Lambskin Rug

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October 2001

Hello! I am looking for advice on using LAMBY, a lambskin cuddle rug. Is it safe to use for sleeping, especially when the baby starts to roll over? The manufacturer of LAMBY says it is, (due to natural fibers etc.. ) but I was wondering if there are folks who have actually used it. Thanks! Austenfeld

I used a sheared lambskin for my son from the time he was an infant until he got too big for it. I think it helped him make the adjustment to his crib when we moved him in there at age 4 months or so (at that point he was kicking too much to sleep with us anymore). No problems with the lambskin, and I'll use it for my second. All the reading I've done indicates that it is safe if the baby sleeps face down; in addition, I think it may actually have encouraged my son to sleep with his face sideways. But that's just my theory. Sara

Natural fiber or not, anything with a thick nap is a little risky where infants are concerned. Keep in mind the fact that much too often manufacturers place products on the market that are later recalled after some unfortunate accident brings to light the fact that the product was unsafe. I am a mother who always errs on the side of caution, especially with an infant. My motto: Consumer Beware! Marianne F.

I haven't used one, but I understand they're extremely common in Australia and New Zealand. I would bet there are differing opinions on their safety with respect to SIDS & tummy sleeping, but my gut feeling is that since it's not a flat surface like the top of a mattress, that they're safe. Double-check with your pediatrician to be sure. FYI, I've seen them for sale at IKEA. Jennie

These are extremely common in my native Australia; you would be hard pressed to find parents who do not use them from the time babies are born. I was sent one before my daughter was born & used it for my son as well. I have seen them used as lining in strollers but we used it mainly as a nap mat/day bed. It is wonderful whilst travelling/going out as the baby is surrounded by something familiar & goes to sleep more easily. I have heard all sorts of lore about how they calm babies & make them more contented etc. Of course, there is no proof but they do make wonderful, snugly mats & are very hardy, wash well & last. My son, now 18 months, still loves ours & will lie on it when tired or upset. I wouldn't put infants to sleep face down on it but I wouldn't do that anyway. They have been used for years in Australia & NZ & I've never heard any horror stories. I have seen them for sale at Costco. ALIBENS