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Where to find used sporting equipment

Feb 2004

I am a soon to be soccer-mom who just discovered the Sports 4 Kids Swap Shop in Berkeley. Although they didn't have our exact size in soccer shoes, they did have quite a few other pairs, including brand new ones (at new prices), and lots of other sports clothes and equipment. It's a charming place, a Non Profit Organization, all of their things come from donations (a great place to give things away!), and as I underdstand it, 80% of their profits go to needy schools for sports programs. I was totally charmed, will definitely return to browse on a regular basis, and to clear our our closets too! 2095 Rose Street (at Shattuck) in Berkeley, open Tues-Sat. acm

Jan 2004

I'm Bryan Campbell and i am the current manager of Play it Again Sports in Pleasent Hill. We are now located at 1601 Contra Costa Blv. in Pleasent Hill. The phone number is the same. The store was recently purchased by the Walker family. I wanted to let you know about the new ownership.

Sports4Kids Swap Shop is taking things on consignment

Sept 2003

We are accepting items on consignment now! We also have a consigning as fundraising program. Teams, Schools, Organiztions, tell your people... You can donate your items to us and we will share the proceeds from the sale of these items with the organization of your choice. Great way to raise money while doing very little work. Contact me for more information or if you want to try having a sports equipment drive to benefit your organization. 510.868.1591

We are always seeking donations of gently used sports equipment to sell in our shop or use in our school programs. Tax deductible. 2095 Rose street, Berkeley 94709 510.868.1591 Tues.-Friday 10AM-6PM, Saturday 10AM-5PM. You can also call for other more convenient drop off locations around the east bay. Thank you!!! Contact: arden


As both my daughters are still growing, the purchase of certain kinds of athletic gear is sometimes cost prohibitive. There is a store called Play It Again Sports that specializes in used sporting goods of ALL types. They sell and buy merchandise. I have purchased surf boards, boogie boards, roller blades, baseball eqpt, and scuba gear there. I have also found 2 wetsuits there. They carry many more products than this also. Each store is independently owned and operated. Two addresses are:

Play it again Sports Tanforan Town Mall San Bruno
Play it again Sports 1200 Contra Costa Blvd. Concord


I am certain there are more stores than just these two. Feel free to share this information.