Where to Get Customized Fortune Cookies

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Customized Fortune Cookies

You can get fortune cookies with your own messages from Mee Mee Bakery, 1328 Stockton Street (between Broadway and Vallejo) in San Francisco. Tel: 415-362-3204. I think the hours are M-Sat 8-6 and closed Sunday. No credit cards. -- Denise (6/99)

There is a fortune cookie factory in San Francisco just off Broadway on Vallejo or Stockton, I think. Look in the SF Yellow pages. I had custom fortunes made there but it was 10 years ago. But the factory is still right in the same place. Good luck! -- Peggy (6/99)


There's a place in SF that does nice quality printing work on T-shirts, tote bags, buttons, etc., and they also have a social mission which is providing employment opportunities for those in recovery from substnace abuse and homelessness. It's called Ashbury Images and you can reach Enterprise Director Marc Coudeyre at 415-885-2742. -- Nicole (6/99)