Working Abroad as an Au Pair

Parent Q&A

  • Hi, our daughter just finished her degree at UC Berkeley, and rather than getting a job here in the US wants to move to Berlin. At least for some time?  She has decided that one way to do this is to be an Au Pair there, and I’m just trying to find more information.  (She May have an unrealistic view of how easy or difficult this will be, plus we are all unsure about the finances). Has anyone’s child done this?  Did they use a service to find a job, and how was it / which service did they use?  From what I’ve seen, Germany has regulations guiding it, but we’ve not been able to tell what the options or regulations are for Au Pairs not living with the family.  It looks like if you live with a family your pay is something like 250 Euros a month, or, essentially no pay...How did your child arrange everything, and how did they like it?  Any advice, tips, warnings, recommendations, etc.?  She doesn’t speak German but I understand the families are supposed to pay for at least part of their German lessons.  Any help appreciated!

    I can’t add much here but please make sure she ends up going with a legitimate agency. Many human traffickers set up legitimate looking websites to attract young women from all over only to sell them into sex slavery.