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  • Hi there!

    I'm moving my parents to East Bay and in this process, I'm researching doctors and specialists (i.e., cardiologist, neurologist, and vision rehab specialist). For myself, I've seen both John Muir/UCSF for primary care and Sutter Health for OBGYN services in Berkeley. I like both systems but need one for my aging parents. Do BPN members have any feedback about the two? I'm curious to hear your thoughts/preferences. 

    Thanks in advance!


    I have John Muir for my primary and Sutter for OB/GYN and I prefer Sutter. Even though I like my John Muir doctor, I hate how John Muir abuses its online messaging system. I get emails all the time that say things like "important personal message regarding your health" and then when I log in to the patient portal, I find some canned marketing message ("our hours for the vaccination clinic have changed" "we now have flu vaccines available" etc.) which aren't even remotely personal or related to my own health.  OK, maybe not the most important factor - and I'm not ready to change doctors over it - but if I could start over, I would just use Sutter.  

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