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Detergents for Front-Loading Washers


The front-loaders do need low-suds detergents and the only brand I know is Tide HE. The only place I have been able to buy that particular kind of Tide is the Super Kmart in Oakland, off 880, near High Street. Lorraine

I wanted to post some additional information about soaps for front-loading washers. I read the owner's manual for my new Maytag (something I almost never do) and found that Maytag recommends using HE detergents by either Wisk or Tide. Costco's detergent is not mentioned. Target carries both,, and the Wisk is a little cheaper than the Tide, ounce per ounce. I also want to add that I just got my water bill, and I estimate we cut consumption by half with the new washer. Maria
Trader Joe's sells low sudsing detergent for your front loading machine. It comes in two sizes in a blue box. Ruth

Environment-friendly detergents

We use Bio-Kleen products for environmental/health reasons. At the laundromat, my inner child turns jealous of the white tsunamis taking over other people's washers. Should I use more soap? Fighting off an inferiority complex, the skeptical adult in me reasons that's probably just what the marketers of those other brands want me to think: that if there's no foam, there's no cleaning power. Lest I risk getting on the proverbial soap box, I'm tired of advertising that plays to our fears, especially as parents (one major brand was recently running a campaign in the dingy lighting of BART stations on how much bacteria gets on your clothes every day). Suffice it to say, our laundry gets clean, and we didn't have to wash our newborn's things with a separate product. Bio-Kleen's Bac-Out also works well on soiled diapers. Available at the Berkeley/El Cerrito Natural Groceries, Wild Oats, Whole Foods and the like. End of commercial. Erin
With respect to the question about laundry detergent: I would HIGHLY recommend Soapworks brand detergent. (Soapworks also makes body soaps, dishwasher liquid, etc.) Soapworks is a locally owned company that specializes in products that are completely biodegradable and very gentle for sensitive skin. My son had a skin allergy that plagued him for several years when he was little, requiring numerous trips to the dermotologist and using medicines that I would rather not have used on his young skin. When I switched to Soapworks, all of his allergies cleared up immediately. We've been using their products religiously ever since. You can get Soapworks directly from the website, or at Trader Joe's. Lori