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Where can I get a folding laundry rack?


My husband bought his folding laundry rack at Target (some years ago). Christine

I believe Target carries a few different kinds of these foldup laundry drying racks, from cheap, to a bit more pricey for bigger,sturdier ones. Sorry I can't remember prices, it was awhile ago when I saw them. I have a couple that I bought many years ago from a hardware store in San Francisco. Lynn

We got tired of destroying wooden ones and bought 2 stainless steel laundry drying racks at Stacks and Stacks (in the same Emeryville shopping center as Trader Joe's). They've been ideal. They cost in the $30-40 range. They have a selection of wooden ones too if that's too pricey. Diane

I got such a drying rack from LL Bean a few years ago, and have also seen them in the Vermont Country Store catalog. It also would not surprise me to find them in the Lillian Vernon catalog, or that alternative energy store down next to Smith & Hawken and REI in Berkeley. You might also look at Target (the one in Walnut Creek at Ygnacio Valley and Main is good and big) or Ace Hardware (the one on Grand Avenue in Oakland on Piedmont border is very good). I'd call first. Wendy

Harmony a mail order co. has them. Their toll free # is 1-800 869-3446 Web site They also have air filters, non toxic cleaners, organic cotton clothing, etc. etc. June

Target sells a small wooden folding drying racks for laundry. I don't know if it's currently in stock, as we bought ours there several months ago. Denise

Pastime Hardware on San Pable in El Cerrito has several models of laundry rack. I also would give them a general recommendation as having a very helpful staff and a lot easier to navigate than Home Depot etc.. Kathryn

Real Goods, behind REI and across from the Office Depot, carries such items. They also have a great warehouse sale going now.

A small plastic rack pictured here: is available at Camping World (an RV supply outlet) located at Cordelia where I680 meets I80. first exit on 80 after the bend. Or ordered on line at: Roger

To the person seeking a folding laundry rack;you can buy it at Long's drugstore at thr rockridge shopping center. They are 24.99 and made of wood. Good luck! Danielle

Here's are some websites for businesses that sell different kinds of laundry racks: and