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Aug 2015 Note: a reader has informed us that these businesses are now closed: Wig Palace in San Mateo and House of Fashion Wigs in Alamo.

Wig Shop Recommendation for Cancer Patient

May 2006

I've recently started chemo for breast cancer and am in need of a good place to find a wig. Any recent recommendations in the East Bay would be greatly appreciated Thank you!

Having gone through chemo myself 2 years ago, I think if you're looking for inexpensive yet stylish wigs, there is a large beauty supply store called Beauty Supply Warehouse at 2601 Telegraph Ave.They have one of the biggest selections I've seen. They have both human hair and synthetic. I checked many, many stores and ended up getting 4 wigs for changing looks throughout my treatment. All of them were purchased at various beauty supply stores. One other tip, I took my wigs to my regular hair stylist and had her trim and thin it to fit my face a little better. judy

I recognize that you're seeking recommendations in the East Bay, but you may want to consider Wig Palace in San Mateo. The women there are warm, nurturing, and wonderful and wholly understand the trauma (and tears) associated with the purchase of a wig due to impending hair loss from chemo. I failed to recognize the importance of support when I shopped for a wig for just such a purpose, and went there alone, but was fortunate to find myself in their company.

Also, you'll want to shop for a wig while you still have your hair (in other words, right away, as hair loss generally begins before treatment #2) so that they can help assist you in color and style matching, to the degree possible.

Best of luck to you during this difficult time. Fellow survivor

This isn't exactly what you asked for but may I recommend Hats of Hope at hatsofhope.com. I saw them on Oprah and liked what I saw even though I haven't used them Laura

Hi- Hopefully this will be of help to you. I work at John Muir Health and we have the following program. Best of luck to you! THE WIG SOURCE--The John Muir Medical Center Walnut Creek Auxiliary provides complimentary wigs to women and children suffering hair loss due to medical treatment, such as chemotherapy for cancer. Patients are eligible for this service no matter where they\xc2\x92re being treated and can get help at the Wig Source on the second and fourth Friday of each month from 9:30 a.m.\xc2\x961:30 p.m. To schedule an appointment, call (925) 947-5328 :) smiley face

Wig maker for Alopecia Areata

January 2003

I have a disease called Alopecia Areata, which is causing me to lose all of the hair on my body. For example, I have no eyebrows or eyelashes. I am looking for recommendations for things that will help me deal cosmetically with the hair loss. For example, I have looked for false eyelashes, but the only kind I can find require me to attach the false lashes to my current ones -- something I cannot do. I need eyelashes that attach in some other way. In addition, I would like to deal with the eyebrow loss through some other means that simply penciling them in. I would also like to find a highly skilled wig maker. I would greatly appreciate any recommendations people have along these and other lines. Thanks so much.

I have found a wonderful resource for helping with hair loss on your head. Charli has been working in her specialty for 20 years, which is to make integration style wigs that have large spaces through which your own hair is pulled to blend in, partial wigs and regular wigs as well. She only comes up to Marin County (near San Rafael) for one week out of every month; the rest of the time she is in San Diego. Occasionally Dr. Dean Edell has talked with her on his radio show. Apparently, women come from really far away to get help from her. I have hired her to help me with my alopecia, which is not as extreme as yours, but still has quite an impact on my appearance and self-esteem. This high quality service is not cheap -- I'm paying about $1800 for one hairpiece. But there just aren't many options available for this problem that cost less. ''Charli, A Hair Studio'' can be reached at (888)680-4247. She probably can't help you with the other aspects of your hair loss, but maybe she can recommend someone who can? lkluger

Wig for my mom's thinning hair

November 2003

I've seen a lot of listings here for hair salons and haircuts, but I'm searching for a really high quality place that can create/fit a woman for a hairpiece or wig. Something natural- looking. It's for a women over 60 experiencing hair thinning. She can go anywhere in the Bay Area, but obviously eastbay would be preferrable. There was a post recently asking for wig recommendations for a cancer patient, but only one response was posted (the requestor asked for direct email rather than posted responses). Thanks very much!
A Trying-to-be-Helpful Daughter

Wig Palace in San Mateo. Huge selection (for young and old) and reasonably priced. Staff is professional, knowledgeable, and, critically, sensitive to the emotional side of hair loss. I sobbed when I walked through their door to be fitted for a wig 4 years ago (prior to chemotherapy), and they took very good care of me. A couple of recommendations: (1) Best to buy the wig before your mother's hair thins significantly. That makes it easier to match the wig to her current hair/hairstyle. (2) If you can't find a perfect match, you can have the wig cut/trimmed/styled at a salon. Good luck.

Quality wig for mom with breast cancer

June 2002

A friend of mine was just diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer (she has three girls ages 1, 5, 8). She will begin aggressive chemotherapy this week and needs to have a wig made. Any recommendations of where to get a quality wig made? As her need is a bit urgent, your direct response to my email would be appreciated. Thanks. Linda

I'm sure there are lots of places nearby, and this may be a little farther afield than you were hoping for, but... There is (or at least there WAS, back in 1999, when I interviewed the owner) a funny little shop out in Alamo (through the Caldecott) that was a real haven for women going through chemo. I'm pretty sure it will still be there; it was something of an institution. It's called House of Fashion Wigs, and it's run by a wonderful woman named Mary Jane Jossey. It's stuck in a stripmall between a Starbucks and a Yardbirds. Mary Jane has been in the biz since 1959. She knows her stuff, she's very sensitive, and she takes a lot of time with each client. I wish your friend the greatest luck. darcy