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medium-sized plastic tubs for hauling manure


I hope someone can help me with this. I am looking for medium-sized plastic tubs with rope handles, not the extra huge size, which I used to see at Newberry's. In any case, Newberry's is no longer with us, and the only place I have seen this item is in the back of a friend's pickup truck in Ft. Bragg. I want to use them to haul manure, although they would undoubtedly be useful for other purposes. I have never seen them at Target, and I haven't tried Kmart. Any ideas? Robbie

I have one like this (currently storing toys in the backyard) that we bought at Safeway. I have seen them since--they are often on high shelves around the perimeter of the stores. Claire
There were some at the Redwood Road Safeway in Oakland this past Saturday. They were near the front, by the packaged deli items.
How much manure are you going to haul? If you need something sturdy, get the muck buckets made out of Fortiflex, available at feed and horse equipment stores in a number of sizes. The largest ones run around $15. The muck buckets that you get at OSH, Home Depot, etc will wear out and crack quickly, as they are made of cheaper, thinner material and the attachment of the rope handles is inadequate.

Concord Feed off of Monument Blvd. in Concord has them. There is a feed store in Richmond/San Pablo that may have them. They can also be ordered from Stateline Tack You might also be able to find them at something like Petco, but make sure they are made of Fortiflex. Nancy

Recommendation for plastic tub with rope handles: check, (a horse equipment catalog), , or Leeann
Can be found at Smart and Final. Kristy
I saw them at the Smart and Final on South VanNess and Duboce in SF this week. I think they were about $8.00 each. Dihaha
Try Costco. That's where we got some. Ellen