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Plastic Tablecloth

David and Vivienne I am looking for a plastic table cloth to protect my dining room table from my kids. It needs to measure 80ins long and 60 ins wide minimum. Colour should be pale. I have looked at the selection in Target and nothing appeals. Does anyone know where I can find one that's as tasteful as a plastic tablecloth can be? Thanks!
Mona I have a reply for the plastic tablecloth request: try Mexican oil cloth, available in fabric stores, cut to your specifications. Bright colors and patterns. Beautiful.
Christina Poppy Fabric has a nice selection of high-quality vinyl-coated cloth from Europe. Not cheap, but nice patterns and thick, durable material. It comes on rolls so you cut the length you need. They're located on Broadway in Oakland, just down from College Ave.
Katherine I went to a fabric store (the one I went to is now Jo Ann's Fabrics and Crafts down in Emeryville across from Trader Joes). They had vinyl tablecloth fabric with a felt backing in several different patterns. I just bought the length I wanted then rounded the corners to fit my oval table (just use scissors -- no sewing involved). It has lasted for years.
Stefanie I bought some really beautiful vinyl cloth at Poppy Fabric near Broadway and College in Oakland. They have many, many kinds, you can get whatever size you need, and the fabric is ready to use.
Janna Check out Macy's which just had a sale on plastic tablecloths with the felt backing for about $9. Although I bought one at Bayfair with flowers, I think they had other more subtle coloring too. FYI, I bought mine to use for travelling this summer - use as a picnic blanket in a park - large enough for five people, use on a picnic table, fold and use under the baby's chair so we don't dirty our friend's carpeting - easy to wash, can prop up to use as shade if necessary, fold and use felt side under blanket as padding for baby's nap when we're out and about, relatively compact for travelling, and I'm sure I'll find other ways to use it too.
susan Try Poppy Fabrics on College Ave. @ 51st in Oakland. They have a great selection of plastic/vinyl/oilcloth that can be cut to any size. I'm partial to the beautiful Mexican florals
Diane You can get plastic table clothes at ROSS. I got mine there a few months ago. I went to the one in Emeryville.
Deborah Poppy Fabric has a great selection--expensive though
Melanie These would be pricey, but good-lucking and sturdy: The Vermont Country Store catalog claims to have something close to oil cloth. Their numbers are: 1/802/362-8474 (phone)* 1/802/362-0285 (FAX) *No, they don't have a toll-free number. Poppy Fabrics in north Oakland (Broadway, I believe) used to have upscale plastic by the bolt, and Britex in or near downtown San Francisco has also carried neo-oil cloth--again, not cheap, but aesthetic. (Actually the more expensive stuff does tend to last longer; bargain store plastic cloths have peeled and cracked on me.) Good luck.
Laura Poppy Fabric on Broadway at 51st (just below College Point) has a fabulous selection (maybe 20 kinds?) of plasticized cloth, which you can hem or not, including Provencal fabrics, burlaps and so forth. I think they'll also plasticize to order, but you'd need to ask.
I gave up looking for decent plastic tablecloths. Instead I now use vinyl coated fabric from Poppy Fabric Shop on Broadway (near 51st) in Oakland. They have a selection of already coated material or you can (for an extra fee) have most materials in their shop coated. Depending on the material itself it comes in varying widths and of course, you can cut whatever length you desire. Good luck!
Jane Try Poppy Fabric on Broadway. They have plastic table cloths on rolls, so you can get the size you need, but I think these all have patterns and some can be loud. They also have rolls of clear plastic in two thicknesses, which I said I would never do, but I did the last time I needed a plastic table cloth. I then use a cloth tablecloth underneath which has been a plus since they never seem to leave the drawer otherwise. The downside of the clear plastic (I chose the thicker one) is that some things tend to stick and you have to pick it up to move instead of sliding.
James I've had good results with the material I purchased at Poppy's fabrics in Oakland. They have an excellent selection of plastic coated material there. It's pricey, about $18.00 a yard, but I've found the investment completely worth it. I look at it everyday and it cleans up beautifully!
Dylyn Buy a clear plastic table cloth and put a pretty cloth one underneath. I have seen this done and it actually looks really nice!
Denise Try Poppy Fabric at 5151 Broadway in Oakland for pretty laminated fabrics that can be cut into tablecloths. You might call them to see what the width of the bolts they stock meet your size requirements. Tel: (510)655-5151. Good luck!