results shortly after that.

About the survey

This survey is based on BPN's 2003 survey. A couple months ago, the parent network in Brooklyn, New York, Park Slope Parents, created a nanny survey for their 8,000 members using questions from BPN's 2003 survey. With their help, we have copied their SurveyMonkey survey and made a few changes, which has allowed us to get a new survey up pretty quickly. Park Slope is also making the survey available to other parent networks around the US, and plans to conduct some geographic analysis on nanny pay scales and practices around the country.

Special thanks to BPN member Mark Martin for making the BPN survey available on his company's SurveyMonkey account. Mark suggested a number of new questions, reworded some old questions to make them clearer, and patiently updated the survey as changes were made. Mark's company makes educational websites like this one: "How everyday things are made"

Thanks to the BPN subscribers who tested the final product!

Thanks to you for completing the survey. This will help lots of parents! If you have any questions about the survey, please Contact Us.

Berkeley Parents Network Moderators