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Brightly colored (floral) flannel sheets

May 2009

i'm looking for brightly colored floral flannel sheets, which used to be easy to find. it seems that all the ones available now and the past few years are in dusty or somber colors, or solid colors, and rarely do they have flowers except the antique looking sort. does anyone know where to get them? thanks! j

Garnet Hill - they have it all! Maggie
This is the wrong season to buy flannel sheets--you'll have to wait until late summer or early fall for a good selection. Two online/catalog stores that have good selections of nice cotton flannel sheets are Garnet Hill ( and The Company Store. We have sheets from both. Garnet Hill's are nicer, but pricier. Wish I hadn't waited 30 years to discover the joys of flannel sheets
Well, this doesn't fulfill all of your request, but in case it helps: Garnet Hill has several brightly colored floral sheets, but they aren't flannel. R.K.
Try Company Store ( They always have some brightly colored florals. They have company kids too-definitely you'll find some there. I'd also swear that LL Bean has bright colors too, but I could be wrong about that. Sierra Trading Post (.com) sometimes has those things

Fun Sheets for twin bed

Jan 2009

We're moving our 2 1/2 year old from his crib to a twin sized bed and I wanted to get him some fun sheets with trains on them. I'm having a hard time finding good quality all cotton sheets with fun designs. I've seen the ones online from Olive Kids but the reviews of them indicate that they are really rough and scratchy. Does anyone have recommendations for places to get sheets that are both fun and nice quality/soft? Thanks Sharie

Pottery Barn Kids has some fun designs in prewashed (soft) organic 100% cotton. Not trains, but lots of other vehicles, boats, planes, construction trucks. Of course, they come at PB prices, too. We have several sets of the Olive Kids sheets and I don't think they're scratchy -- in fact, I'd say they're soft. The ones we have are made out of cotton jersey, like a tee shirt. They have lots of fun designs - vehicles, rescue heroes, rockets, etc. FWIW, in my experience the kids care more about fun designs than about feel, anyway. :) I Wish Dino Sheets Came in King Size I buy when it's on sale; good quality and no complaints from my texture-sensitive kids. Oh, and same with Ikea Mom of Two
The Company Store has high quality all cotton sheets with trains, and lots of other designs too. I have no association with the company, I just have their sheets. Karen
I have always had good luck w/ Pottery Barn sheets for my kids. I usually get sale sheets. They have fun designs and likely will have one you like. Fun sheets are fun for kids, something they will always remember cuddling up in! Good luck
When my kids were little, I had good luck with Company Kids, a division of The Company Store. Go to and click on the Company Kids thingy at the top.
When our kids were young, we bought a lot of Ikea bedding...very colorful, durable, and affordable! Kirsti

Really nice Girl's Bedding

Dec 2003

We're about to re-decorate our 5-year old daughter's room, and don't know where to shop for high-quality linens in patterns for kid's, other than Pottery Barn Kids and Goodnight Room. Any suggestions, in the East Bay near Berkeley? Even out towards Walnut Creek, or San Francisco would be fine. Thanks! Marilyn

If you are open to catologues or web ordering - try Company Kids or the Warm Biscuit Company Both have a great selection. The Warm Biscuit Company is quite pricey, but the things are really beautiful and one of a kind. Also Land of Nod has a wonderful selection Good luck kristi
Here are two Web sites with nice bedding: (part of ''The Company Store'')and Valerie
Try Garnet Hill catalog. They've got a website, too. Alison
Is that Laura Ashley store still in Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek? I think that's just what you're looking for!

Neat, non-commercial boy sheets

Dec 2003

My son is getting his first twin bed and I'm looking for some fun sheets that do not contains commercial characters. Has anybody seen any nice sheet that have fun stripes, zig zags, patterns, objects, or anything like that? thank you! cat

I saw some cool sheets at Ikea with ants on them. Might sound itchy, but they were cute, I thought, and a simple black and white. They also have some bedding with a castle and knight theme (blue and white portcullis design on sheets). anonymous
Try IKEA first - if you find something you like it would be very reasonable. Also, Garnet Hill has some great things, also Company Kids (both Catalogs) Pottery Barn Kids has nice thing too - I saw some great sailboat bedding, also checks good luck kristi
Try Sheet themes that boys might like include trucks, dinosaurs, baseball, hockey, trucks, outer space and airplanes. Stephanie
I've seen some good ones in pottery barn. They often go on sale. good luck
We found sheets and a quilt for our 2-year old boy at Target. The sheets are jersey knit, with a colorful print of cars, trucks, tractors, etc. The quilt is what sold me though, it's a brightly colored affair, with 6 panels, each showing a different car, plane, bus, etc. Target also sells matching accessories, like pillows and rugs, but we didn't feel the need for these. Good luck! anon