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Stroller for Urban Walker

Feb 2006

I am looking for recommendations for a stroller for an urban mom who expects to do a lot of walking around the neighborhood. I want something that's fashionable, has a quiet ride and has a big, accessible shopping basket. The stroller doesn't have to be super light, but I'd like one that's suitable for birth to at least 40 pounds. I like the idea of a reversible handle, although I'd love to know whether other parents find this to be a useful accessory. I am not willing to spend more than $400. Is it unreasonable to expect to find one stroller that meets all of these needs? We have a small house, and I'd prefer not to have multiple strollers. Would love to hear some first-hand experiences from seasoned moms (or dads)!

I really like the Moutain Buggy Urban stroller. It is from New Zealand and has just recently been available for sale in the US. I live in a community with many Australians and New Zealanders and the Mountain Buggy is definitely the preferred stroller. In the States you can purchase it on the web, but I think Rockridge Kids also carries it. It is extremely well-built and can handle the most challenging sidewalks and hills. It also works well in malls and grocery stores. You can easily take it off- road too. The stroller can be used from birth, but for convenience I added the infant carseat adaptor and now the stroller essentially works as a Travel System. The seat doesn't adjust from forward to rear facing, but with the carseat in place, my baby is facing me. By the time she outgrows the carseat, the forward facing seat will work just fine as she will be exploring the world. The cargo area is quite big and can fit a good amount of groceries. The stoller folds very easily, but my only complaint about the stroller is that it is very big and bulky when folded and I've had some challenges fitting it in cars and taxis. The wheels come off very quickly, so this has been my solution for really tight spaces. When my daughter reaches six months or so I'll rely more on our super light weight MacClaren Volo stroller for car trips, so I know this will cease to be an issue. The Mountain Buggy falls within your price range. I think it is an excellent alternative (and in some ways preferrable) to the Bugaboo Frog. Check out or for more information. I've been very happy with both of these vendors. The website has excellent product information and reviews.

Check out the Mountain Buggy Urban Stroller from New Zealand. I think Rockridge Kids carries it. Two great websites are: (great product information and detailed reviews) and - the US distributor.

Dear Urban Walker,

There are many types of strollers that fit the bill that you described. One important thing is first deciding how important reversibility is to you. Usually stroller that are reversible tend to be a bit heavier, however since you stated that doesn't matter too much to you you might want that feature. I find my little one often is happier longer in the stroller when he can see me and interact with me. Another thing to realize is that reversible seat and reversible handle usually do the same thing.

The 2006 Zooper Boogie ( is a swivel three wheeler with a reversible seat that has a generous basket and nice air tires for a smooth ride. It is a bit of a big fold but not too heavy at 26lbs. Zoopers are nice too because they come with plenty of extras.

Another good stroller is the Rock Star Baby ( which looks similar to the bugaboo with two back air tires and two front swivel wheels. It has a reversible seat as well and a mediocre shopping basket but is nice to push and lighter at 24lbs. It also comes with a bassinet and car seat adaptor which can be nice.

Lastly you can check out the 2006 Bumbleride Flyer ( which has a reversible handle. It doesn't have air tires but the wheels are bigger than most strollers which makes for a smoother ride and it has a nice sized basket. It also has gorgeous fabrics and colors. Again it is not too heavy but definitely not a lightweight stroller.

As a mom and a business owner, I know that finding a stroller that works for you can make your whole like easier so feel free to come check them out if you are interested in seeing them in real life. Best, Jo

I would highly recommend the Bumbleride Flyer. I too do a lot of walking with my baby, and this stroller is a miracle on wheels. The suspension is fabulous (baby sleeps even over huge bumps/ uneven surfaces). The reversible handle is perfect for when baby gets bored or frightened or just wants interaction with his or her parent (bound to happen on long excursions). The new Bumbleride Flyers have several color combos that are very stylish. The under-basket is not huge, however. I think it is supposed to hold only 10 lbs -? We push it significantly over that without a problem though. Just a hands-down great stroller. Happy Bumblerider

With baby one I bought two stollers (the travel system and the jogging stroller). With baby two, I bought one stroller -- the Mountain Buggy Urban Double. It is also available in a single version. I love this stroller. I can use it at the mall, in airports, and most importantly onlong walks in my neighborhood. It takes curbs and other rough terrain quite well. I've been using since baby two was a newborn. My very tall three year old still fits into it quite well (my seven year old niece was a stretch, but it was fun for her). It is light, has a small footprint, has a great foot brake and under carriage storage. There are several companies that are making similar 'offroad/mall' type strollers these days (Bob Revolution -- I own the Bob SUS which I also love and wish that they had it in the Revolution available when I purchased it, Baby Jogger, Valco, etc.). I would suggest going to You can compare the features of up to five strollers at a time. jan