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Book for dad w/teen daughter

June 2004

I am looking for a good book that would help a divorced dad (since girl was 8) cope/ understand what and why a 13 year old is hurt, angry, and all around ticked off. They tried counseling (which they both hated and couldn't leave fast enough), but he is ready to give up. I would like to have several good books handy, maybe one about teenagers and how to handle normal situations (like not wanting to help around the house, etc--as he thinks this is VERY adnormal) and one about teen girls and the effects of divorce and what the dad can do to make the best of the situation. Thanks for the help.

''The Wonder of Girls'' is excellent. Pamela

Book on gender conditioning

Jan 2004

I've been looking for a good book on how to counter-act gender conditioning. As the parent of a seven month old daughter, I've started to notice how early gender conditioning begins. I'd love to find a good book that gives practical as well as theoretical advice. Any ideas?

I liked ''Things Will Be Different for My Daughter: A Practical Guide to Building Her Self-Esteem and Self-Reliance'' by Mindy Bingham and Sandy Stryker. Lisa

Looking for books about raising girls

April 2002

I am the mother of two girls. Although they are quite young (4 mos. and 3.5 yrs.), I would like to start reading some books on raising girls. This includes young girls, not just teenagers (there were a few recommendations for these types of books on the website). So, has anyone read any books lately on raising girls that you found helpful, insightful, etc.? And if so, maybe you could tell me why. Thanks. Hilary

i thought _Growing a Girl_ by Barbara MacKoff was a best book and resource about the issues of raising a girl today (and i think i've read almost all the 'raising a girl' books). carrie s.
I have two girls, ages 6 and 9, and a shelf-full of books about girls, books about siblings, books about books about girls! Some have been more helpful than others. I really didn't find ''Reviving Ophelia'' terribly helpful, for example. But I can recommend:

''Growing a Girl'' by Barbara Mackoff
''The Little Girl Book'' by Laskin & O'Neill

I also have ''How to Mother a Successful Daughter'' by Marone, but have only skimmed it, without much to pique my interest. You may also want to pick up ''Let's Hear it for the Girls'' by Bauermeister and ''Great Books for Girls'' by Odean, which both have good lists of books about fictional and historical girls and women, beginning with picture books.

Last but not least, two parenting books I recommend to everyone, regardless of the gender of their child: ''Nuture by Nature'' by Tieger. It's focussed on getting to know your baby/toddler/child/teen's personality and temperament so that you can better understand what works for them. Another is ''Siblings Without Rivalry'' by Faber. Some great tips there about fostering friendships rather than competition between your kids. Natasha