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  • Stroller that fits in Prius Prime 2019?

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    Does anyone happen to know if the Prius Prime fits an uppababy cruz stroller in the trunk if it's folded up? We had a Prius V and it fit fine but wondering about the Prime. Trying to save a trip to the dealership so checking if anyone knows :) Also curious if anyone knows if the uppababy Minu fits in the trunk of the Prime.Thanks! 

    The Vista V2 fits for what it's worth

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Stroller for 1-year-old - baby on the way

Nov 2005

We are looking for stroller recommendations. We have a 1 year old and plan to have more kids, so don't want to spend a fortune on a new (or new-to-us/used)stroller that we will end up replacing with a tandem in a year or two, BUT we would like to replace our stroller. We are looking for a compact stroller with large basket, tray for the child, reclining seat, large canopy, and easy maneuverability. It would be nice if it were lightweight and had a 5 point harness as well. What would you suggest? I was reading the recommendations made in the past, but it seems as though many of those stroller models are no longer made. Thanks! parent who loves to walk

For expert & thoughtful advice about strollers, go to www.letsgostrolling.com. The owners are local moms who are incredibly knowledgeable about all kinds of strollers! Good luck. JF This could actually go for either of the stroller questions in the newsletter. I have also been looking for the ''perfect'' small sized, full service stroller for our one year old. I have done a LOT of research, tested a LOT of strollers, and still haven't bought anything b/c I'm frustrated with what's out there.

The best thing I've come up with so far is the Chicco C5, which is cheaper than the Maclaren Triumph (somewhat comparable in features) but 3 lbs heavier. I think you get more for your $$$ with the Chicco.

For the other person looking for a small fold up, the maclarens fold up small but not SUPER small. For that I would highly recommend a Combi. You can check out their website, http://www.combi-intl.com/strollers.htm and see... but not only do they fold up like ''regular'' umbrella strollers, they also fold ''in half again'' -- i.e. the handle bar that the parent pushes folds over on itself. some models even come with a travel bag, which may or may not be helpful.

I myself am anxious to hear about other's thoughts. Although the maclaren is well-loved, I think it's not necessarily on the cutting edge.... and for the price... oy vey! k.

Stroller for Graco infant carseat

March 2005

Hi, we are expecting our first ''singleton'' baby (we already have twins) and need to pick up a stroller made for one. We already have a Graco infant carseat and would like to purchase a lightweight stroller that we can snap the Snugride carseat into. I'd like to compare a wide variety of strollers but I can't find information about non-Graco brands that the Graco infant carseat will snap into.

Can anyone advise me on strollers you used that took the Graco infant carseat and that you used once your baby was out of it too? I'd like to purchase just one stroller (it takes the infant car seat and is a good long term stroller too). The lighter the better as we'll use it for a couple of years but any advice on what you used and liked would be appreicated. Thanks, Mom of twins has to pick up all new stuff for just one now!

I used the Graco Snugride with a Peg Perego Pliko. Had to buy a $10 little converter bar for the front, which was switched back to the normal padded bar once baby was in the stroller itself. The system worked just fine.

We've had our Zippy Inglesina stroller for 2 years now and I'm still very happy with it. It's lightweight, easy to open/close, and when our daughter was first born, we used it with her Graco snugride infant carseat. The Graco seat won't snap right in, like it might with some strollers - instead the stroller comes with detachable straps that secure the carseat to the stroller. At first I thought these would be awkward to use, but they really weren't a problem at all. And the Zippy has other benefits that for us have certainly outweighed the slightly-less convenient carseat attachment.

I know you said you only wanted to buy one stroller for your singleton, but I have to say that our Universal Car Seat Stroller (about $45 at Rockridge Kids, maybe less elsewhere) was the best stroller we ever had and it was worth it to buy two strollers just to be able to use the Universal for 4 months! It takes a Graco seat (and just about all others) and is by far the easiest one-hand folder I've used (we have a Maclaren now). It's also very light and rides nicely. Once your baby is out of the car seat, however, you have to switch to a new stroller. Still Longing for the Universal Stroller

Stroller for a 3-year-old

December 2002

I've got a very tall 3-year-old: She's at least 45 inches tall and weighs at least 45 lbs. Our last stroller, in which she barely fit and was not comfortable, was stolen, and I'd like to replace it. I don't need to use it often, only for long walking days (like going to the city for the day), so don't want to spend a fortune but do want something that won't be too small almost immediately. I would love recommendations from others who've dealt with this. Robin

I went with a wagon. They can ride in it, lay down in it, pull it, etc. It will also hold other stuff, either along with or instead of you child. Michelle

Parasol for Stroller

March 2002

Hi, Now that the sun's out I've been trying to find a parasol for our stroller. Does anyone know where one can be had (preferably second hand)? Many thanks! Noa

About a year ago I saw some at Rockridge Kids on College Ave and also at Toys R Us. If I recall coreectly they were fairly reasonable - in the $10-15 range. Carol

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I am expecting my first child in May and my parents have offered to buy a stroller for us. We will be returning back to Europe at the end of the Summer, when the baby will be 4 months old. Hopefully we will own a car, so I won't have to use the stroller on public transport. We are also not planning to have another child until the first one is at least 2 and a half. Does any one have any advice on buying a stroller that is suitable for a new infant right up to a two year old, that is suitable for all types of weather ( particularly Europes!) And is OK to pack in cars, take on airlines etc. Thanks

John: I suggest the Combi Savvy. This is a light (~6 lbs), compact, quality travel stroller. Our daughter used one from 6 months to 2 years, most of which time was spent traveling in Australia, Europe, etc. The stroller proved very durable despite its light weight and all the heavy camera bags and diaper bags we hung off it.. The original Combi did not recline fully and wouldn't work well for a newborn, but there is a new Combi model that does lie nearly flat and should be OK. Large wheels are a rather nice thing when abroad, given the cobblestone streets and so on. The Combi's wheels are only average sized. I believe the Aprica travel models have larger wheels, but have not used them myself. But you can do fine without large wheels -- we did. If you want maximum convenience at first, for very little $$ you can get a cheap little stroller into which your infant seat snaps. This is great as you don't have to take the baby out of the seat at all. You'll use it for a few months, and then get rid of it.

Rachel: In regards to buying a stroller, I have a Graco lite-travel that allows you to put the infant seat in the stroller. This worked fine when baby was in the carrier... I could look at him and he could see me. But now I don't use the infant seat and he can't look at me because he faces forward. I would suggest a carriage/stroller so you can face baby towards you or facing forward. Good luck

Paolo: I'm european and have been going back to France 2 times a year since my son is born. He is 2 years old now and I bought a stroller when he was 3 month old that I would really recommend : it is a Peg Perego (italian brand) model Plikomatic. It is like an umbrella stroller : easy to fold and to carry when folded (though heavier)but has nice features, is confortable and solid. It is reclinable almost flat, has a hood with a window and is still perfect for a 2 years old (actually, I've just had my second baby and switched to a double stroller by Peg Perego which is very good too ). For winter time you can buy a rain cover as an accessory or a leg protection kit. I have been able to travel with it very easily.The only inconvenient is there is no basket but you can attach like a net bag. Another tip : check Peg Perego web site to see what they have and what you want and maybe ask your parents to buy the stroller in Europe:: when I bought mine, the price in France was a little bit cheaper than in the USA. Good luck.

Ronnie: I've used over 6 different brands of strollers for my 2 kids. My overwhelming preference would be the Maclaren. It is an excellent urban stroller, with a short turn radius, long wearing (and replaceable) wheels that slide up stairs, high quality cloth, and a secure latch/harness (unlike the Combi). It folds well, and is lightweight. Peg Perego has an equivalent model, I think the Pliko. By the way, babies are content with a not complete recline, and prefer looking forward by 6 mo. Furthermore, by the time your child is 1 yr. a full-featured stroller is too heavy to lift with your kid.

Ann: I second the recommendation for the Combi Savvy. I have a bad back and it is light enough for me to lift (with my 2 year old in it!) when I have too. It is durable adn folds up well. I have taken more flights that I can count with it and it has been great. As to the Aprica, one note of warning--I was considering one when I went shopping for mine, and store personnel at very good store in the city said that they are always getting Aprica's in for repair, and that the Aprica's seem prone to break down a lot. (The Aprica cost more, and thus they were talking me out of the higher priced model, so I add double credit to their comments). Finally, I strongly second the idea of getting the Snap n Go to pop your car seat into in the first few months. Its cheap, and VERY convenient. Do that, and then get the Combi for your real stroller is my recommendation, for what its worth.

Regarding strollers - we got a Swedish brand (Emeljunga??? something like that...) and it lasted through both kids (now nearly 6 & 3 1/2) & still works fabulously. The front wheels, though, are fixed - to turn you sort of lean the way you want to go (does this make any sense???). Anyway, I guess it takes a little getting used to; my sister really didn't like it the couple of times she pushed it, but I didn't like the way the normal wheels worked. Also, this stroller could go anywhere - even over sand! We called it our off-road stroller. We were extremely happy with it. (I can't remember where we bought it - I think at a place in San Rafael near 3rd street.) -- L (6/99)

Our son (now almost 6) had a Peg Perego. A few plastic things broke on it, but the company would always send repacement parts. Structurally it held up great. We weren't aware of durability differences between the two brands-- we chose Peg Perego because it had better padding on the arms than the Aprica model we looked at. One other factor was the handle height and clearance for my own feet when pushing the stroller. If you're average height or taller, this can be an issue if you don't want to risk hitting the wheels with your feet. Fran (6/99)

One thing that made us choose the Peg Perego (I think we have the Avante model) is that it is very easy to fold up. There is a Swedish brand (Emmajunga or something like that) that is very well made but we couldn't figure out how to fold it up, no matter how many times it was demonstrated. McLaren is also a brand known for durability but it also didn't have the padding that the Peg Perego had. Yet another issue: how hard is it to remove the upholstery for cleaning? Pretty easy on our Peg Perego. (6/99)

I am the happy owner of a Peg Perego Amalfi. I was resistant when my husband selected it because I was convinced that it was too bulky compared to an umbrella type stroller, and that it would be too heavy compared to the light weight Aprica, Savvy, etc. Well to my delight it has proven to be very easy to get in and out of the trunk. My favorite features are 1) that it folds up towards you, not down to the ground. This means that I never have to bend over in the parking lot to pick it up! 2) That it clips shut when folded so you can lift it and get it into/ out of the trunk without it unfolding in midair. 3) That the handle bar is reversable so you can have the baby facing away from the sun no matter which direction you are walking. My husband talked me into this stroller initially because he thought it would be great for use at Pt Isabel where we walk our dogs. It does very well on the paved paths (The paving is in very poor condidtion... like many streets around here!) but we would never consider it for off road use on the dirt paths. As for the price... we found our stroller on line at iBaby for $150. It was in December so they were clearing out the last year models. The one drawback that I must mention is that there are an aweful lot of levers. This is fine for me and my husband because we use it all the time and know what each one does.... but for an occasional sitter it can be quite aggravating.