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Skinny jeans for tall slender 10yo girl

Feb 2011

My 10 year old daughter is tall and slender (wish I had her problem!) and skinny jeans at Target, Kohls, etc. that fit her waist are too short! Any ideas of where to find something that might fit her? Thanks! Debbie

Try Justice For Girls or JCPenney - I've found they have long/tall options Debbie L.

Pants that fit for tall slim 8yo girl

Feb 2011

My daughter needs the length of a size 10 pant, but the waist of a size 7 or 8. I recently ordered 10 slims from target, but when she tried them on the waist was still so big they couldn't stay up. Any suggestions about where to find slim pants? Heather

LandsEnd makes some of their pants styles for kids (both boys and girls styles) with an adjustable waist. There is a band inside the waistband that can be tightened or loosened, and then secured to a hidden button. They are also very good about telling you precise measurements so you could call or email to ask about precise length and waist range for particular styles. My tall thin son lived in their pants until he reached adult sizes (which remain hard to find to fit!). I think LL Bean may also have some with this feature. RK
Try Lands End Kids. They have a huge website and most of the kids clothes come in slim sizes. They have a great no hassle return policy if it doesn't work out and the catalogs often come with free shipping promotions. I've had good success shopping here for my very skinny kids! Slim's mom
Try Lands' End. They have slim clothes for kids. I almost never pay full price-- sign up for their email and they'll send you coupons all the time. Savvy Shopper
I have had good luck with Land's End (on-line) slim sizes for my slim 8 year old boy. You can search just for slim sizes on their website. They even have slim sizes that work without having to use the adjustable waist-band elastic, which my son hates (it scratches). Some styles work better than others, but I've gotten pants, shorts and even swim trunks all in slim size. The best thing is you can return to Sears and don't have to hassle with returning via mail. I've also had the same experience with Target's 'slim' that were so big in the waist that the pants just fell to his knees. I've resigned myself to having to spend more money for Land's End. valerie

2007 - 2009 Recommendations

Slim sweatpants for a skinny 8yo boy

Oct 2009

My eight-year-old son is a skinny guy, and he can only wear pants in slim sizes. Unfortunately, sweatpants don't ever seem to come in slim sizes, and I haven't been able to find him sweatpants that fit him. I even tried getting some in the girls' department (I figured I could cover up the sparkly heart with a patch) because I thought they might be cut slimmer, but they fell off him, too. I'm not a good enough sewer to take in the waist, and although I may yet give in and pay a tailor, I'd rather just find him some pants that already fit. Any suggestions? Does anyone want to sell us some outgrown sweatpants (or loose-fitting elastic-waisted cotton pants) that are the equivalent of an 8S?

Try Kohl's. I don't know what they have for older kids, but I love their Jumping Beans brand for my 4-year-old. He is also very thin, and it's hard to find pants long enough that don't fall down. He only wears soft, sweats-like pants, and the pants at Kohl's are perfect. Mom of bean pole
I feel your pain mom. My boy is 14 yrs old and is over 5 foot 9 and only weighs about 105 pounds! Finding pants that fit is the bane of my existence!! He only has one pair of sweat pants, and they are jersey-ish Nike track pants that we bought at SportMart or SportsAuthority...or whatever it is called now. There is one in Emeryville and one in Concord. The pants have and elastic waist with a drawstring and the leg openings are not elasticized. Mom of a Beanpole

Soft Jeans for 6 year old boy

May 2009

I'm looking for soft comfortable jeans my 6 year old son will wear. He stopped wearing jeans about a year ago and will only wear sweatpants or those nylon-type athletic pants. He says the jeans are too stiff and he can't run and jump. He barely tolerates the cargo style cotton pants. Any recommendations for a brand name and where to buy them is greatly appreciated. He needs slim sizes but not the kind with the elastic inside waistband adjustment. He doesn't like the elastic ends poking out and scratching him. thank you! denim challenged

You're in luck--there is indeed a product that fits your needs. Look at Lands' End for ''climber pants'' (they have several different styles) in the ''indigo'' color (i.e., denim). They have an elastic waist and come in slim sizes. Mother of another skinny boy
I like Land's End for boy's jeans. Sears in the Sun Valley Mall (Pleasant Hill) carries kids Land's End stuff, but for best selection I recommend buying online ( They come in slim. They do have those inside waist adjustment, but the ends are sewn down, so maybe they won't poke him (or if they are really an issue, you could just cut them out).

On closer inspection of my son's Land's End jeans, the adjustable elastic waistband is not sewn down at the ends. Looks like you might be able to cut the elastic out though, without compromising the build-in elastic at the back of the jeans.

Where to Buy Boy Size 8 Slim Long Pants

Feb 2009

My son is a long skinny one. Does anyone know where I can get pants that are slim AND long? Ideal would be Land's End climbers with extra length. Thank you in advance.

Try JCPenneys Boys Dept....I've had good luck finding a variety of slim and long pants for my son there. Andrea
My long skinny 15-y.o. wears pants from Lands End or LL Bean. They both offer several styles of pants with adjustable waists (you pull up the strap inside the waistband, and button it as small as you want; it doesn't show from the outside). Buy the correct size for the length he needs, then cinch up the waist as needed. My son is in the largest size now (20), so I don't know what I'll do when he outgrows those! R.K.
Unfortunately, manufacturers don't make longs for kids. They only make regular, husky, and slim. Believe me, I've looked everywhere, as my son is extremely tall and skinny. We usually get him Gap slims. They have adjustable tab waistbands so you can tighten them even more. Old Navy makes some slims, but they don't seem to have the selection that the Gap does. Good luck. Fitting skinny boys is very difficult. My son is 14 and won't be seen in elastic waist pants anymore, which narrows our options even more!

Need tough boys' jeans!

Jan 2009

I need some recommendations on what kind of jeans to buy my boys. I've bought three pairs for my almost five year old in the past few months and all of them quickly got worn in the knees. Can anyone recommend extra durable jeans for active boys? Thanks!

I used to buy iron on patches and iron them on the inside of the knees of my son's jeans anon
I'm not sure if they still have it, but when my daughter was young, I started shopping at Sears because they have the KidsAdvantage program. If the boys wear through the jeans, you can return them for the same brand/same size. It worked pretty well for me and my tough girl LaJoyce
I highly recommend Land's End and L.L. Bean. Not super expensive and their stuff lasts. Land's End has some reinforced-knee pants.
My mom raised 5 kids in the midwest, three boys that raised alot of ---- and I was one of them. We got our jeans from Sears and JC Pennys. Mom was always ironing patches into the knees and then sewing the perimeters. She sometimes did this as a pre-emptive strike when the jeans were new before we could tear them up adding strength to the knees. Usually she put the patches inside the jeans so we didn't look like hand me downs. Now days I see alot of designer jeans intended to last a few weeks so you'll buy more. I have noticed the ''Dickies'' brand work clothes have some jeans with double knees for workmen and surprisingly some of the Dickies wear is considered quite fashionable in some circles. I am not sure if they make kids sizes but it is worth a look to find them if so. Longs on 51st in Oakland sells them for adults and I think there is a Dickies store in Berkeley to check for kid's sizes. If not, head on down to Sears and buy those iron on patches putting them in right ! off the bat! If your kids are young they aren't too fashion conscious---yet. old blue

2004 - 2006 Recommendations

Pants for slender 2 year old girl

Sept 2005

My 2 yo daughter is slender, and it's difficult to find pants the right length that don't fall off her. Does anyone know of anything like a clip that I could use to tighten the waistband (and where to buy it)? I'm imagining something like the clips at the bottom of suspenders. I am not a sewer, so opening seams and shortening the elastic would be a daunting project. Alternatively, can anyone recommend brands that have small waistbands? Thanks. Sarah

The Children's Place (SF near Crocker Galleria and maybe Walnut Creek?)has adjustable elastic in most of their jeans, pants, skirts- a big elastic you can pull much tighter on both sides with buttonholes to fasten it where you want- brilliant. They are not very expensive and have a lot of sales- some of their styles are very trendy, other things are more basic looking. or land's end makes ''slim'' stuff. no sewing tips here. anon
I have slim daughters too, and have always found Gymboree pants (the LEGGINGS, not the pants with flared legs) to fit PERFECTLY. They come in a variety of patterns and colors, but are all the same cut and style...They can be expensive if you pay full price, but get the ones that were last month's line, and you can save a lot. I usually pay $5-8 for the clearance ones, and they last for years. Heidi
My son is also very tall and thin, and it is so challenging to find pants. Especially once he started toilet training and needed to be able to pull them off himself (at that point, buttons, or the adjustable waist wouldn't work). The only brand that works well for him is Jacadi. They are expensive, but from my experience, european kids are much thinner, and clothes made there fit better. They are also well-made, and last. They often have sales, and I buy the elastic waist pants in quantity then. You can buy them online, or at the Jacadi store on Burlingame Ave in Burlingame. Anon
I have the same problem. I finally found a company that sold belts with velcro, but forgot where I found those. But right after I did that, I discovered that the gap carries pants with elastic in them that you stretch out & it will buckle up in the back to fit your daughter's waist. You just pull it & it fastens with buttons................what a life saver. I believe I found some of those pants at old navy too, which is a little cheaper than the gap. But you can contact me at any time & I will keep you updated whenever I find other places with those same type of pants because I'm always shopping & my daughter is 2 also so they wear about the same size. shelly
The Children's Place sells jeans with a hidden elastic band sewn in the waist that is adjustable with buttons. I just discovered them this year and was pleasantly surprised - they were also pretty inexpensive but I can't remember exactly how much now. There is one downtown Walnut Creek; I don't know where else they are located. Kristen

Cotton sweatpants for schools-aged boys

May 2005

I am looking for 100% cotton sweatpants for my elementary school age sons. I would love some that have pockets and reinforced knees. I'm not much of a shopper; I know they don't have them at Target or Mervyns. Any suggestions? Thanks! jen

Hanna Anderson has the best sweats around (children's and adults). Not the least expensive you can find, but, they last forever and wash well. picky about sweats
If you're willing to shop by catalogue or online, you should check out Hanna Andersson, Land's End, and LL Bean. I do they think they carry more of that type of product in the fall and winter months, though. anon, Hanna Andersson (watch for sales), Old Navy (if you shop GAP stores). Also - Cotton Kids on Piedmont (if they're still there) R.K.
We have found great (but not cheap) 100% cotton sweat pants on line or in the catalogue at Hanna (Sp?). You can google it. They have a good web page and great customer service. - Catalogue shoppin' mom
Try shopping online: Hanna Andersson, Lands End, and/or LL Bean all have web sites, & all should have what you're looking for. shop a lot
We have found pocketed sweatpants without reinforced knees at Target, and also at Sears. Online, LandsEnd has exactly what you want. Letitia

Good Brand of Pants for Short, Round 7-y-o Daughter

Oct 2004

My 7 year old girl is a size 8 in girth but very short for her age, so nothing seems to fit. I can hem, but many pants are unhemmable. I want to find a good brand for girls with tummies. I dont want shopping to become difficult already. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks. anon

Lands End has a great selection of ''girl plus'' pants for girls who are a little rounder. They accomodate the waist girth without making the pants too long. If you're not happy, you can return them free at Sears. Lands End also gives free shipping for exchanges. I've been shopping there for my daughter for several years. I strongly recommend giving them a try. anon

2003 & Earlier

Slim-waisted pants for 9-year-old boy

July 2003

My nine-year-old son still doesn't want to wear jeans, only sweat-pants and others with elastic waist. The trouble is, he has a VERY slender waist, and as he gets taller (but not much wider), all of the pants are too big at the waist. Most of the pants have sewn-down elastic, so just snugging up the elastic isn't an option. Occasioanlly I just sew some for him, but I'd like to find a good source to buy some. Does anybody know a source for slim-size elastic waist pants, or jsut some that tend to run slim? Local, catalog, or on-line are all o.k. R.K.

Try the ''easy fit'' pants from the Gap ( They have several colors and styles of khaki-type pants with built in elastic. There's a description on their web site of how this adjustable waist works. You just cinch up the elastic to the right width for your skinny child.
- mother of another skinny 9-year-old boy who also won't wear jeans
Try Lands' End for slim pants. My 10-year-old son likes the reinforced knee sweat pants. He also likes the Climbers which are cotton canvas or demin. They have elastic waistbands with a sewn-in adjustable belt. The quality is good and it is easy to return items that don't fit. Their sizes tend to run big, so order with that in mind. Julie

Boys' sweatpants with straight leg

September 2001

My son prefers to wear sweat pants with an elastic waist but We're having trouble finding ones that have a finished cuff in his size. Mervyn's carries these in smaller sizes but not the larger sizes. I'd prefer not to buy the Hanna Andersson ones, since they are Very expensive. Has anyone seen these elsewhere? Thanks for any help.

Macy's carries a brand called Green Dog that makes them sizes 8 - 20. Allison
Here's what I do with my son's elastic-bottom pants: cut off the elastic cuff; hem the pant legs with a sewing machine. Wrinkles from the elastic should smooth out in the wash, or iron if that doesn't work. Make sure the pant legs are long enough, though! Clarisse