Mail Order Fruit

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September 2001

Does anyone know a good source for having fresh fruit shipped to another state? My son is away at college in Arizona and he says all he can get there (within walking distance of the campus) is bananas! He is craving California oranges and fresh apples. I know about Harry & David's but isn't there some other place that will ship a crate of oranges or apples, pears, grapes, etc. without all the fancy packages and bows and ribbons? Ginger

Patty Coe Regarding mail order fruit, have you considered mailing a package yourself? My mom sends fresh veggies/fruit to my aunt in Alaska on a regular basis. She often packs tomatoes in containers of oats, and she uses ears of corn as packing peanuts. You could probably send a nice assortment of stuff for less than someone like Harry and David, even taking postage into account.

My friends use Matt's Organics 520 790 4360 in the Tucson area for a weekly delivery of organic fruit. They love it. Annie

After reading your inquiry, I spoke with Frog Hollow Farm at the Berkeley Farmers Market on Saturday. They indicated that they could probably send apples. Unfortunately I lost their flier. You could look them up on the web (where you could see some shipping info) or catch them at the Saturday or Tuesday farmers markets in Berkeley. Also - perhaps you could ship a case of apples that you buy at Monterey Market or Berkeley Bowl.

October 2001

To ship fruit, I've ordered from Hale Groves in Florida on several occasions. I've never had a problem with service or delivery -- and everything got rave reviews. See Fresh Fruit (sans the bows and baskets) at You might also try other links from --- Joyce