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Closed toe summer shoes/sandals for 6-year-old

June 2004

Our daughter (6 this August) will be going to summer camp for the first time starting in mid-June. We just got information from the camp and it said that campers will need closed-toe shoes. Uh oh. I just had bought her sturdy Timberland sandals with great soles for camp. Oops. Any recommendations on closed-toe shoes or sandals for HOT Walnut Creek summer weather would be greatly appreciated. Velcro preferred, and my daughter is into traditionally ''girly'' stuff and so won't wear just anything (e.g., the Timberland sandals have pink and purple straps - that was enough to get her to like them). I need to buy these before June 14th, so send your recommendations my way please! Oh yeah - she is a size 11-12 in a shoe. THANKS! Lori

If you can get past the price, Elefanten makes a closed-toe fisherman-style sandal that comes in a muted purpley-pink suede. I got my daughter's at Nordstrom. Ellen
Hanna Anderson has great closed toe sandals. They are the fisherman type and I believe they are from Elefantan...they are also velcro. We had a white pair for my daughter for a trip to Europe and were great. Check out You will have to convert the shoe size to European, but it is probably on the web site. Marcia
It might be too late for your summer camp deadline, but for anyone looking for closed toe sandals that are comfortable and great for light hiking, biking, walking and just everyday, check out the brand called Keen. REI has them in both kids' and adults' sizes. (If not in the store, check online) I love mine and my son has been asking for a pair. You slip them on and tighten them with a plastic doohickey toggle like device that tighens a cord. hopping, hiking and biking
Both Stride Rite and Elefanten have a closed toe sandal available. I saw the Stride Rite at carlin's in Alameda, and bought the Elefanten at Nordstrom, though I've seen it at Cotton and Company as well.

Children's Sandals NOT manufactured in China


Because of China's diplomatic stance and their record on human rights, I am trying to find some water-amenable sandals for my 3-year-old son to wear this summer when at the lake, or running through the hose, or in the wading pool, etc., but I cannot find anything like this that is not manufactured in China. I've already ascertained that the Lands' End sandals, as well as Teva sandals, and innumerable cheapies at Target and the like, are all manufactured there. Has anyone found a solution to this dilemma, that is to say, sandals from (almost) anywhere else? Wendy

SaltWaters made in the USA I used to get ours at McPhees, but now don't know where to get new ones. They can be found at used stores, but not predictably. Diane
You might try 'SaltWater Sandals'... Stride Rite says that the company they come from is Hoy Shoe Co. in St. Louis (314) 772-0900.

Here's a quote straight from Hoy Shoe Company in St. Louis, MO. They are the makers of the Saltwater Sandal which is very durable. (and I think, very cute)

Thank you for your interest in Hilltop Stride Rite. All Hoy sandals (saltwaters) are made in the USA. The insoles are split leather. The uppers are either real patent leather or split grain leather. The soles are boat approved hard or soft rubber, depending upon the model. If we can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact us at any time. Thank you, Dorriann Ball
-- Liz

I haven't thoroughly researched this, but I don't think Birkinstock sandals are made in China. If anyone knows otherwise, I'd like to know. They make some waterproof children's sandals in bright colors with little fish on them! Susan