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    Novelty Slippers for Boys

    July 1999

    I ordered my 2 1/2 year old son new slippers with a star/moon/spaceship motif as a special treat. Unfortunately, they are too small, the company is now out of the larger sizes -- and you can imagine the heartbreak! Does anyone know of a local store/website/catalog where I might find novelty slippers for little boys? I have searched and searched, but no luck.

    You didn't say where you ordered these from. If it wasn't Biobottoms, you might try them. They had some with this design in the last catalog, I think. Also, contact Sara's Prints directly; there's an outlet in San Leandro (listed in the phone book). They might have some, or might be able to get you some if they are making them currently.

    Another idea: try looking on E-bay or any of the other auction sites (you can sell your slippers there too, if you can't return them for some reason). Good luck! Dawn

    My son got the cutest wool slippers from Marmot Mountain Works last year. We got mice for him & slippers styled like houses for his older sister. They were very warm and cozy. Caroline

    Toddler Bunny Slippers

    August 2001

    My 2 year old son is asking for a pair of bunny slippers - he saw them in a book (Where's Arthur's Gerbil?). Does anyone know where I can find some? I've called around and searched the Web with no luck. Thanks! Rebecca

    Bunny slippers: I'd call Nordstrom and ask them and also call the Warner's Brothers Store. I know I've seen BUGS Bunny Slippers there. :) Good Luck. Ann
    Target carries these sometimes. They're not in the shoe section but usually hanging near socks and underwear. MWishbone
    Land's End has some very sweet bunny slippers, which I bought several months back. I'd check their website, including any clearance section. Lori
    How sweet that your son is asking for bunny slippers. Lands End currently has them on sale (but only size 5 and 8) for $9.00. They look very cute. The phone is 800-356-4444. You can probably find them at the Lands End website too. Alisa
    Land's End Kids had bunny slippers last fall --they may stock them again Jennifer
    Try Garnet Hill catalog (
    I saw some wool bunny slippers in the recent Lands End Overstock catalog, but don't recall what sizes were available, so check their website. I just received an Orvis catalog that has bunny slippers in kid and adults sizes - you could get matching pairs! Check out or call 800-541-3541. Janna