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Selling Gently Used Formal Dresses

Sept 2011

I have quite a few formal dresses that I have only worn once or twice hanging in my closet. I thought about donating them to the Princess Project, but they're not really high school prom styles! Does anyone know a place where I can sell these? Places like Buffalo, Crossroads, and Urbanity don't really take formal dresses. Thanks. - Cleaning out my closet

You could sell them on Ebay, or Craigslist, or BPN marketplace newsletter, posting size, price and ideally pictures (not possible on BPN). Interested

Where to sell $1300 wedding dress

Sept. 2003

I have a beautiful wedding dress and party dress. Those are like new and I want to sell those in half prices because I won't have a chace to wear those again. The wedding dress was $1300 and the party dress was $500. I checked the Ebay auction but the prices there are quite low and I don't want to sell my precious dresses in that cheap prices. If there is anyone who know a better place to sell those dresses, please give me a call.

You may want to re-think how much you are going to get for something like this on consignment. Resale value for this kind of thing tends to be much lower than you expect. If you want to get a better price, you will have to sell it directly, either through and ad on this newsletter, E-Bay or craigslist. Other than that, try checking with the wedding dress resale place that other people mentioned in the last newsletter. smart shopper

Want to sell two wedding dresses

Sept. 2003

I have two unused wedding dresses that have been sitting in my closet taking up space (don't worry, I'm keeping the one I actually wore). I seem to recall that there is a store in the area that specializes in wedding dress resale - does anyone know the name or location? B

Try Shadows in San Anselmo (Marin). They specialize in vintage, but I think carry more recent styles as well. Melissa T

I don't know if they consign, but you might try Shadows in San Anselmo -- they sell a great selection of one-of-a-kind wedding dresses. Lauren

Second-hand Flower Girl Dress

Jan 2002

My son and daughter are going to be in a wedding in June. Ideally, I would like to find them second hand clothes. I'm pretty much assuming that items such as flower girls' dresses are basically worn once. Is anyone aware of consignment shops that would carry these items? Thanks, Daphne

e-bay is a great site for buying new and used kids clothes- i am sure they would have an area for fancy, flower girl type dresses. jessica

Keep an eye on the sales rack at Sweet Potatoes in the Fourth Street shopping area. It's not a second-hand shop but they do have killer sales from time to time. Their clothes, which are normally quite pricey, run from the adorably cute to the elegant. Check in regularly (the sales rack is in the very back) and you're sure to find something appropriate for your flower girl (or boy).

Also - consistency is the key to all great thrift-store finds. You can find beautiful kids' clothes at the Goodwill, you just have to stop in every day to see what's new. It also helps to go to a Goodwill near a rich area. Happy hunting and good luck! --- Julie

For second-hand flower girl dress-Daphne, I found a beautiful, simple, and comfortable silk dress in ivory last year at Sweet Potatoes on Fourth for $15.00 (brand new). I loved it so much I bought another one in pink for Easter. Try going to the one on Solano and check out their holiday clearance (that is what my dresses were). Wm

I don't have a recommendation for a second hand store, but the Sweet Potatoes Outlet on Salono Avenue (near the Albany Y, 8 (?) blocks above San Pablo) has a line of really inexpensive fancy kids clothes. I bought a new flower girl type dress for my daughter to wear in my sister's wedding for $15. I also bought a sort of matching beaded and embroidered sweater to go with the dress for $10. I think they have boy's clothes, too. -- Jenne