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Where to find second-hand cookware?

Oct 2007

Are there any shops in the east bay that sell second-hand cookware (pots & pans, etc.)? -a cook

We bought all second-hand stuff for my daughter's first kitchen. Here is where we found things:

Urban Ore (very cheap)

Thrifttown (both SF and Pinole stores; selection varies a lot, but pretty cheap)

Ashby BART Flea market (lots of cast iron pans and high quality pot brands, though not as cheap). If you buy used cast iron, be prepared to re-season it. If it's gunky when you buy it, don't worry - the self-clean cycle of an oven does an amazing job to get off all the old gunk.

Also had some spotty random luck at Goodwill and Salvation Army stores in Berkeley. R.K.

Other than Good Will, try the Berkeley Flea Market at Ashby-Bart Station on the weekends. I saw some beautiful cast iron pans there recently. cooking too
I don't know about the east bay, but it's really worth making the trip to Cookin' at 339 Divisidero in SF, 415-861-1854. Very fun place with tons of stuff of all variety. Here's a link to an article about it: Cece
Try a ''Saver's'' store- lots of good quality stuff. anon