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  • Best places to get baby books in Spanish?

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    I would like to get some books in Spanish for my soon to be born baby. Does anyone know where would be the best places to look for some books? I tried posting ISO messages for second hand books on FB groups and Nextdoor, but was unsuccessful.



    Believe it or not, Barnes and Noble has a decent selection of books in Spanish. Silver Moon Kids and Adventure Toys on Lakeshore both have some children’s board books in Spanish. Also, there is a collection of Spanish books called Bookmania at Kellys Corner in the Laurel District.

    Try the Multicultural Children's Bookstore at the Hilltop Mall (now called The Shops at Hilltop).  They had a wide variety of books in Spanish when I was there last.  You could also try the Library book sales that happen periodically, they often have books in Spanish as well.

    I suggest I love this store but it’s in LA. It does look like they ship. 

    Most if not al of the Oakland library branches have Spanish-language board books for little ones.

    I find a lot of bilingual books but not the same as if written in Spanish. If you are a Berkeley resident check out: I’ve found some books at the book sales put on to support the local libraries (to own) and a few at the library bilingual storytimes (to borrow).

    Good luck, d

    Try the public library! Oakland's library has a good selection, I bet other cities do too.

    The library.

    So hard to find used Spanish books. If you consider new, check out LA librería It's a bookstore in LA but they sell online founded by two moms who struggled with the limited selection of good Spanish books available. They import from Latin America & Spain. Barefootbooks (online) also has some books. Others to check out,, (infantil/children section), Scholastic en Espanol-lots of translated books some good, some not so good. 

    We've acquired most of ours from library book sales.

    Your local public library.

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Best children's books in Spanish for 2-4 yr olds?

Sept 2009

I'm a gringo dad trying to raise a bilingual son. I speak to him only in Spanish and his mom only speaks to him in English. We've had him in Spanish language daycare from 3 months of age. But I know from other friends who are trying to raise their kids bilingual that eventually, if the kid knows that you speak English, they start answering you back in English (since it's the dominant national language). Whenever I read him a book in English I feel like I'm speeding up the day when he'll refuse to speak to me in Spanish. There are so many classic kids' books in English (Goodnight Moon, The Cat in the Hat, etc). If you're with a group of anglo adults, everyone knows them. So what are the classic kids' books in Spanish that everyone knows? My son is two now. Thanks! Jeff

Many classic books are available in translation -- not the same as having an original classic text in Spanish, for sure, but it has its affordances. Scholastic book clubs often has Spanish selections, and you might look at that source (I think you can probably access it online?). But you might also consider doing what my sister has done for many years in raising her child bilingually (German is the second language in her case). While she does look for children's books when she is in Germany, and has an accumulation of such books, she also has done a lot of ''on the fly'' translation of English books when she reads aloud to my nieces. With simple books, this is generally pretty doable, and I don't think it ever phased the kids that their dad read to them in English while their mom read the same books in German. As texts get harder, it gets a bit trickier to do, but it's a good alternative that doesn't require doubling your library to give your students access to texts that are, from the child's perspective, in Spanish. This won't work on books that are rhyming books or otherwise dependent on sounds for their appeal to kids, but it will work for many other books. Good luck! bilingual auntie
good for you for raising you son bi-lingual. He will thank you for it when he applies for college, tries to find a job or anything else he tries to do in life when he has to stand out from the crowd. The Richmond public library on MacDonald has a decent Spanish section in the children's area. I really liked Sapo y Sepo (Frog and Toad) and anything Dr Suess (the cat in the hat translation is pretty funny). When your son gets potty trained, check out El Nuevo Mundo in Richmond for pre-school. It's in the 'hood but it's a really wonderful place and beautiful inside with all the kids' art everywhere. My daughter is starting her second year there and is very happy. By the way, when your son answers you or asks for something in English, you don't need to respond. You can insist on Spanish interactions, but it takes some discipline during certain stages. After awhile I think it becomes habit. Also a gringo with bi-lingual-to-be children
We only use books in Spanish, and we have ended up with a lot of the classic English books, translated. Key is to get a good translation. Some are unbelievably bad. A lot of local libraries have a decent supply of spanish language books. In terms of ''classic'' original Spanish stories, we are from Mexico and what we have are the Aesop fables, Grimm's stories, and all the old old old classics. But why not share the stories that you loved as a kid, but in Spanish? mom of bilingual kids

Books for summer Spanish reading

June 2009

I would like my children to learn more Spanish over the summer. Does any one have any recommendations on workbooks or other teaching books/cds/dvds? I have looked through and was completely overwhelmed by the choices. Gracias

children's book press has excellent spanish and bilingual multicultural books. they are based in sf, you can also shop at their website. i adore baby rattlesnake, my first book of proverbs and the quinito books. laurie

Spanish books for 2 and 3 year olds

Oct 2007

Looking for some good Spanish books that the baby sitter can read to my kids (3.5 and 2). I prefer story books then just words. Some books that are translated apparently have bad grammar or translations. Any Spanish speakers out there who can recommend some good books? Thanks

There are TONS of great books in Spanish and we have 100's of books in Spanish in our house. I have a 3.5 year old. Some of our favorites (right now): Chumba la cachumba, Beisbol (by Alex Rodriguez), Azucar! (a biography of Celia Cruz), No, David, No . . . there are so many. kl

Spanish language books/tapes for 3 year old

May 2006

We will be sending our almost-3-year-old to preschool soon after 2 years with a spanish speaking nanny. He understands lots of spanish and speaks a little as well. My husband and I speak a little spanish but only a little. I'm hoping to at least maintain some of my son's knowledge of spanish using books (which he loves) and other fun media. I'm looking for some materials (dvd, cd, vhs, computer software) that will help us teach him spanish and give him some continuing exposure.

I recently got a mail offer from Muzzy for DVD's and a CD and a CD ROM. Does anyone have experience with this company's products? Any recommendations you may have for us would be really appreciated. Thanks

..have you considered cultivating some Spanish-speaking friends with children your son's age to play with; or a play- or after school- group or activity (i.e. swim class) with Spanish- speaking kids enrolled? My kids continued thier Hebrew that way, AND picked up a little bit of Spanish, as well as made new friendships - some of which have lasted to the present (ages 25 & 21)! Older Mom
Try the library! Children's Librarian

Where to find Spanish books for kids

April 1998

I noticed that Borders in Emeryville (at the public market) has a nice selection of kids' books in Spanish as well as other languages. They also have some nice CD's in spanish (we like Sesame Street Fiesta Songs). Heather

Barnes and Nobles at Jack London Square sometimes has a large selection. There is also a place in San Francisco that can mail you a catalog and send books by mail, but we've had mixed luck with the quality of the books. I believe it is called Maruconi. I'd love more ideas also! What about books that can help kids learn to read & write in Spanish? Robin
One source for Spanish books is Scholastic Books. Scholastic Books gives teachers their monthly catalogs (thin order forms), which the students take home to their parents and then turn back to the teacher. Ten days later -- voila! your books. Teachers can request whichever catalogs they feel would benefit their students. Ask your child's teacher to request the Spanish catalog. Then...enjoy. Jennifer
After reading the request for Spanish books the other day I noticed an ad in Valley Parent for a bookstore that carries Spanish books. It is called Mariuccia Iaconi Book Imports. They are located at 970 Tennessee St., SF 94107. Phone is 415.821.1216. The way the ad reads, they carry mostly Spanish books, with some English ones. I don't know any more about it, but its a place you can start. Melody
For the person who's trying to find kid's Spanish books, try La Tienda Books and Music (next to La Pena Cultural Center) at 3105 Shattuck., Berkeley; 849-2215. Dianne
Believe it or not, I got a kids' book in Spanish from the Marshall's in San Leandro. I just couldn't resist Harold and the Purple Crayon in Spanish! (Now I have to get it in English, too, so I'll remember exactly what I'm saying). I have seen a few other Spanish kids' books there, too. Dawn