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Good book for 2nd time parents expecting twins

Oct 2006

Can anyone recommend a good tips and advice book for parents expecting twins? We already have a 4 year old, so I was hoping to avoid a book that spends a lot of time covering basics that are geared towards first time parents, be it of singletons or multiples. I scoped out books on Amazon, and it seems to be a common complaint in the reviews that there's not much geared towards 2nd time parents, and/or the books have lots of stats and nice stories but little hard advice on sleeping, eating etc anon

If you're looking for books specifically about raising twins, you unfortunately won't find a whole lot of good info (which is too bad, since there are so many useful books about twin pregnancies) - I've read pretty much all of them, and a lot of them have anecdotal stories from other parents, lists of how many onesies you might need, etc., but not a lot of real information, especially other than what you could get from a regular one-baby book (or that you, already a pro, wouldn't already know). There is hardly any info on sleep (there's very little about twins and sleep in singleton baby books, too) aside from things like ''some people have their twins in the same room for naps, others separate them.'' Duh. The only one that I've halfway liked was Raising Twins After the First Year, but (a) that won't help you for the first year and (b) even then there's just one short chapter on each whole year.

I do recommend you try to attend the New and Expectant Parents meetings that Twins By the Bay has every other Friday - there's a lot of great information imparted at those sessions. Good luck! Lisa

Expecting twins - Books to read?

Feb 2005

Does anyone have any good, current recommendations on books about raising twins? We are expecting twins within the next couple of weeks. Thanks. Cindy

The book I found most supportive and useful was called ''Mothering Twins: From Hearing the News to Beyond The Terrible Twos.'' It was written by five mom's of twins who met at a twins club support group. They each shared their various experiences, including what did and didn't work for them. I really appreciated that it was written from the perspective of ''Do whatever works for you, here's some things I tried...'' It is completely non-preachy and non-judgemental. I highly recommend it!! Julie
Sept 1998

I found several books before my twins (just turned 5!) were born. One of the best was Having Twins by Elizabeth Noble , dealing mostly with pregnancy and infancy. An even better resource is Twins Magazine . They generally have something about various age groups. They also have a very good web site: Check out their Resources. Also check out Twin Services in Berkeley. They have groups of articles available on various aspects of raising multiples. Their phone # is 524-0863. They also have a web site but I don't have the address handy. Berkeley may also have a good Mothers of Twins group. Good luck and have fun. Colin

The Joy of Twins is an excellent book, very positive. The Elizabeth Noble book is also a good resource, but has a lot of scary stuff about twin pregnancy which I did not find helpful when I was pregnant with twins. There is an excellent twins group that meets once a month in Berkeley on the second Monday of the month at 7:30 at the community center/church on the Alameda near hopkins (I forgot the name of it.). The organizer is Suzie Robertson. I found the group very helpful when I was pregnant. We have a two-year old and 5-month old twins. Good luck. Melissa