Kids at Play Signs

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Jan 2004

I have seen the recent postings on this subject but was wondering specifically about the signs I see on Colusa (''Children at Play'') and San Lorenzo (''Slow Down. Children and Pets at Play'') in North Berkeley. These are bright yellow signs that residents have hung on trees and telephone poles. I'd like to buy something similar for our speedway. alisa

ACE Hardware in El Cerrito has these signs. you can find them in the same area as the ''for sale'' signs, near the key-making area. Jessica
October 2003

I am looking for a recommendation on where to buy those bright, florescent kids at play signs, or something similar. Our house in on a fairly busy, arterial street which has speed bumps that most cars ignore while scraping their front bumpers racing over them. I am hoping that hanging up a few of these signs on the street might help the problem, if only a bit. Otherwise, if anyone has any input on how I can get the city to also help I would love to hear their experiences as well. thanks! Tami

Tap Plastics on Portola Dr and San Pablo (one block north of Moeser Lane near the DMV)in El Cerrito has many signs and also custom signs. You can also order online, I had some custom work done once at the El Cerrito shop and was very satisfied. liz coleman
There is a sign shop right off I80, can't remember the name of it, but you can see it from the frwy. They have lots of signs pre-made, and can also make custom signs. Take the Gilman ave exit, and get on the frontage road, i believe its right near The Magazine furniture store. hope this will help! brenda
I believe the Lillian Vernon catalog ( carries one. As far as getting the city to help, it's not a permanent solution, but you can call your local police department and request additional ''enforcement'' (a cop laying a speed trap, basically) on your street as often as possible. In the best case, this would result in your street having a rep for speed traps and cause a general slowdown at least among drivers who go that way frequently. anon
there is a traffic sign store in Berkeley/Albany that you can see from the freeway. If you are traveling North on 80/580, it is on the right side. I think you get off at Gilman. as for getting the city to post a sign, we tried that for our street & were told that they can only be posted on streets where a school, playground or park is a certain (very close) distance away. we were able to get them to put up additional speed limit signs, though. good luck, virginia sells a ''Kid's Play Zone Caution Sign'' online. Here's the link: --Dana
While I sympathize completely with the desire to make your street safer for kids, I for one would be very uncomfortable relying on safety signs to make people slow down. After all, the bumps haven't done it. This is more of a (lack of) consideration / society issue than anything else. Too bad--I grew up playing in the street too, but I would not let my kids do it now. There's just no knowing whether the next car would pay attention. Anon
The United Rental in Hayward sells road signs. There are many United Rentals around, but not all of them sell signs as each branch specializes in different markets. Helena
I saw some at the Pinole Toys R Us in the bicycle department in the back of the store. They are maybe about 2 feet high, shaped like a child!, sits on the ground like a ''caution: wet'' sign that you might see in a grocery store if someone drops something and it glows in the dark. I didn't see how much they were though. Linda
There is a sign store on the street next to highway 80 that might carry what you are looking for. I don't know the name, but it is between the Gilman and Buchanan exits. I hope you find a helpful solution. best of luck!