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Upgrading 62 year old's scruffy image

June 2010

Where would you go to get good quality clothes that fit well, and/or possibly image advice for a 62 year old man?

My partner needs a better look. He's a scruffy, alternative, ex-roadie/light show artist who has been an investment Realtor for many years. I've told him many times that he needs to wear better clothes but does he listen to me (insert your laughter here)?

Today, a client who has been telling him she wants to introduce him to some money sources, told him that he has to dress better at those meetings. He listened.

I've dragged him to places like Joseph Bank (he canceled the purchase we made!) but I'm thinking, maybe, better quality than that or possibly what I mean is, more distinctive...an image consultant for guys? (Need I add that he's very cheap about clothes?)

Suggestions gratefully received

Yeah, I think Joseph Banks is a little too staid and fuddy duddy for a guy trying hold on to some semblance of a rebellious youth or hip past. You might want to try a personal shopper at Macy's or Nordstrom. It sounds expensive, but I don't think there is any extra cost or required purchase with it. Your partner can lay out his situation, tell the shopper what he likes and hates, and give the shopper the budget. I used the Macy's service a really long time ago when I needed a suit, and it was fantastic.

Also, Banana Republic has some nice modern but not too young styles. I noticed on their website they have a big and tall option, too. Not sure if they have that in their stores.

Macy's for Men in San Francisco has all sorts of options in all sorts of price ranges. My ex-hippie spouse likes conventional casual/yuppie clothing for dress-up such as Ralph Lauren, which is at Macy's in abundance. They have an entire building at Union Square just for men. There is also a lot of designer-y edgy stuff targeted to younger guys which may appeal to him. Good luck!

Where to find clothes for a not-so-big guy?

Oct 2009

My husband is about 5'4'' and 130 pounds, with a 29'' waist. It has gotten harder over the years to find clothes that fit him, as clothing in general seems to be getting bigger all the time. Does anyone have any suggestions? (Bonus points if the clothes are stylish and not too expensive.) Chris

Not sure of ages or style preferences, but I would aim to shop at stores targeted to Asian or European men who tend to be less ''big''.

Zara in SF has nice clothing. Fashionable but not too expensive. Probably a good choice (casual and dressy items). Shirts are more fitted than most places.

G-Star and Mango are other choices (G-star is expensive Mango not too much. Armani Express, Urban Outfitters, and Express for Men are some other possibilities. myst

Clothes for tall skinny husband

Jan 2005

My husband has a hard time finding clothes -- particularly sweaters and jackets -- that fit him well. He's 6'3'' and 180. Which doesn't seem *that* tall to me, but in order for him to get something with long enough sleeves or that's long enough in the waist, he usually has to get an XL or something, and at that point it's hanging off his shoulders and he's swimming in it. I'm sure part of the problem is that most of his clothes are purchased at Target or Old Navy, but we're at a loss for better options. Dress shirts and pants aren't as much of a problem because of the way they're sized, but no matter where you go, sweaters seem only to come in S,M,L, etc. sizing. We tried a Big & Tall store, but they were all about big, not tall. Any suggestions?
Married to an Ectomorph

My husband is built like yours (6'2'', 170 lbs) and was also having trouble finding clothes until we realized that L.L. Bean has ''tall'' shirts. Their size medium/tall fit him really well.

Try JCpenny - though mostly you'll need to catalog shop (but check for online clearance sales!!). LandsEnd also carries Large Talls. I've also occasionally had success at Burlington Coats in hayward - they have a ''tall'' sections that does sometine have selection starting in Large sizes, not the typical XL or bigger. tall family genes

My husband is 6'4'' and 180, so he's got a very similar body type -- and similar problems as well. He has grown to love ordering things from the Lands End catalog, because they have tall sizes. It's a little more expensive than Old Navy or Target, but really worth it for him because the clothes fit great. Good luck.

I'm an inch taller AND 10 lbs. lighter than your husband, so I understand his problem finding clothes. (Yes, there are downsides to being tall and skinny!) For long-sleeve items I think it's best to buy things in a tall size, like 'Large Tall' or 'LT.' Generally your best bet is catalogs like LL Bean, Lands End, and Eddie Bauer. I guess it's just not economical for most big retail stores to carry a wide range of sizes when probably less than 1% of the public will ever buy a 'tall' size item.

If you absolutely must see the clothing in person, Nordstrom carries an OK selection of tall sizes. It is expensive, but the quality is good and you can wait for sales. Mervyns used to carry a lot of tall sizes, but I see very little there these days. I don't think the places you are shopping already have much of anything, and 'Big & Tall' stores tend to serve a heavier clientele (I guess that's why it's not 'Big OR Tall').
Tall too

I recently ordered some clothes for my tall skinny 19-year-old from Eddie Bauer. He is 6'2 and weighs under 170. I got him a ''tall'' in size ''Medium'' and it fit perfectly - long enough but not too blousey.

Try Lands' End - http://www.landsend.com. They offer a lot of their clothes in Tall variations. And pants are usually hemmed to order. It will cost a bit more than Old Navy, but the quality is generally better.
Happy Lands' End Shopper