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  • Learning 0-20 addition and subtraction

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    Hello wise folks, my daughter will be heading into second grade and her teacher recommended (and it is expected for second grade) that we work on memorizing addition and subtraction for 0-20. My daughter likes math but they said she is slower to process the information and they think this will help if she becomes quicker with these facts. We have the math dice and work on incorporating this into our daily routine but I'm thinking she would benefit from something like flash cards but found there are so many options. Are there any that have worked well for your family? She also loves the computer or ipad, any favorite apps or websites that you have used and would recommend? I want to make it fun but am also ok with some cold and hard facts such as flash cards, etc.

    Thank you!!

    Our children really love the Dragonbox math apps. The first couple (Numbers and Big Numbers) start off with math facts and number fluency, and others get into much more advanced topics like algebra and geometry. Our school also uses Monster Math and our child liked it enough that we downloaded that for home too. It's a lot more based around math facts (and was either free or relatively inexpensive) so might be a good one to try.

    Hopefully the apps and cards help but I definitely would watch her over the next school year. Our daughter has a math learning disability that teachers and the District did not want to acknowledge based on a visual processing disorder. It put a huge amount of stress on her. If she is still having issues by mid year 2nd Grade I would submit a request for an evaluation and if they deny services request an Independent Evaluation (IEE) that the District pays for. Getting specialized support early is really important. Also you can contact DREDF for all kinds of information on the process.

    While memorizing addition facts are super helpful in solving a math problem quickly, I’ve also found that sometimes there is no correlation between how good a person is at math, and how quickly they can solve an addition problem. I had a second grader last year who consistently scored in the 90th percentile on all his math tests, computerized AND paper/pencil. However, he was never able to get past 10 simple addition problems on his addition sprints (out of 50) in 4 minutes. There was another student several years ago who had the same problem, but ended up doing 8th grade math in 5th grade. What I’m saying is that if your daughter’s math grades are stellar, but this is the only problem, I wouldn’t worry too much about the memorization.

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We're looking for math games for our son (5th grade) that focus on repetitive math skills (multiplication, division). We've really avoided computer games until now, so we don't know what's out there. (we use a Macintosh) Thanks for any ideas. Mara

We love the Math Blaster series, and one of the best ones is for 9-12 year olds. I think we bought them at Costco for cheap, but I've seen them online shopping, too. Fun graphics, repetition of basic skills, word problems, problem solving, etc. Heather

Try Math Blaster. This is a popular game and I'm sure they have a version for MacIntosh. There is a basic one, then a more advanced version. It's reasonably fun, not exactly Lemmings PaintBalls, but fun enough. Good luck. Dianna