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  • We have a baby due soon and are knee deep in the dreaded stroller decision making. We live in about 700 square feet but have an attached garage (theoretically to store the beast;). Trying to only buy one stroller for now (will buy a cheapie umbrella stroller when the kid is a bit bigger). We definitely need an all terrain stroller if not a jogger- we go to the bumpy/pot hole side of Point Isabel every day with our dogs and like to go to Wildcat Canyon and Albany Bulb. I'm gravitating toward the Thule or BOB brands because they go up to 70 lbs and it'd be nice to get a lot of years out of it, but is it too heavy and too big for everyday use, especially with an infant? We're not big shoppers so I don't imagine us trying to navigate small shops or anything and my guess is we'd use a carrier if we were going food shopping (is that what people do?). When we eat out it's usually at 5 when the restaurants are empty.  But we also don't jog and our most rugged outings are still usually still on some sort of path (though I guess we go over a lot of grass at PI and sand at Albany Bulb). Am I crazy for thinking a smaller jogging stroller with a swivel wheel could work for us in the everyday? I imagine it'll be even heavier once an infant car seat gets on there. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    My daughter is four and we still use the BOB all the time. We use it around the neighborhood, walking to Whole Foods (plenty of room for groceries) and hiking. We've taken it hiking in Point Reyes, Lassen, Tilden, etc and it's always met our needs. It's not compact, so I probably wouldn't recommend it without a place to store it. Good luck!

    Strollers are so very personal.  We had a "everyday" stroller, an umbrella, and a jogger, all purchased used or handmedowns so the investment was nil.  We barely used any.  We wore our first baby almost exclusively.  Once we had a 2nd (2 yrs apart) there was a brief period where having a stroller was occasionally useful if only one parent had both kids out.  I would wait and see what you/your baby really need.

    I've had three kids (current one is 3yo)  and have owned six strollers (either as gifts, or hand me downs).  The BOB Revolution and the Maclaren umbrella stroller were really the ones we used heavily.  Yes, the BOB is heavy and unwieldy and not ideal for city sidewalks, restaurants and shops but for jogging/strolling on all terrain, it can't be beat!  

    You don't need the big one, no one keeps a 70 lb kid a stroller, that's around 8 years old. An infant you can wear in a baby bjorn type thing while walking the dogs. By 2.5 years old your kid will probably be walking a lot more than needing a stroller and for grocery shopping you can use a wagon.

    Have you looked at Valco Baby strollers? IT is smaller than a BOB (I found them to be too big and looked very cumbersome to be putting in and out of the car). I liked the Valco because it was light, I could push it down with one hand, it fit in the car and I took it to my baby boot camp class. The 3 wheels are awesome, it fit easily within restaurants as well and the basket underneath helps at the store for the heavy stuff. Don't be sold on the BOB in my opinion. Make sure you test strollers out and see how easy it is to put up and take down. I had mine for 5 years and used it every single day. It was my only one. Good luck!


    I don't think you're crazy at all--this is a great plan. We had a BOB as our only stroller for the first two years, and I was thinking about it the same way you are. We bought the infant seat attachment for the earliest months so that we could put our carseat directly onto the top of the stroller, which makes the baby ride high and nicely visible to the parent, kind of like an old fashioned pram. Once s/he can sit up well (over about 6 months is the minimum recommendation I think), they can go in the regular seat on the BOB. That was the perfect solution for us. We didn't have quite as small a living space as you, but I hated the idea of getting a bunch of different carriers. We had one BOB and one Ergo (front pack), both with the extra attachment/insert for infants, and that served every need we ever had. (I'm a runner, so my other justification for the BOB was running, but that was a very minor use in the end. Running became my meditative break from parenting, so it wasn't very appealing to take her with me unless I was desperate.) We ended up getting an umbrella stroller for the same reasons you state here, and it was useful on maybe two trips,but basically it sat in the basement. It was just such a crappy piece of equipment compared to the awesome ride of the BOB. The shocks on that thing are impressive. And it's long, but narrow, and super maneuverable. Much better than the umbrella strollers, and you can do it with one hand!! (This is KEY.) 

    When kid #2 came along, I added a double Thule bike trailer with the stroller wheel attachment into the mix--again with the idea that we could get just one piece of equipment to serve all our needs: in this case, as double stroller and bike trailer for two. I was into the family athletic ambitions. :) In general I found that I preferred to just carry the little one in the Ergo while pushing the bigger one in the BOB for walks, though, so I almost never needed a double stroller at all. My babysitters liked it, though. But that stroller was a bit more unwieldy, mostly just because of the width. It had the same good shock absorption. Not quite as comfy seats--my kids complained sometimes. I think we went on maybe 10 family bike rides with the trailer. It was cool but not super necessary. The BOB plus Ergo combo alone could have gotten me all the way through two small kids. (My two are two years apart, FYI.) 

    Good luck and enjoy the adventures!

    Hi there! We have a two month old and had a similar wish list for one stroller (plus an umbrella stroller later). We decided to go with the Revolution Bob Flex because we definitely wanted a jogger for running. We love it and it handles well (even for use in stores), but it isn't great for pulling in and out of the car if that's how you intend to use it. We definitely miss having a smaller caddy style stroller for the infant seat, but we are suffering through just carrying around the car seat until he's big enough for an umbrella. If you are just looking for something with big wheels that you don't need to run with, you might want to check out the City Mini GT. It is much lighter than a jogging stroller and the seat comes out to make room for a car seat until your baby is older. It might be all terrain enough for what you're looking for!

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am a big fan of waiting until you actually need something before you buy it. First, your child's neck will need support for the first several months at least, so you'll likely be wearing the baby for a while while you walk the dogs. My husband the Gear Hound was all excited to get a Bob b/c we hike a lot, but when we finally took the little guy out on a relatively smooth dirt road in the Bob, his neck bobbled around so much that we stopped immediately. I feared his head going to snap off! (jk) We used it a few times, but the Bob is so bulky it didn't get used regularly and it was a big waste of money. We learned from that  :) We eventually ended up using a hand-me-down Kelty-style child carrier (kid must be older, able to sit up and support self). When the time comes, you can probably borrow one from someone (Next Door is great for that) and try it out before forking out $.

    To sum up: Have the baby, get your baby carrier (Baby Bjorn-like thing)  and then later, re-assess your needs. In my experience, the most useful and cheapest stroller for a little one is the one that a car seat snaps into. It is also very lightweight. You can get them used. Worth every penny for me, just getting out for walk down the street, picking up a few items at TJ's, etc. Hope that helps!

    My experience with strollers and small apartments was that it was all about weight and the ease of folding it up. Jogging strollers are great (especially for jogging) but getting one in and out of a car regularly would be a nightmare. Best of luck!

    Hi. Consider the City Mini GT. It's all-terrain, but not a jogging stroller (even though it's made by Baby Jogger), so it's lighter and smaller than the real jogging strollers. We bought one a couple of years ago when we had our son, and it was our only stroller until he was older and we bought the umbrella stroller for travel and car trips. We still use it almost every day. Pros: great handling and control (great when you can only use one hand), relatively light, easy to fold, adjustable handle (this is great if you and your partner are different heights), hand brake, huge canopy (with peephole, so you can see if they're asleep...or at least that's what I did ;-). Cons: Under basket isn't that big (I manage to load up a lot of groceries in there, but more space would be nice). Congratulations on your baby, and good luck in the decision making! I hope this helps =) 

    My advice is to look at the City Mini GT or similar in a store and then try to buy one used if you like it. If it ultimately doesn't work for you, sell it and upgrade. The City Mini is sturdy and can be folded with one hand, which comes in useful when you're holding a baby with your other hand. It's also more compact than a big wheeled jogger for sticking in the car. The GT can handle some gentle off roading. 

    Neighbors in our old apartment building had a BOB jogger which was huge and too hard for them to fold while also dealing with the baby (and even when folded it took up a lot of space). You also don't need something that is good for up to 70lbs (size of an average 9-10 year old). You should be set through age 4-5 with something that goes to 40 lbs. Most of all, look at strollers in person before buying! Pay attention to how easily you can fold it, lift it to get in car (if you will drive with it), will it fit in trunk, can you fit gear in the basket underneath easily, etc. 

    I recommend getting a City Mini GT by Baby Jogger. It is not a jogging stroller but it has the air tires so you can handle the bumps in the road. I live in an area where the sidewalks are broken up by tree roots and the GT handles them very well. (I could tell the difference when pushing my cheaper stroller with the plastic tires.) I've had no issues going off the path at the Berkeley Marina in the park area, going up and down the grassy hills. The GT also has a hand brake which is nice. We lived in a 750 sf apartment with not a lot of storage space and a great thing about the GT is that it folds down fairly flat so while it did take up some space, it was much less than if you had a BOB or regular stroller. Also the GT was lighter than comparable strollers so my little 5'2" self could haul it into and out of the car no problem. Our nanny, who is smaller than me, also handles it up and down the stairs relatively easily.

    Also once your kid is about 2 or 3, it may become difficult to get them into a stroller since they'll want to walk everywhere. I wouldn't put the weight capacity of a stroller high on the priority list for that reason. I got rid of my second stroller since the older child now insists on walking and I can put the younger child in the GT. We've had it for almost four years and still going strong.

    For grocery shopping, I recommend wearing the baby in a carrier. If you don't have to bring the stroller into a store or restaurant, the better. Carry the infant car seat in if baby is sleeping but leave the stroller in the car.

    We had a Bumbleride Indie (Twin) when my littlest were little. Throw that into your pool of contenders :)

    As a nanny, I got a ton of experience with a wide range of strollers. One of my favorites (and one I'd pick for myself) is the City Mini stroller. It weighs 17 pounds (maybe it has gotten lighter since I used it because it did seem heavy in 2011), folds up very easily (the videos of it are true), it's a bit bulkier than an umbrella stroller, but pushing it is great. Very smooth. Great for paved or off road. 

    If you can find it in a store, put a heavy box or something in it and push it around (if possible) or ask friends if you can try out their stroller. :) I found a lot of strollers rather uncomfortable and I'd pick a good one that was comfortable to push around. Not one where you have to hunch your back to push it, or hit your feet on the wheel bar as you walk. 

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Stroller that's easy to run with

Oct 2007

Hi. I recently bought the Bob Revolution stroller. It's a great stroller to walk around with, do errands etc. but I'm finding that it's pretty heavy and not all that easy to run with. Maybe it'll be better when I no longer have to use the infant car seat? I'm wondering if anyone has compared it to the other Bob running strollers and what you have found. I'm really hoping to find a stroller that will make it possible to go on some long-distance runs... Thank you fd

I have a BOB Ironman, and I think it's a great stroller. I've used the Revolution once, on vacation, for a 7 mile run and found it to have a much clunkier feel. I experimented with the swivel wheel and found the stroller to be easier to control with the wheel locked. I think the spoke wheels of the Ironman, combined with the larger front wheel and the slightly lighter weight, make it easier for running. I've also tried the Baby Jogger stroller, which is super lightweight and handles like a dream; my main problem with it is that the sunshield is smaller (but I think it can maybe be repositioned better than on the BOB). Kevin

I got a Bob stroller as a gift and returned it for a BabyJogger. Think the Bobs are great for all-terrain, walking, hiking but have found the key for serious runners is diameter of the wheels. so I got the largest wheel size and it makes for a smoother ride, easier pushing and really is not limiting because of its size--it is extremely light and is easier to get in and out of places (like the local coffee shop) than my traditional Peg Perego. i've had my BabyJogger for 8 years (3 kids) and NO maintenance problems. other runner parents have KoolStride model w/ largest wheels and equally pleased. I once pushed an acquaintance's running stroller with smaller wheels and the difference was striking! so go for size and, in doing so, save your shoulders and neck from stress of pushing a heavy load. You'll be surprised how quickly you'll Fly down the running path! Also, avoid bells and whistles-a few brands added cupholders, etc., that just add weight! but I do recommended the rain shield-clear plastic cover (ventilated) that keeps child completely dry if you like running in the rain! -BabyJogger fan/Running enthusiast

I have been happy with my Baby Jogger II with the 20'' wheels. You gotta get the 20'' wheels. I've taken it on 4-5 mile runs with no problem. I also put my kids in it starting at 3-4 months without an infant carrier. Running mother of 3

With my first child, I bought a Bob Sport Utility Stroller. I ran with it 15-times and then joined a gym with childcare. The gym let me run 'off campus' provided that I carried my cell phone. With my second, I just bought a Mountain Buggy Urban Double and kept the gym membership. I loved both strollers for walking in the city (great off of curbs) and for gentle off-roading. But, I couldn't run with either.

That said, I have a few friends who enjoyed running with Baby Joggers that had 20-inch wheels. Granted, for one, that was her only option as her child screamed bloody murder in the childcare at the gym until she was three. The other had a husband that discouraged her strongly from spending time away from her child.

In short, buy a Baby Jogger with 20-inch wheels if you don't have any other choice. Otherwise, join a gym. -join a gym

I run with the Ironman and my friend runs with the Revolution. We both run long. I think the biggest question is whether you run on trails much. If yes, then stick with the Revolution. If not, then there's no reason to have the Revolution since the Ironman handles the roads so much better. I actually use my Ironman on the trails reasonably often (once or twice a week) and it handles fine (just not as soft of a ride I imagine) and worthwhile tradeoff for amazing handling on road.

Regardless, you definitely want to run with the front wheel locked - you spend less trying to right it. Again this depends on if you're on roads or trails - curvey trails are better with it unlocked but particularly road running and even most trail running, fixed front wheel is the way to go. From what I've seen, though, the wheels do sometimes drift when locked. I think the front wheel is fixed on the Ironman (unless the new models are different). But if your primary use is for running - this is not a problem. Good luck. Momma on the Move

I can't say that I've compared them, but when I bought my Bob Ironman at REI, they said that the Revolution was actually not that great for running. The Ironman is very light and the front wheel is a large size and does not turn. It took a little getting used to (compared to running alone) but I have no complaints. I don't use the running stroller out and about; it seems like it would be a lot more cumbersome than a regular stroller. If your priority is running, then maybe you should trade, but if your priority is flexibility, maybe not. Try locking your front wheel first and see if that helps. Bob Ironman fan

Jogging Stroller for serious running

May 2007

I'm looking for a baby jogging stroller to do some serious running. I would like to start when my baby is about 4 months old. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good brand and model.

I have put hundreds of miles on my Baby Jogger II. Get the 20'' wheels. Running mother of 3

I have a Chariot Cougar which I took my son jogging in at 5-6 weeks. It has an infant sling that holds babies who don't sit up yet bery well. It great for running and also converts to a stroller and bike trailer. Bethany

If you are truly planning on trail running, DO NOT choose the BOB Revolution. A swivel wheel is NOT recommended for jogging especially on trails. Swivel wheels have been known to come unlocked making the stroller even more prone to tipping than it already is. The Revolution is OK for light jogging especially on paved trails and roads. It works great at BabyB oot Camp classes in Oakland and Berkeley, but BOB will even tell you that it is a multi-purpose stroller, not a true jogger.

I would VERY highly recommend the Dreamer Design. I think it is the best out there for serious runners. The BOB Ironman comes in a close second. Most people would choose the BOB over the Dreamer Design because they go with the label and the one that ''everyone has'', but having dealt with both, I would go with the Dreamer Design. It is lighter (yet VERY sturdy), taller, folds up better and the brakes are better. The BOB stroller's handbrakes always give out after a few months and I am pretty sure it does not have a foot brake (the Dreamer has both).

The Bob SUS is decent as well, but since it is heavy, it is harder to turn. The Dreamer Design is easier to turn & I have yet to find a mom who did not love the Dreamer Design.

Again, if you are doing serious running DO NOT get a swivel wheel stroller. They are not meant to be true running strollers.

Finally, check out They have a store in Oakland and carry a wide selection of strollers.

Good luck! Anna

BOB strollers are absolutely the best for running. Not inexpensive, but well worth it. Since you're a serious runner you should get one with a 16'' fixed front wheel. But I do know people who jog with the 12'' lockable swivel wheels. Running Mom

BOB is the only stroller we have ever had - or ever will have. The Revolution is awesome - we trail run, take it shopping, to the airport, you name it! It rocks - you'll be sooooo happy with it! Happy Bob Owner

I am a pretty avid runner and run 2-3 times a week (have done u can click in your car seat (about $30) and I started jogging when my baby was only 12 weeks old. When he was 6 months old, we removed the attachment and he just sat in the stroller. I also recommend getting the lcup holdern which holds 2 water bottles and you then have a place for your keys, cell phone, etc. We bought our Bob Revolution at ''Sport Basement'' in SF and they seemed to have the best prices. Good luck! happy running

I love my BOB stroller, and they are even better now! They go on sale sometimes at REI, which is the best way to get them, and they have them with swivel front wheels (which can also be locked), which is the one thing my older model doesn't have. I'm pretty easy going about it, and have simply learned to incorporate a lift-and-turn for sharp turns, or lean into it for moderate turns. BUt what I love about it is the nice deep shade that you get, and it's a pretty comfy ride for the little one.-good shock absorbers. I understand that they also have a new feature wherein you can put your clip=on carseat into it. They keep improving! It also has a generous bottom basket, in which I've stuffed blankets, snacks, water bottles, etc., and it has a basket in the back for those things too, so you don't have to slow down much. And there are even some little pockets inside to put things for when your little one gets more independent. And they have things for clipping things like a cup or stroller book. But be warned: jogging with a child is never going to be as liberating as jogging on your own, though someitmes it feels like you're getting your cake (jogging) and eating it too (being with the baby)!

All-terrain stroller for hiking on trails

June 2005

Hi, We live in the Berkeley Hills and also love to go trail-hiking. We would like to find a All-Terrain (or Jogging) stroller that has a 1) swivel wheel/easily manueverable, 2) can handle off- roading, 3) easy fold/relatively compact/easily removed wheels, 4) durable and safe, 4) lightweight, and 5) comfortable for a 6- month old up to age 3. The BOB is too expensive for us. We were looking at the Bumbleride Rocket and the Valco Runabout. Does anyone have either of these and would you recommend them? Pros/cons? Any other recommendations. We would almost never need to use the stroller for actual jogging -- just fast- walking, hiking on trails, and pushing up and down the Berkeley sidewalk-less and steep hills. Thanks so much! Holly

Hi, I have the Valco Baby Runabout (double) and it's great. The ride is super and it almost pushes itself! Great on the beach and rough terrain. It was pretty easy to put together. The kids (3.5 and 22 months) like the bar a lot. It does not fold easily however. It's not bad but it's not a one hand 10 second operation like a Graco. I solved that problem by just leaving it up (luckily the back of my minivan is huge!). It is not significantly heavier than my double tandem Graco was and it fits just about everywhere I need it to (except through historic building doorways) but that wouldn't be an issue if you're planning on a single. The only other minor hassle I have with it is that it has flaps at the top where the kids heads are and I haven't been able to figure out how to unsnap or otherwise remove them. I'm sure you must be able to since even my 22 mo. old is too tall for that piece (it keeps a baby in when reclined). They're used to it at this point I guess! Good luck finding the right stroller for you ... -Kristie

Jogging stroller for tall parents

Feb 2005

Looking for advice on a good jogging stroller for adults 6 feet or taller. Both parents are runners, on/off trails, and would like a stroller that will grow with the child (starting 6 mo.). Does the back need to recline? Any thoughts on Dreamer Design Verve? asf

Go to for great reviews on jogging strollers, especially for parents who actually run (versus walking in a cool-looking stroller). It discusses brands to buy for running on different types of terrain, too. I know that Kelty brand is designed for taller people. Generally, the backs do not recline, but shouldn't be used until your baby can sort of sit up on its own anyway (~6 mo.). They have shoulder straps, so your baby isn't going to flop over in any case. I think they generally fit kids until they are ~40 lb., which, I think, is about when they won't put up with being in a stroller any longer anyway. I have a Kelty Joyrider 20 in., which I love. The difficulty I had was finding them in stores. Every store I went to had only 2, so it was hard to comparison shop. I ended up buy one at REI, but check bike shops and sporting goods stores, too. sue

I'm 5'9'' and my husband is 6'5'' and we have a Baby Jogger stroller that we've used a lot. See for more details.

I shopped around and much preferred the Jogger over other models and opted for the 20'' wheels, which makes it that much easier to push effortlessly, and probably make it a bit taller than the average jogging stroller. It was fairly pricey, but you could probably find something comparable second-hand if that's an issue. In my opinion, the $300 was worth it for the freedom to get back into running every day.

It's fairly easy to fold up by removing the front wheel and is tall enough to be comfortable for both of us. The sun canopy is adjustable, which is handy, and the large basket underneath is convenient for stowing stuff. Our daughter is two now and I don't run with her much anymore, but used it quite a bit when she was an infant, and look forward to using it with our next child.

We also have a Quinny Freestyle 4 stroller ( ) that's not quite jogger friendly, but is very tall and rugged (real tires, etc.). This was the ONLY stroller I found that had an adjustable handle bar that would rotate to a comforatable and tall enough position for my tall husband. Can't recommend it highly enough for tall folks. Happy Runner


They have a chart that compares features and sizes for tons of strollers, helping you find one that fits your body the best. We bought ours based on the information we found on there and we could not find at any store because most stores only cary 2 or 3 brands. We love our dreamer design because it gave us the same features, a canopy better than most brands and LOADS cheaper. I did lose a washer and screw when hiking a rough trail once and their customer service was wonderful and sent me more than enough replacement parts in 3 days! Happy shopping! alvarez

Where to buy a jogging stroller

April 2004

My husband and I would like to purchase a jogging stroller. I went to REI in Berkeley several months ago and there were only two models. I would appreciatre recommendations for other local places (Berkeley, Alameda, Walnut Creek) that sell them. What brands have people been happy with (Kelty, In Step, etc.)? Also we would like to have another child in acouple years. Does it make more sense to buy a double jogging stroller now? Any advice or recommendations appreciated! :) Cindy

I just recently purchased a jog stroller and I had a really difficult time finding a store that sold more than just one or two models. I looked at running, sports and baby stores. I finally just read a lot of reviews on the different models and settled on the Dreamer Design (I have twins so we had to get the double stroller). I found it on ebay (brand new and being sold through a dealer) for a lot cheaper than other websites. I was looking into the InStep model but I read some reviews that said that the frame doesn't hold up very well (especially if you are running with it). Good luck beth

We bought our jogger at Hellar's in San Rafael. They were very knowledgeable and friendly. They had several different manufactures and colors. We decided on the BOB jogger and its great. We take it everywhere and we love it. It folds up easy too. sw

There are very good descriptions, recommendations, reviews and comparisons re: jogging strollers at I puchased a Dreamer Designs jogger over the internet from this company and was very happy with both the product and the company's service. For somebody who is really going to use the jogger for running, the Dreamer Designs jogger seems to have all of the great features of the Baby Jogger, but is much less expensive. As for the single vs. double jogger issue, if you plan to run on streets and sidewalks in Berkeley/Oakland, and not just on the trails, you are going to have a much easier time maneuvering a single jogger while running. anon

Nice quality jog stroller for off-road walking

July 2003

I've looked in the archives and haven't seen anything posted recently about late model single jogging strollers. I'm interested in suggestions for a nice quality jogging stroller for medium distance/speed runs and off-road walking. The Baby Jogger models look basic (blah)to me and may be designed for more serious runners than I am. I like the Dreamer Design Deluxe aluminum (approx $270) and the new MacLaren off-road stroller (approx $300). The MacLaren is super light and has a special axel to allow a longer stride, but the wheels are only 12'', so may be less efficient. Has anyone had experience with either of these, or have another jogger you would recommend? Is there a good local shop to check these out in person? It's a lot of money, so I want to chose wisely. Thanks. undecided

I have tried a couple of jogging strollers, and what I've learned is how important it is to try them out first. I ended up (after buying and selling my first one) with the baby jogger II. I think its absolutely great. The most I ran at a time with my baby was 10 miles but I could have run more, my arms didn't feel it at all. Its light, maneuverable, and extremely easy to forget that you are pushing. The first one I had was a heavy and so hard to turn. It constantly reminded me that I was pushing something.

As far as trying them out, I called around to local bike-type shops to ask what kind they had available. I also contacted the manufacturers of the ones that I was interested in to see what locations sold their products.

Key things to do on your test drive are:
1) get going at a good speed and try taking a 90 degree turn (is it easy?)
2) try folding it up, see how compact it is and how light it is to carry
3) put your baby in it and see how they like it and how easy it is to get them in and out.

Good luck. Karen

We love love love our Dreamer Design jogging stroller (the ''suspension'' model). It has the smaller 16'' wheels, but alloy, and compared to the old, 20'' wheel ''baby jogger'' brand stroller I had inherited, it's just fine if not better. Features I like are the wheels, the two different brakes, the really good and adjustable canopy, the relative narrowness (compared to the McLaren counterpart), the five-point harness (a problem with the old joggers which don't have them), the shock absorption, it folds up to put in the car, and just how comfortable my daughter seems in it. The one thing I don't like is the basket below which is both a little small and difficult to reach into because of where the frame is. But that's a small thing if we are intending to just walk rather than shopping and loading up the basket. Highly recommended....I bought ours online: Happy strolling, Jocelyn

looking for a SERIOUS jog stroller

March 2003

I am looking for a SERIOUS jog stroller that will meet my needs. I have looked on the archives and saw rec's for the Baby Jogger II and have searched runners worlds recommnedations but I am still having difficulty narrowing down the field. I am a marathon runner and triathlete and run great distances. I run on roads and trails. I am looking for a stroller that is light weight to handle distances, 20 inch wheels for trail running and an adjustable handle height. I am 5'6'' and my husband, also a runner, is 6'3'' so we need one jogger for the two of us. As I have been researching this I found that some strollers look like joggers but say ''not for running.'' Two strollers that interested me were Trek Dash Pro and Nordic Trac Pro 199 based on reviews but I have not seen them out. Any one have recommendations on strollers and in particular these two versions? Thanks, Linda

I have jogger stroller envy of my girlfriend's Kelty. The handle bars are higher than mine (on the Baby Jogger), which is important for taller people. It doesn't seem to bother shorter people to have high handlebars, but it is annoying to have to lean over slightly to push a lower handle bar if your're tall. The Kelty folds up quickly and easily into the trunk of her Jetta (no need to remove a tire). I wish I had bought the Kelty instead of the one I have. She and her husband (6'1'') are also a big runners. She says another great doublestroller brand is the Dreamweaver - they sell it on Babystyle. Nancy D

We settled for a Kelty Joyrider with 16'' wheels. It is reasonably lightweight, has a good suncover, a very safe harness and an easy, safe, one-move collapsing/assembling mechanism, where the wheels come off really easily for transportation.

I have run with it mostly on flat surfaces, the longest stretch would be approxiamtel 7 miles. A few times I have taken it on Tilden's diagonal trail connecting the Pony Ride parking lot with Inspiration point (not too steep or narrow). This has been my experience:

1. Jogging with a jog stroller is not the same as jogging without. It affects your stride and I have pulled a muscle once or twice. Even lightweight strollers are heavy to push uphill, particularly on trails, and slows you down. On the other hand, you get an upper body static work-out (!).

2. The Kelty does not have suspension shocks. Running on trails seems uncomfortable for a baby and limits the speed you can go. It seems to be more a matter of 'jogging' than running with a jog stroller, especially on trails. The impact of this also depends on your child's age. I did not take my daughter on bumpy trails until quite recently (she is now 11 months old).

3. Our baby's patience for being in the jog stroller is limited - - I have to time it with her nap so that she falls asleep and naps for an hour while I run. This will affect your use of the stroller.

4. The Kelty has the most extensive sun cover I have found, which was a decisive factor for us when choosing that stroller. But it still makes your baby exposed to the sun for a long period of time, so I try to run late afternoons or on cloudy days.

Concluding remarks: My experience with baby joggers have been that they are absolutely FABULOUS for walking. Serios running is less of an option because of all the above factors. I don't know your situation, but I would not, unfortunately, consider going on really long runs with the baby jogger until my baby was older. I may sound conservative, but my experience indicates that it would be difficult to seriously train for a marathon, especially on trails, with a baby runner. If you and your husband need to train, you might want to consider taking turns --

one person on a bike with the baby in a bike-trailer for 15 miles, and then switch on the way back (for example). I really had hoped I'd be able to seriously run once I got the jogger, but this has not been the case. Email me if you want more feedback. Good Luck! Anna

I looked around at jogging strollers last summer when part of the frame on my Fitness First broke. I ended up just replacing the part, but here's some of the information I gathered. A lot of strollers have features that allow them to be used for more than just running, but which really add weight. Most of the ones I looked at were about 23 pounds, which was more than I wanted to be pushing up a hill. Those mega sunshades allow you to run in a wider variety of conditions, like when the sun is low or it's drizzling, but I didn't find them on the really lightweight models. You can also improvise shade with a receiving blanket and some clips.

In addition to your height and your husband's, factor in that you may well be using this stroller for a few years, and not all of them fit older kids well. The Kool-Stride (Missing Link) in particular is very light and ultra-comfy for the person pushing (cambered wheels make it turn really well), but the seat is incredibly narrow. My 4yo couldn't ride with her arms by her sides, and even my skinny 1yo was squished. The BOB (REI)was comfy and a reasonable weight (23 lbs), but the footrest is designed for shorter legs than those on my 4yo. I'm not sure how well it would work for someone with a longer stride, either. I'm 5'7'' with a wimpy stride and noticed I had less clearance than with my Fitness First.

If there's any way you can borrow a stroller, you'll find out a lot more on a real run than on a lap around a store parking lot. You may even find that your child hates being in the stroller and screams the whole time, which is a useful thing to know before you shell out for the stroller. If I hadn't been able to replace that frame part, I'd have gone with the Baby Jogger, which seemed to strike the best balance between the runner's comfort and the kid's. Hope this helps. Jennifer M.

Jogging stroller for petite mom

June 2002

I'm in the market for a a jogging stroller, but have realized that some of these strollers feel too bulky for my size. I've checked out a Kelty kids 12 inch Joyrider stroller that I really liked, but have heard that these strollers don't really afford the benefits of a jogging stroller. Also, I've checked their website and it seems as though they've stopped manufacturing this size. I'm not a jogger; I'm planning on using the stroller mainly for taking long walks. Any advice on the 12 inch stroller or other jogging strollers that have worked for petite moms would be appreicated.

I love my Baby Jogger II with the 16 inch wheels. I'm 5'2'' and have used it several times a week for 3 years, including some long hikes (3 or 4 hours)on trails where strollers don't usually go. The handlebars are slightly high, but it's never been a problem. In fact, it gives better leverage when pushing uphill! Best piece of baby equipment I own. Tara

I am 5 foot 2 inches tall (on a good day) and love my Baby Jogger II. The handle bars are slightly higher than where my arm naturally bends, but I have never found this to be a problem. I use it every day to walk about 45 minutes or so around our very hilly neighborhood with my daughter. It is light and handles sidewalks/bumps easily. It also works well off road. Liz O.

Look for a KoolStop jog stroller from 1997 or earlier -- before they ''fixed'' it by raising the handhold in response to taller users' complaints. I'm 5'1'' and have found it completely comfortable. It has the larger back wheels and is very stable on all kinds of terrain, as well as being quite maneuverable. The older ones don't fold as easily for transport, but many newer ones are really awkward (for we ''petite'' ones) due to the high handhold. Kate

The Baby Jogger II, with the 16inch wheels has worked wonderfully for me. The Kelty was too big. The guy at Rockridge Kids said it was made for taller people. The Baby Jogger is sturdy, lightweight, and easy to maneuver and my hands rest at a reasonable height. You can get it online at Another Petite Mom

Comparison of wheel sizes


We are preparing to purchase a jogstroller and would like to learn of the comparison of the 16 and 21 wheels. Any recommendations? Also, we are comparing Baby Jogger to the Kelty jogger and would like to hear some thougts on these. Thanks! Heather

I think you will be fine with 16 wheels, however if you are planning to do any off-road running, then I would go with the 21 wheels. Daphne

i have a baby jogger II with 21 wheels which i absolutely love. although it's a bit harder to load the 21 wheels into my car, i love my baby jogger. we use our jogger far more than we anticipated, and my son absolutely loves being in it. in my mind, it is one of the best ways to get a great workout with baby in tow. both parent and child are happy. we use our jogger to walk on dirt trails, sand, grass and around town (near our home many streets do not have sidewalks), to jog and rollerblade on pavement and to jog on smooth firetrails. i believe that the 21 wheels absorb more shock but we find that we are still limited to smooth firetrails when we jog, for it is too bumpy a ride for my 13 month old. baby jogger also allows you to add shock absorbers to their baby joggers for a small fee. and lastly, we found a great internet baby jogger price (which included a free canopy), took the ad to a local vendor, and the! y ! gladly matched the deal. jenny

Older Jogging stroller recommendations


I just went through a decision making process about a jogging stroller too (I ultimately decided against one in part because they really took up a lot of room in our squishy little Saturn station wagon). Here are some thoughts. It really makes sense to see them in person and try your baby out in them to see how they feel to you and him/her. So we ended up at BABY WORLD on College Ave. (They have two stores--we mean the smaller one with the used items, for some reasons that's where they keep their jogging strollers.) I'm not sure if the prices are the best but they have three or four different models and styles on the floor. They let us stroll in front of the store and even fold up and try to stick two of the types in our car. One other idea--we looked at REI on San Pablo and they gave us a web site address for a mail order bargain close out catalog and mentioned that there were some of the baby jogger zipper model (this looks like a jogging stroller but has smaller wheels and is meant to take hiking etc.. the advantage of this model is that it takes up less room in the car). So, they may have reduced jogging strollers too. I have misplaced the internet address but I'm sure you can call them and find it. Patricia


We bought a Baby Jogger II from the Baby Jogger Company in Yakima, WA. Their phone number is (509) 457-0925; there's also an 800 number, I believe. Following a recommendation from the Net, I phoned them up and ordered a demo for $219. The price with freight was $234. We're *very happy* with the stroller.

Before buying our stroller, I stopped people on the street whenever I saw one in action. I saw every possible brand this way. Plenty of strollers were being used for shopping and general walking around. I asked the owners whether they were happy with their purchases. Invariably, the answer was yes! Ken

I would also like to recommend the jogging strollers made by The Baby Jogger Company in Yakima, WA. I had the original Baby Jogger which I used for running from the time my daughter was a month old up until she was six. I put many, many miles on it but it held up really well and was still in great shape when I was finally ready to sell it. It was lightweight and easy to maneuver (I was able to run our dog at the same time) and although it seemed pretty expensive at the time, it was well worth every penny! We bought ours at Hank & Frank's. REI also carries them. Debby

I just purchased a Jogger stroller after a month of research on the web, around town and from friends. I did really like the Baby Jogger brand jogging stroller, but it is VERY expensive, and doesn't include things like a sun visor and a basket under the jogger.

I found a company that makes one that is at least as good as Baby Jogger, I think it may be made even better. The company is called Fitness First and it is out of Salt Lake City. The Jogger is called Jog N' Fold Alloy and it is sold at Darla's Boutique in El Ceritto for $179 - including the sun visor and TWO storage areas, one underneath and one pouch behind the seat. This jogger has a hand break and has ALLOY 16 wheels. I've talked with the company a couple of times before purchasing it and they are extremeley helpful and completely behind their products. I have only had it a week or so, but am very confident that I got a GREAT deal and all my friends are buying them too! It folds down too and has all the features of the Baby Jogger for half the price! Jena