Shoji Screens

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November 2001

We have shoji-type sliding doors in our bedroom, which were handmade by previous owners of our house. The paper in them was deteriorating when we moved in, and I have repaired sections of the screens from time to time with paper. Our daughter occasionally puts a foot or hand or head through one of the panels, and the oldest panels just fall apart to the touch (and create a good deal of dust in this allergy-prone household of ours!) I want to re-do the entire screen. Wondering if anyone has any creative ideas about what kind of material (fabric, paper, pellon, synthetic materials?) that would be easy to install, healthy, not so dusty, but still attractive? Also, if we end up using the traditional rice paper, where to buy it? Thanks. Lori

This is in reply to Lori Dair's question about Shoji Scrrens. There is a local woodworker in Point Richmond who specializes in making delicate Japanese grill work and Shoji Screens. He might be able to rebuild or repaper screens. I'm sorry I don't know the shop's name, but he has absolutely beautiful shoji and wood-grill work on display in his windows. perhaps someone else can help with the shop name? You get there by taking the last East Bay exit before the Richmond=San Rafel Bridge (Castro Strret exit). Turn left off the freeway (under the freeway), and left again onto Western Ave (I think that's the name of the street). The shop in on your right hand side on the second block. (the only side of the street with shops, as the other side is lowered freeway frontage). If you get to a fenced gravel parking lot and a bar, you have gone too far. Its easy to miss in a car. He has odd hours, so its probably best to call for an appointment if you get a shop name. Sara