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  • Used Jazz CD's

    December 2001

    What's the best place in the Berkeley area to find a good selection of used jazz CDs? Thanks in advance, Denise

    Best place to find used Jazz CDs is Amoeba on Telegraph Ave. Rasputin's up the block is good too. Danielle
    to answer the question about the best place to find used Jazz cds--the answer is Amoeba Music, as Telegraph and Haste! Christine
    For standard items, I think Amoeba on Telegraph has probably the largest selection; Rasputin's, also on Telegraph, would be runner-up. I also recommend Berigans on Claremont at Colby - he specializes in jazz and has used as well as new, although if I remember correctly his used CD collection isn't enormous. He'll be happy to give advice too. Peter

    Personalized Kids' Music

    From: Denise (10/98)

    I've mail ordered personalized tapes from Happy Kids in NY at 1-888-692-2536. They have tapes with themes like birthday, lullaby, etc. depending on the child's name. They are a bit hokey but my daughter and a few of her friends have liked them and they're reasonably priced. They also have a catalog with other items that can be personalized like mugs, mousepads, etc.

    From: Stacey (10/98)

    Another company that creates personalized tapes is Daydream Productions. 1-800-350-SONG. They currently have two tapes, one for ages 0-6, and another one called Sounds of the Night that they say is good for kids up to age 10.

    Stores with Kids' Music

    From: Debbie (3/98)

    For music, try Rockridge Kids on College Ave (5511 College, 601-5437) which has a nice selection of tapes and CDs. They keep a binder behind the counter that has info on all their selections, including descriptions of the artists, reviews, staff notes, etc. If you're interested in a particularselection ask them to play it and you can listen to it while you're browsing in the store. The Lakeshore Learning Store (in San Leandro, 483-9750, and a store in Walnut Creek) also has a nice selection of music (e.g., they carry the full line of Jose Luis Orozco CDs) and they have a music station where you can listen before you buy.

    FYI, the main Berkeley Public Library also has cassettes and CDs that you can borrow from the Children's section.

    Other Musical Instruments

    July 2001

    Can anyone recommend a place to find a good quality but inexpensive trumpet? This is for a ten-year-old who would like to have her own. Thank you. Carolyn

    Several years ago, I found a used trumpet for around $100 in a pawn shop in El Cerrito on San Pablo Avenue and it was in good shape, and a good basic trumpet. I bought it and took it to my daughter's band teacher to check it out. I would recommend calling around to a lot of pawn shops and asking - the owners can usually tell you if it is in decent shape also. The pawn shop where I got that one was on San Pablo Ave, near Center Avenue. Good luck! Nancy

    The places I've purchased instruments and would highly recommend are: BEST Music Co 1716 Broadway (Oakland) Very Near bart's 19th street station 832-2024 Music Unlimited 14417 E14th Street San Leandro (no where near Bart) 357-4880 They offer instruction. Both rent too. Roger

    From: Natasha (7/98)

    Re: New/Used Autoharps

    New 15 and 21 chord autoharps are available at Fifth String in Berkeley. They'll also tune them for you.