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Cheap costume jewelry for pirate party

Aug 2004

I'm looking for cheap, colourful and fun looking costume jewelry (along the lines of Mardi Gras). Does anyone know of thrift or second hand stores that might have this? I am throwing a pirate party soon and I need LOTS of booty for all the scallywags and scurvy dogs that will be there! Thanks!

Oriental Trading Company for super-cheap, low-quality swag Look at the Novelty Jewelry section or the Pirate Theme... they also have gold coins, candy jewels, cheap carboard treasure chests, pirate accessories... everything you need PJ

Coins for a pirate treasure chest?

March 2004

Does anyone know where I can get somewhat real looking coins for a pirate treasure chest? I would love metal ones, but I cannot find any. Maybe pesos or lyra? Thanks. Pirate Mom

You might try:
Boswell's Party Supplies 3483 Mt. Diablo Blvd. Lafayette CA 94549 (925) 284-9150
Boswell's may have what you are looking for since they have a large assortment of trinkets and party toys. I was there last month, and recall that they had bags of coins, but don't remember what kind of coins. You might give them a call to see if they have what you are looking for. Good luck, and happy treasure hunting! Charlotte

If the treasure is just for looking at, you can get fake gold coins from the Oriental Trading Company, online. It sells cheap, fat little bags of quarter-sized super gold [plastic] coins that looks great when mixed in with jewels and beads. If you want coins that feels good in your hand but don't have quite the disney-esque sheen to them, then foreign coins are the way to go. Of course some foreign coins are also just plastic, and much of the old world [like from 1980] coinage has disappeared into paper money, which is a shame. Plus, real money can be darn expensive! Finally, if you're burdened with too much time and too little cash, make coins out of washers that have a bondo center and a shiny new coat of metallic spray paint. -Jean

Play Earrings for 3 Year Old

Sept 2003

My 3 year old daughter is constantly asking for earrings to wear. Does anyone know where I could get some inexpensive clip on dangling styles? I've seen some plastic ones in a pack, like for goodie bags, years ago, but don't know where I could find some more. ld

Have you tried Claire's Jewelry? They are a chain costume jewelry shop with locations all over the Bay Area. There's one right in Emeryville and several in SF. Here's their website, with a store locator and other information: They are VERY affordable and a lot of fun for small children looking for fun jewelry. Hilary

Have you seen the stick-on earrings? I don't know where to get them, but my daughter got a packet (in a goodie bag) with about 12 tiny colorful sticky things that were meant to be placed on her ears. Maybe a kids' store or toy store? I guess you could just buy tiny stickers of any kind and pretend they're earrings, if that pleases your daughter.