Rompers for Toddlers

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Does anyone know where I can buy a romper for a (boy) toddler who wears size 3T? Babygap has them but they only go up to size 2xl. What I'm talking about is a one piece garment that is basically a tshirt with legs that snap. Nice and loose and cool for what looks like some sweltering days ahead. Fran

Lands' End Kids catalog (or has lots of them, in different fabrics, up to 4T. Very cute ones for boys Elise
Lands End has a nice selection of rompers up to 4T in fun colors too! They have a website ( and catalog. Jenh
You might try Sierra Trading Post It's a mail order catalog that also has an online component. I've seen toddler rompers in there that are basically T-shirts with snap bottoms. They have cute designs that are boy-friendly. I'm pretty sure the sizes go beyond 3T. Freyja