Phil and Ted's Stroller

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Nov 2005

A friend recently sent me a link to a Salon contributor's glowing review of the E3, and I am considering splurging on it. Does anyone have experience with the E3? We're having our first baby in a few months, and expect to have another a couple of years down the line. We also have friends with babies, and so the second seat could come in handy before we have a second baby. It seems great to be able to have ONE stroller that would work for the infant through two todder stages, but the E3 isn't cheap and so I wanted to find out if it's as wonderful as recent reviews suggest. Also, would you recommend purchasing the optional carseat strap and sunshade? Jess

Most moms that I've had at my classes really like it. I haven't heard many bad things with the exception of the price. My only concern would be if a toddler would sit in the underseat for long. Here is an excerpt taken from the review on As for limitations and drawbacks, it should be noted that the e3 Explorer is not intended for jogging (swivel wheels, while great for manueverablility, are not good for running) - nor is it designed for twins. If you're looking to jog with your kids, or have twins, you might want to check out some of the other double jogging strollers. Some parents, used to side-by-side double strollers, worry about the limited view from the rear seat - however, there is plenty of viewing area on each side, and we've actually found that many kids seem to prefer the rear seat over the front one. Finally, other than the underseat basket, there is not a lot of storage space - however, since most people also purchase the Phil & Ted's Panier Bags and/or the Backpac X accessories, this is not usually a problem. To read this review in its entirety, go to Good luck! Anna

I can't say enough good things about our Phil & Ted's double stroller. I used to dread going for walks with our baby and 3 year old -- either lugging the chubby babe in the bjorn or dragging his brother behind -- now we just zoom along with the boys safely tucked in. The stroller maneuvers like a dream and is so easy to convert from single to double. My only gripe (and this is minor, really) is that it doesn't fold up into a tidy little package like our Maclaren did (but it does fold). I'd say if you're planning on having more than one kid, go for it. Heather