Teutonia Strollers

Archived Q&A and Reviews

December 2002

Hi! Does anyone have experience with Teutonia strollers? They are now being distributed by Britax. The ''Y2K'' model looks great, but it's very expensive and there is nowhere to try it in the Bay Area. I will be needing one for a newborn. Thanks for any advice... J.

I've never used or seen a Teutonia, but my advice is to check out the Strollers board at www.parentsplace.com. Click on boards, then strollers. The ladies there seem to think very highly of Teutonias. They can steer you to the stroller that best meets your needs. That board was very helpful to me when I made my stroller purchases. Catherine

I checked out the Teutonia strollers while in Europe this summer, but ended up buying a Kelty Joyrider instead since I like to at least have the option to run and hike with the baby. The Teutonias appear to be extremely well made and of high quality. They push really easily, have very good suspension and seem comfortable to the kids. I would particularly recommend getting both the reclining inset so that you can comfortably use it with a newborn who needs to lie down fully. These kind of strollers are excellent for long walks, but cumbersome when traveling or getting in and out of the car a lot. An added feature of the Teutonias is that since they are made in New Zealand, where sun protection is a constant issue, you can order different kind of sun shields directly from them if you so desire. If what you are looking for is a kind of updated tradtional European style walking stroller of good quality, this is for you. Anna