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Easy-to-clean waterproof picnic blanket

Sept 2004

We're looking for a large waterproof picnic blanket that is easy to wash. We tried one from REI, with the felt-like substance on one side, but our dog's hair would stick in the felt even after an immediate spin in the washing machine. It must be waterproof on one side and soft and easy-to-clean on the other side (like cotton flannel).

Check out Blue Lotus blankets (www.bluelotusblankets.com). They're fleecy on the top, not felt, and the underside is totally waterproof. Lots of nice patterns or solid colors to choose from. We love ours and keep it in the car all the time for various outdoor activities. LBM

Where to buy picnic blanket

April 2003

Spring (summer?) is here and it's now a perfcet time to have picnic outside! I have seen people using some kind of blanket that looks like cloth (or fleece) on the up side and water- resistent at the back. I am wondering where can we buy these big and comftable blankets that can be used on the grass, beach, etc...? I have checked the parents web site, but could not find anything. Thank you very much and have fun outdoors! Helen

I think I've seen the ones you're talking about at Restoration Hardware-- also I think they were Pendleton brand, and I believe they have a website, so you could probably get one online. Also we've found that wool yoga blankets (we got ours at the Piedmont Yoga Studio) work well as picnic blankets. Have fun!
NapaStyle is where I got this as a gift for my sister. It's expensive but big, very soft and well made. My sister likes that it folds up and has straps for carrying it: http://www.napastyle.com/store/product.jsp?sku=871 Ann
The most recent One Step Ahead catlogue had them -- their Waterproof Play Blanket in blue or green, soft on top with waterproof backing-- for $29.95: http://www.onestepahead.com/jump.jsp?lGen=detail=89=PRODUCT=89 Lisa
The picnic blanket you are referrring to is the ''Neat Sheet''-I bought mine at Target for 7-bucks on sale last year. They come in a variety of sizes. Deniene
I bought my picnic blanket (just like the ones you describe) at the Crate & Barrel outlet on 4th Street. They have them from time to time. A regular Crate & Barrel might have them in stock more regularly. Be advised hand washing is recommended. I haven't washed mine yet. Dianne
We bought our blanket from One Step Ahead for abut $35. However, a friend of mine found a ''Neat Sheet'' at Target for about $8 that serves the same purpose. The sheet is much thinner than our blanket and seems to blow around easier. Linnea
Check out the Tuffo website. They are a bit expensive but very fun and durable. Comes with its own carrying case. dawn
I saw these at Costco last year. They were very nice! I also bought one, after the season, at Crate and Barrel, on Fourth Street in Berkeley. It has plastic, waterproofing on one side, and a fabric on the other. The one at Costco was much more like a blanket, though. Mary
We actually got a blanket like that at Target last year. anon
I have one that was given to me by a friend and I love it! It was made by a woman in Colorado who runs a small business custom- making these picnic blankets. Since she is an acquaintance of my friend (and, of course, since I'm so happy with our blanket), I'm delighted to recommend her: her name is Janel McPhilips. Sarah
We have one of those types of picnic blankets for each of our cars. I love them! We got them at Costco a few years ago. Lori