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Jan 2000

Can anyone recommend luggage (brand + model number) that has the following requirements:
-- Has wheels with extending pull-handle.
-- Bigger than carry-on. Can contain clothes for one person for up to a week.
-- Sturdy. Gets good recommendations for lasting quite a while.
-- Under $300.
Also, if you can, can you remember where you got it from? Or, can anyone recommend a good store to buy luggage? Good is defined by sales clerks who actually take time to explain the various features of the luggage and the store has pretty good prices. Has anybody bought luggage online and had a good experiece with it?

Consumers Reports did a piece fairly recently (last 6-8 months) on luggage that would fit your various criteria, I think. I seem to recollect that the Lands' End luggage rated high, but don't quote me on that.
I highly recommend The Luggage Store on Shattuck in Berkeley. The owner is very knowledgeable and carries the Consumer Reports best buys. (She will show them to you if you just ask.) We bought four of them to take to Europe over Christmas, and they are great. My husband bought the carry-on last year for travel back in forth to L.A., where he goes frequently on business; he loves it. This line (I think it's Ricardo) is inexpensive and holds up very well.