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Unicycle lessons for son?

Oct 2006

My son would like to try riding a unicycle - where do we start without spending a lot of $? mom

I'd go to Trapeze Arts in Oakland. Don't let the location scare you away. This is a wonderful for-fun-only circus school, run by a great family and caring, talented instructors. My daughter (now 6) took basic circus classes there which included trampoline, tightrope, tumbling, juggling, etc. I know they also teach unicycle. http://www.trapezearts.com/index.jsp Heidi

How can I learn to ride a unicycle?

Dec 2004

Anyone know how I can learn to ride a unicycle? I tried once and I couldn't even figure out how I would practice. Is there a really clear method? Is it something anyone can learn? Do you have to learn when you're young? Do you need better than average balance or strength? Wannabe

I believe that some unicycles come with instructional videos. If not, perhaps you can purchase one separately. My 10 year old nephew really wanted to learn, got a video and did everything they told him to do, and practiced constantly. He had to hold onto the house, or a signpost for stability at first, but is now an expert rider. Granted, he had much more time than the average working adult for practice. He also subscribed to a unicycle magazine -- he rides standard, extra tall, and off road on the beach. Good luck. linee
This question took me back. I grew up on a street with a ton of kids, and one summer unicycles became the thing. Here's how we taught ourselves. The cars on our street were parked perpendicular to the curb, leaving just enough space to ride in between while hldling yourself up on either side. When we got to the end of the cars, we kept on going. At first just a revolution or so, but pretty soon we could actually ride. Getting on w/out the use of the cars came later. Maybe a schoolyard where you could support yourself along a wall or fence would work. Have fun. Mara
The 6th graders at East Bay Waldorf School learn to ride unicycles. I see them sitting on the seat and holding on to a pole (the pole for the basketball hoops). But I have not seen all of the steps involved. Maybe you can make a visit... jen
I highly recommend you check out Trapeze Arts in Oakland! It's a totally fun, non-competitive circus school, for ages 3-103+. Unicycle is just one of the skills they teach, in group classes or private lessons. Here's their website: http://www.trapezearts.com/ Have fun! heidilee