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  • Easy to Clean Sippy Cups

    Easy to Clean Sippy Cups

    July 2001

    I wonder if there is an easy-to-clean toddler's sippy-cups. The models we are using (Playtex snap'n'go and Gerber's 6oz semi-transparent cups) have sharp and deep corners under the cap where neither a toothbrush nor cotton swaps would reach. So how do you deal with the growing dark-colored yukkie stuff under the cap? Are there any other models in the market that are easier to clean? Thanks. Cherry

    I had the same problem and I could not find any other cup on the market (atleast the places I looked) that avoided this problem. What worked for me was soaking the lid and the valve in warm soapy water overnight, and the next day cleaning the lid by covering part of the water faucet in the sink with my finger, which increases the water pressure out of the remaining uncovered portion and literally blasting the gunk out. Once I started doing this the gunk stopped collecting. The best way to clean the valve itself is with a soapy cotton swab, but I'm sure you know that. Hope this works for you. Richa
    For the Gerber cup we use a toothpick to clean the crevices of both the cap and the plug (i.e, inside by the rubber valve). Yes, a very irritating design. Amy