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Referrals for replacing house shingles Sep 3, 2019 (2 responses below)
Fire- & insect-resistant siding Aug 3, 2019 (1 responses below)
Re-shingle entire house Jan 5, 2017 (2 responses below)
Wood shingle repair and replacement referral? Dec 6, 2016 (1 responses below)
  • Referrals for replacing house shingles

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    I am looking to replace shingles on two sides of my house. Does anyone have a recommendation for carpenters or businesses that replace shingles?

    I had my roofing done by Nicholas Roofing in Berkeley this summer. They were professionals and wonderful to work with. They also do repairs and shingle replacements. I know because they did my neighbors. 

    Avi Masseri, from "Shingles on the Side" did an AMAZING shingles replacement job on our house in Berkeley.

    His number: 510-219-4089

    Na'ama Firestone

  • Fire- & insect-resistant siding

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    I am wondering if anyone in the East Bay hills can share their experiences with updating deteriorating, uninsulated wood siding with a fire- and insect-resistant siding, such as modern cement siding or shingles, and modern insulation. I love the look and (rainy season) ventilation of wood siding, but we need something with fewer fire and insect concerns. Thank you.

    You would stucco.  Look at the Hills fire and the houses that survived for the most part were all stucco.  Cement siding isn't as good.  I know at least one of the companies which made such a product went bankrupt from all of the lawsuits.  Redwood siding composite siding last 10 to 20 years and then start falling apart and rotting.  A shingle house will be one of the first to go in a fire.  It's all fuel for the fire.  Not sure if you can use shingles anymore due to fire issues.  Stucco is the best when it comes to fire and insect resistance. 

    Good thing you didn't ask about earthquakes and the clay soil we have.  If you had stucco is probably one of the worst.  But cement siding would be worse as it will just crumble. 

    There is no one perfect building material is there. 

  • Re-shingle entire house

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    We need to reshingle our whole house and was hoping for more current recommendations for shinglers. It's a 3 story house so it's a big job.  Any recommendations for someone that does quality work.  Thanks in advance. 

    RE: Re-shingle entire house ()

    Without a doubt you should go with Avi Messeri. Avi came highly recommended to us and did a fantastic job on our 1920s house. Reasonably priced high quality work. His number is (510) 527-8583. sean

    RE: Re-shingle entire house ()

    Best shinglers I have used are: Avi (Shingles On The Side) at 510-527-8583 and Oliver Govers (Sidewall Shingling) at 510-339-6965. This is not an inexpensive undertaking.

  • Hi BPN, I have a wood shingle house where the shingles probably need to be totally replaced on at least one side of my house.  For the remaining sides, I need cleaning and some spot-specific repairs.  I know the east bay (especially Berkeley) is filled with wood shingled houses.  Any tips are appreciated!

    Try Collins Roofing/Construction.  They have different operations but I know they did a nice job with some siding repairs for us and shingling has to be the same thing. 

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Need to re-shingle my house

June 2016

Hi, Our 100+ year old house in Berkeley needs new siding shingles. Since the house is not quite level, I'd like to get names of expert shinglers. The archive names are from the 1990's. Any new names/ recommendations? Thanks!

We have used Adrian Gomez Roofing for our last 2 homes. Great experience both times, excellent work, good pricing. You can reach him at: 510-582-1892 Good luck! ellen

Mynor DeLara of EcoValley Construction does excellent quality work. We have had him do a number of projects at our home over the last year including a kitchen remodel, replacing windows and siding, along with a few other changes. His number is 415-505-5815. He is located in San Rafael, but goes to other places in the bay area. Christina

Exterior Contractor to replace shingles and siding

Feb 2016

Hi, We are looking for a contractor to tear off old shingles and replace either with new shingles or with wood siding on our 2 1/2 story Victorian house in Alameda. Looking for bids both ways. May have lead paint on old shingles (have not tested yet). Must be licensed and carry worker's compensation insurance. Someone with some design experience/sense would be helpful also. Recommendations greatly appreciated. Linda

Two excellent shinglers in the local area are: Avi at 510-527-8583 and Oliver at 510-339-6965. Interview both of them and see which one suits your needs best. You can not go wrong with either.

Recent Shingler Recommendations?

Oct 2015

I'm looking for recommendations for quality shingle installers from the last few years in Berkeley. Thanks! anonymous

Govers Sidewall Shingling, in business since 1993, owned by Oliver Govers, a Berkeley native... sidewallshingling.com

We used Oliver Govers/Govers Sidewall Shingling. His website is http://www.sidewallshingling.com/2014/ He is a real craftsman. He just does beautiful work. We found him because we saw a house that he had done that we just loved and asked the owner, who also raved about him. His crew is great, easy to be around and very skilled. Vickie

ISO Shingle repair person

July 2015

We recently bought a Craftsman house which needs shingle work. Can't afford to re-shingle entirely, but we'd like to get several of the worst sections taken care of this summer. Any recommendations? Thank you!

Suggest you contact and arrange to meet Avi Messeri for your shingle repair. He has been in the business in this area for many years and always does a very fine job. His number is: 510-527-8583. Roger

Dec 2011

Re: Seeking shingler

Collins Roofing {collinsroofing.com} does siding as well as roofs. Think about it. It's the same process; just 90 degrees different. Great people. Good prices. Excellent work. Norm