Roof Containers for Cars

Archived Q&A and Reviews

July 2001

Any recommendations on roof containers for cars - Yakima vs Thule? We have a Honda Accord so need a smaller box - I was thinking about the Yakima space cadet. Does anyone have experience with this one. I actually need to buy something in the next week. Marissa

Although not quite as spiffy looking, certainly more affordable. Try Sears. They have a few different types of cargo carriers much, much cheaper than Yakima or Thule. Also, Wilderness Exchange might have used ones. Toby

We also have a Honda Accord, and recently purchased the Yakima rooftop system, with the Rocketbox storage box, which is larger than the space cadet one you mentioned. We decided to go with the larger box, and I'm glad we did because we filled it up on our last camping trip. We went with the Yakima system over the Thule system (we also got bike racks) on the recommendation of the people at REI, where we bought it. They said that Yakima customer service was a lot better than Thule customer service (if something needed to be sent back or something). The prices on both systems are outrageous, but what can you do? The Rocketbox alone was $350! We have been using the rooftop system, in many different configurations, more for carrying the bikes, so it has been a worthwhile investment for us. Colleen