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September 2001

We're looking for math games for our son (5th grade) that focus on repetitive math skills (multiplication, division). We've really avoided computer games until now, so we don't know what's out there. (we use a Macintosh) Thanks for any ideas. Mara

We love the Math Blaster series, and one of the best ones is for 9-12 year olds. I think we bought them at Costco for cheap, but I've seen them online shopping, too. Fun graphics, repetition of basic skills, word problems, problem solving, etc. Heather
Try Math Blaster. This is a popular game and I'm sure they have a version for MacIntosh. There is a basic one, then a more advanced version. It's reasonably fun, not exactly Lemmings PaintBalls, but fun enough. Good luck. Dianna