Which School Districts Allow Transfer to Other Districts?

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    Is there any list or resource I can use to know more about the districts that allow transfer from low rating schools to better school in the same district? 

    I am planning to move soon, and some places we are considering their immediate assigned school rate is 3 or 4, while nearby schools (4 or 5 miles) away in the same district are way better.

    But I don't know whether these districts allow a transfer or not. 

    thank you

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    All school districts allow transfers within the district if there is room at the school you would like to transfer to, but a school rated at an 8, 9, or 10 will most likely be full and transfers won't be guaranteed from year to year.  On the other hand, our local school is ranked a 4 after many years of being a 6 or 7, and it is a great school where my kid is thriving.  As a bonus, it is walkable to our house and is a real neighborhood school.  Don't base your decision on number ratings,  pick a neighborhood you like and then check out the actual school and try to talk to current parents to see if it will work for your family.