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XS no ''character'' toddler underpants?

Feb 2009

I'm looking for extra small (size 18 month to 2T) white or colored underpants, not ''training'' pants, not the thick ones with extra padding. Ideally nothing with ''characters'' on it - no Dora, Princesses, etc. Just plain undies. Do they exist? My girls are tiny and they are tired of wearing ''baby'' underwear. I can't even find character undies this small (size 3T falls off of them). I don't know why it's so hard to find white regular undies but I'd accept Dora or princesses if that's all that's out there. Please let me know if you have a trusted source. I've searched everwhere I can think of, including random google searches. Thanks

I love the Hanna Andersson underpants for my daughter. They are organic cotton and the quality is great. I get the ''classic unders'' because I don't think little girls need hipsters (can't they just be children for awhile?) although those look nice, too. Susan
Have you tried Hanna Andersson ( Their undies are kind of pricey, but great quality and organic cotton, solid colors, and they say their XS size fits girls 20-33 lbs / Age 1-3.5 yrs. Hope that helps! Up to My Eyeballs in Batman Underwear, Myself
Lands' End. Comfortable and lasted my daughter for years without wearing out.
I think this post is funny because we just recently put my 3 yr old's underwear ON my 11 month old (in a burst of silly play with the laundry pile) and frankly they fit just fine! And my daughter has always worn big girls size XS which are actually I think size 4-5. My point is, have you tried the smallest size you can find at Target? The might just fit! Maybe butts don't follow the same growth curve as the rest of the body! She also wears boys underwear sometimes (I'd prefer her to wear trains than princesses!) and the sizing is similar, just taller up the belly. But in that case, if you have a boy, use little girls undies!

As for no characters, I hate them too and have found some at Marshals and Ross that are polkadots (girls style) and plain colors (boys style). Under pro

My itty bitties wear Hanes that are non-character bought at Target and also ''The Children's Place'' undies that are simple patterns. Both are ''bikini'' style - I found the ''briefs'' are cut too big. mom to 10%'rs
We recommend Their XS underwear fits 1-3.5-yr-olds, weight 20-33 pounds We had good luck with their ''classic unders'' when our daughter was 2 or 3, but as she got older that cut didn't work as well (too high on the waist) and she prefers the ''girls hipster unders'' now. They come in white, solids, and some subtle patterns (stripes and flowers). They're pricy but very durable, soft, and comfortable. hanna fan
We ran into the disney princess panties issue when we took our daughter shopping for her first set of panties, and brought home scads of pretty princess panties from Sears (her choice). These were the only panties available in the children's section of Sears in downtown Oakland. That really burned me. We have since been the beneficiaries of my niece's hand-me-downs.... all fruit of the loom, many plain white, yellow or pink, some with patterns and designs, but no commercial disney or marvel comic images. We are allowing our daughter to outgrow her princess panties, and then just moving on into the larger plain ones. Again, Fruit of the Loom are the plain-Jane brand. These are in size 3t-4t, no padding, no rubber coating. I suspect you can get them in 2t as well. sd
Even at Target they have some plain white or plain color underwear. You could order online from them or even straight from captain underpants
They are pricey, but Hanna Andersson has tiny plain white panties: R.K.
It was an arduous search, but I found some 2T undies from Gymboree without characters and instead, seahorses, flowers, days of the week with animals but no characters. That was my first go around when I was desperate and willing to pay a little more money. Then, I also found some no character 2T undies at Target. You won't find them in the undie section, but in the baby section. Go figure. Check those aisles. Good luck. Leonora
Try Hanna Anderson ( If you buy the ''hipster'' style Unders in XS I think they'll work for you. The briefs are a lot longer from top to bottom. My small daughter potty trained at 2 and was allergic to the elastic in all the cheaper underwear, including the Gerber training pants. These were great for her (although $$$) They go on sale a few times a year, but also they last forever. Had to search for the perfect Unders
I too have a tiny 2.5 year old. I look at thrift stores and garage sales for suitable undies (eg, no characters). Ignore the listed sizes and go with your intuition. I find undies showing 6 or 9 months as the size (but intended to be worn over the baby's diaper) actually fit my little girl just fine. They were likely originally part of a dress/panties set for an infant. Good luck! 3T falls off her too
I was just looking through the Hanna Andersson catalog and found just what you need. They have XS (20-33lbs) undies in white and cute colors/patterns. The website is They aren't cheap, but they are made from organic cotton and tested for 100 toxic substances. I think that alone is worth the price! Brittney

Sensitive kid can't stand seams in socks

October 2001

Our daughter (3.5 years old) is extremely sensitive to clothing against her skin. Up until about two months ago she refused to wear underwear because the seams bothered her. She mostly wears sandals and REFUSES to wear socks. Does anybody know of seamless socks? Socks for sensitive kids? Retailers with a sensitive child expertise? Any other advise? Na'ama.

While I can't tell you where to buy seamless socks I can give you my two cents based on my own kids. My six year old son hates the way the seams feel so on the recommendation of his little friend he wears them inside out. His feet feel great now. My 4 1/2 daughter absolutely refuses to wear them period because they just feel yucky against her skin so we don't push.Whether she's wearing shoes or sandals its sockless for her. The only thing I do a lot of is wash her feet and lather her legs with lotion. Good luck Diana
My daughter objects to any underwear except Hanna Andersens. Land's End socks are ok at times. Mary