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Nice-fitting pants - Custom made? Other advice?

Sept 2012

I need to dress nicely for work and I don't do well with heels and, to wear a dress or skirt I fee like I am not able to have all the accessories needed, from the right belt to the right shoes and so on. I have a hard time finding pants to fit me though I am pretty average sized, size 8 usually. Where do you shop for nice fitting trousers? I have tried going to the malls and hitting every single store- even Macys and Nordstrom, but with no luck. Have you ever had clothing custom-made? I am thinking that's the way I need to go. From chinos to wools and wool with some stretch, I need a variety of nice-fitting, flattering trousers. Also I am wondering if anyone has any ideas about how much something like this might cost, whether I supply the fabric or if the seamstress provides it. Please send me any recommendations, preferably in Richmond- Berkeley area though I am willing to travel farther in any direction for the right person. I would also welcome any tips on how you shop for nice-fitting pants without spending the whole weekend shopping. Tired of shopping

There's a middle ground between off-the-rack and custom-made: alterations. You don't say what your fit problem is, but, regardless, you would probably benefit from alterations (*most* people would benefit from alterations). I apparently have a narrower waist than my hips suggest, so I had a hard time finding pants that fit in the hips without being gappy in the waist and bunching when belted. I have solved this by finding pants that fit in the hips, then taking them to a tailor to adjust the waist. This is bread-and-butter work for tailors, and not that expensive. Ten-fifteen bucks maybe? I buy my preferred brands (for work pants, I like Banana Republic, although their fabric quality has declined lately) on end-of-season sale, and the extra cost isn't that bad. And definitely worth it to have a couple of pairs of great-fitting dark pants that are the basis of my work 'uniform.' The thing is that tailors can make things smaller, but not bigger (usually), so buy pants that fit you at your widest, and have the rest taken in. They can also adjust rise and crotch drop, both of which can help the line of the pants, as well as hem, obviously (hem for the heel height you prefer; if you really want a deep wardrobe, hem some for heels, and some for flats/low). If you have a pair of nirvana pants whose fit you really like, even if they're casual pants, it can help to take those to the tailor because then you can really show what you like in terms of fit. Hopefully someone will have a good local tailor rec for you - I use one by my office in FiDi who had good recs on Yelp. It's not you, it's the clothes

Have you had a stylist go shopping with you? I have similar issues and a stylist took me shopping, we chose clothes I liked, knowing they wouldn't really fit- and she helped me get them fitted with a seamstress. Contact me if you want her name- she was a huge help- worked on my closet too so I was able to rediscover lots of clothes and purge. k

Jeans That Last

March 2012

Do you love your long-lasting jeans?

Most of my jeans lately have been lasting all of a year or so before getting tears in the knees (mostly) or the rear (that one does a lot for my post-mom body image, I tell you). I've usually been getting Gap jeans, which I like, but they just don't last.

I do like having some 'stretch' in my jeans. Is it possible to get some that are stretchy but last 3 years or more? Ideally they don't cost a fortune, but if they last a long time, it'll even out, I suppose since I'm having to buy new jeans every year lately.

I'm thinking maybe I should try Levi's? Not sure if they have lots of styles to choose from, including ones with some stretch. I'm also on the shorter side, so having 'petite' or 'ankle' length options is pretty important.

Where can I go where I am likely to find what I'm looking for? I'm not a fan of shopping so would love to make one stop somewhere, confident that I'll find a few things that I like. Thanks! Holy Knees!

Go to Macy's or Nordstrom's and buy some premium jeans. They will cost you between $100-$275 but they will last and will look great. I've had luck with- Paige, Joe's, Lucky (cheapest, around $100) and AG (adriano goldschmeid, also made in America!) Macy's brand INC has good jeans that are under a hundred. Some people will tell you to get Seven For all Mankind, but they stretch out in the butt after you wear them for awhile. Gap jeans suck

LadyGirl, you need go no farther than LL Bean's on-line store. Generations of our family has been buying our jeans, coats, sox, all-kinds-of-stuff from LL Bean for more than sixty years. For years, our LL Bean jeans have bicycled, camped, and climbed mountains. Fit well. Last for years. No matter what, anything you buy from LL Bean is guaranteed. www.llbean.com FREE SHIPPING !
Still more mountains to climb !

I've been very pleased with Levi's Perfectly Slimming/512 jeans. Got them at Macy's, I cant remember how much, but well under $100. They are 98% cotton and 2% elastane and fit very nicely. Jenni

Great pair of jeans - not mom jeans but not 2 hip

Nov 2010

Looking for a great pair of jeans! Would like something with a little flare or boot cut leg and not tight in the bum and thighs - and not too low waisted; I have some wobbley belly. I generally like Gap jeans, but they are just too tight and hip for me now! But, I don't want 'mom jeans' either, and don't want to break the bank. If I can find a nice pair of jeans for a good price, that'd be great too! no mom jeans

I found the perfect jeans that are reasonably priced at Kohls. They are the Docker's Sure Fit. I have them in pants and jeans and have received loads of compliments. It has a hidden elastic waistband that prevents mooning people when you bend over to help your kids but are a stylish cut. I love them and need to order more! hip enough mom

You might want to try good old Levi's. Their Misses cuts are not too high and definitely not too low, they have great washes, they hold up really well in the wash and over time, they are VERY reasonably priced, and they generally just make me look really good. They just came out with a new line that is supposed to conform to any butt size and type, though I have not had a chance to try them out yet as I'm pregnant I have also had very good experiences with jeans by Christopher Blue bought at Jeremys in Elmwood, Berkeley. They are made of a Japanese ringspun cotton which holds the shape like nothing else, and at Jeremys, they are actually affordable. However, given the nature of Jeremys, finding something there is a bit of a hit and miss... Good Luck!

I recommend custom jeans so you can get exactly the fit and style you want. Indidenim is Great! http://www.indicustom.com/custom-jeans-indiDenim anon

I can highly recommend Eddie Bauer jeans. They have several different rises in a few different leg cuts. The ones labeled 'modern' are usually cut slimmer, so you'd need to go up a size in those, but the rest run true to size. There is an Eddie Bauer store in the Bloomingdale's Westfield Mall in SF, but their website is very good. I've also had luck with Old Navy's 'Sweetheart' cut. Not too low-rise and a little bigger through the hip & thighs. The quality isn't top notch, though. Mary

My specifications seem to be just like yours and I like the brand: 'See Thru Soul'. Robin

Check out LL Bean. They have many styles with all different silhouettes, and once you find a style you like, you can keep ordering it (or they'll get rid of your favorite and you'll find another one.) Often they offer them in different colors and/or types of denim, as well as black. www.llbean.com hope you find something great.

Go try on jeans at Earthly Goods on Shattuck in N. Berkeley. They have a number of different brands. I like NYDJ. You can get them on eBay once you find your size and style. mom in jeans

I have been getting my jeans at Crossroads, the consignment store. There are a couple of locations. You can check out a whole range of different brands of jeans that are very inexpensive. I got a pair of Lucky jeans for $25 and a pair of Seven for all Mankind for $20. The styles I got are not super low rise and are actually flattering on my 47-year old body. Go cheap! Go Crossroads! getting lucky with jeans!

I just bought a new pair of jeans for $25 at Target. At that price they may not last forever, but I was in the same boat as you, trying to find something that fit my mom body but that still looked good. Sad to say I am clearly now more of a Target body type than a Gap type! Anyway, what I liked about shopping there (other than the price) is that, like Gap and similar stores, they now have a number of different shapes and styles that are clearly identified (boot cut or not, height of waist, amount of curviness etc), as well as 3 different lengths. I had to try on all the different combinations but finally did find one I like. Go now while they still have the jeans display in their clothing section. Oh, and stay away from 'jeggings.' new jeans

I just got a pair of Curvy Boot jeans from Banana Republic. They have a good rise (inch below belly button - holds in post-baby belly but not too mom jean looking) and aren't too tight in butt / hips. They have just enough stretch to be comfortable but hold their shape well. Mary

Need new jeans!

June 2010

For years I wore Gap men's baggy jeans. They are now discontinued. I've tried a couple of new different cuts but they are all right above my butt crack.The world is a dropped piece of paper away from a very unpleasant sight. Any suggestions about a different cut and/or brand to try? Anon

My daughter works for a great company in Emeryville called Indidenim. They make custom jeans. So if you want something with a higher waist, you can get it. Pick your pockets, fabric, boot cut or regular cut, and so on. They also have custom shirts for men and great customer service. Try them out! http://www.indidenim.com/oo/navigation/landing Sally

Best dress pants for moms?

Nov 2007

Since becoming a mom, I'm finding that the dress pants I try on are either too tight in the wrong places or too loose in those same wrong places. Moms, who's making the flattering work-wear dress pants/slacks these days? Ideally, that survive life with a 2-year old, as well. Better yet, that survive a washing machine (but dry clean is OK!) (PS I'm a size 8 or 10). working mom

I get most of my work dress pants at Ann Taylor Loft. They are pretty affordable $60 to $80 and come in different rises, lengths, etc. I am also a single mom to a 2 year old and can vouch for their toddler friendliness.

Stylish Jeans for Larger Thighs

Aug 2006

I'm hoping I'm not the only one with this problem -- but I can't seem to find jeans that look good on me. I wear a size 10 in pants mostly because I need the extra room for my thighs - - but my waist is smaller. Therefore, whenever I've bought low rise jeans, I end up looking like a plumber (if you know what I mean). Can anyone recommend some stylish non-low rise jeans with extra thigh room? I've tried J Jill jeans, and they are pretty good, but I'd like to try others. Thanks!
In search of the perfect jeans

Try Coldwater Creek. I live in their Classic Fit jeans. thighs R us

After having my daughter, I gained a fair amount of weight and have had the same problem. I found my solution at Banana Republic. They have started carrying a ''countered'' line. Here is an example: http://www.bananarepublic.com/browse/product.do?cid=6867=409992. They sit below the waist but aren't too low. They're a little pricey, but to me worth it! anon

I had the exact same fit problem with jeans. Go to Nordstrom - check out their house brand of jeans, ''Caslon.'' I couldn't believe that after 10 years of no jeans, I finally got some that fit me correctly. They have regular, tall and petite, in both regular and women's sizes. So keep an open mind with what the size says on the label, try them all on, and I bet you will find the right fit. I ended up with a ''16 Women's Petite'' and didn't even know they made such a thing! Everything fit: the waist, the hips, the thighs, and most importantly, the length. Also, alterations are free at Nordstrom if you purchase the pants at regular price. Jean Wearing Mom

You have to try Joe's Jeans in the Honey style (they call it their booty cut).I have the same figure issues as you: size 10 hips and thighs and a size 8 waist. The Honey is specifically designed for women like us. It is a little low rise (7.5 inch rise), but the denim and the cut are unbelievable, plus they have a curved waistband so the jeans don't gap at the back. They are a bit expensive, but I wear mine several times a week, which makes them worth the money ($158 per pair). I've spent more than that buying jeans after jeans that aren't quite right then not wearing them. Better to spend more if you can afford it for the one pair that works. I bought mine at Anthropologie in Berkeley. I've also seen them at a few Macy's and Nordstrom stores. Joe's Jeans' website explains all their fits; you can buy online, too. http://www.joeseshop.com
love my booty jeans

I like Jag jeans. The rise is a little low, but they leave more room for my ample butt and thighs and the waist is smaller than most jeans
good luck

I just photographed a woman that started a jean company called ''Little in the Middle''. The jeans are made for shapely women with smaller waists and bigger thighs and curvy hips. I can try on 30 pairs of jeans and not find one that fits me right.. The owner brought me two pairs that both fit me like a glove! Her web site is www.littleinthemiddle.com. The jeans are really stylish too! Good luck!

Try Delicious Curves brand jeans, designed for people who have real curves
-- clothes hog

I have EXACTLY the same problem as you and have recently found an excellent solution, and I'm SO happy! At Earthly Goods in Berkeley (corner of Shattuck and Vine) I found wonderfully helpful employees who recommended the right jeans immediately, and I ended up buying three pairs (they're expensive, but I considered it a thrilling investment!). One brand is Jag, and the other is the NYDJ Tummy Tuck Jean (''for real women with real curves''). I look awesome in these jeans, if I do say so myself, and I've never felt that way! Both have spandex woven into the cotton so they stretch where they're needed in the thighs but remain fitted in the waist. They recommended that I buy the jeans one size smaller than I thought I should since they would stretch, and they were right. I bought an 8 which seemed tight but after only a few days they fit perfectly and they have not continued to stretch. The NYDJ were loose in the belly, but since I loved them so much I took them to a tailor and had them altered at the waist (excellent tailor in a dry cleaning business near the intersection where Tunnel Road, Ashby Ave, and Claremont intersect, on the Tunnel Road side on the right, only a few parking spaces, opposite a gas station). Sometime when I'm in SF I'm going to check out the Blues Jean Bar (thebluesjeanbar.com) where, apparently, there are hundreds of selections and very helpful employees. Another BPN jeans posting recommended Viva Diva boutique on College Avenue in Rockridge and August at 5410 College Avenue. Brands (found at Nordstroms and Macys): Seven for All Mankind, Citizens for Humanity, Lucky Brand Jeans.
- finally, comfy and sexy in blue jeans!

I tried the other jeans that were recommended (Banana Republic, Joe's Honey Cute, etc.) & found that even THOSE were too tight in the thigh... The only ones that work for me are Lucky Jeans in the Easy Rider style ($80-$100 depending on the wash) & amazingly Old Navy stretch bootcut. Both are mid-rise-- no butt cleavage, but also not ''mom jeans'' style.
LA face with an Oakland booty

Earlier Recommendations

Cool Post Baby Jeans

Nov 2005

I have finally managed to lose the pregnancy weight, and then some, and am finding that the old clothes I have longed for years to fit back into are no longer cool! In particular, I have trouble with jeans. Can anyone recommend a brand of jeans that is hip and reasonably comfortable? (e.g. not super low on the hips: despite my weight loss, I'll never get that flat belly back...plus I do need to bend over every once in a while!) I am willing to pay $$ as I am only planning to buy myself one cool pair of jeans, but I'm not even sure where to start looking--I am so out of the fashion world. recovering hipness...

I just bought a great pair of post-baby jeans at Viva Diva boutique on College Avenue in Rockridge. The brand is citizens for humanity (made by Seven, I think) and they are fabulous! Not too low, but not too high (you can even wear a belt with them) and you can definitely bend down to pick up the kids in them. A great wash, too.

It's hard to say what style of jeans will best suit your body type, but *the* place to go for a wide variety of hip styles and fits is the Blue Jeans Bar in San Francisco. You sidle up, give them the rundown on your body shape, and styles you're looking for and they hand over a stack of jeans for you to try. I think it's really important for all new moms to have a pair of jeans that make them feel great and hip! http://www.thebluesjeanbar.com/

try jjill (walnut creek or emeryville or online) or surprisingly, express has ''cool'' jeans as well. i normally, at this stage in my life, would not step foot into express. good luck.

My relatively hip though not cutting edge jeans are from J.Jill- -stores in SF and WC plus web and catalog--and Janeville--store in Burlingame.

Just did the same thing recently after having a baby last March - it's good stuff! One brand of jeans to check out is Seven for all Mankind. Seven Jeans look great on many different body types and that's why you see them so often. They have a lot of stretch in them so you can bend down to pick a little one, etc. You will find Sevens at boutique stores, but also good a selection of them at Macy's and Nordstrom. Prices range from aprox. $120 and up. Lucky Brand Jeans are great too and are available at their stand alone stores and department stores.

If you're short on time you may want to consider a Nordstrom personal shopper. It's a free service and you can tell the p. shopper your scenario/desires and she'll pull different brands and styles for you, have them waiting in a dressing room when you arrive, and you can be in and out in less than an hour with your new cool jeans. I did a this before returning to work in July and I have to say it's hard to beat. Have fun and good luck with it!
East Bay Mom

My friend recently opened up a high-end jeans shop on College - the store name is AUGUST...given what I have seen, I have no doubt that you will find ''hip'' stuff, but it is a bit spendy. However, it is worth a look as that is their main focus - all things denim (and cashmere too). It is all about hip and trendy - that urban look. Check it out: August 5410 College Avenue Oakland, CA Good Luck. There is nothing like a great pair of jeans.

Lucky makes cool jeans for different body types, and with different waist lengths. They're a bit spendy, but they usually have a sale right after the holidays...
-very prego & missing my Luckys

I searched for a pair of comfortable yet nice looking jeans for a few YEARS after my last child was born. Seemed liked every pair I tried on had a gaping waist and too tight thighs. However I recently bought a pair of jeans at j. jill that fit great and they come in different shades. I bought a pair of dark blue ones and that has a slimming effect as well. They are also reasonable: $29.

I love Seven for All Mankind, they are expensive though, at the low end about $130, but since I wear them every day I think they are worth it. Go to Nordstrom or for more selection the Macy's in Walnut Creek, if I can find them I buy at Nordstrom since their return policy is so amazing, I recently returned a pair that just didn't fit right after a year, I am really picky about my jeans. Levis are good too, try Slash just off College in Elmwood.
love my jeans

Pants for tall women

Nov 2005

I'm 5'10'' and have trouble finding pants that are long enough-- i'm looking for casual pants and sweat pants, as well as things to wear to work. Any suggestions of stores or brands that carry ''tall'' sizes for women? thanks

Try JC Penneys, in particular their online shopping at http://jcpenney.com. They have Tall Sizes for Women and I have received excellent service from ordering online.

I'm nearly 6' tall, and understand the problem all too well. Most of the pants I wear come from mail order/internet clothing companies that offer pants in tall sizes. When they offer a tall size, that means the rise will be longer, as well as the actual pant leg. That makes a huge difference in comfort. My favorites, in no particular order are Eddie Bauer, Lands End, L.L.Bean, and sometimes J.Jill. Most of these have locally where you can go in and try things on. But remember that an actual tall size will fit differently in the hip and waist because there's an extra inch or more in the rise, and since few of the brick and morter stores carry the talls, you may not get an acurate fit. I find it's worth the expense of shipping charges to get pants that fit better.

I am 6'1'' and I've had great luck with tall pants from Eddie Bauer. The talls are only available on line and through the catalog--not at the stores. I also like the Faconnable brand available at Nordstrom. They are not marked as talls but they run very long. J.Jill also carries some of their pants in tall sizes but the quality is very inconsistent--sometimes the pants are wonderful and other times they wear out quickly.

I'm 6'1'' and all leg, so I'm pretty savvy on the tall clothes thing. I get most of my jeans at Gap online. They have longs and (for me) x-longs. The other places with tall pants/jeans are JJill (order online from instore and its only a flat shipping rate of 5$) and Eddie Bauer (rip off shipping and handling fees though). Old Navy also carries longs (which aren't long enough for me but may be for you). Then there are some tall stores like Long and Elegant Legs (I think that's the name; its a catalog), though I don't tend to have much luck with them). Hope this was helpful.

Patagonia's ''rhythm'' yoga/climbing pants run large and long. Great for maternity wear, too.
Yoga pants mom

I'm 6'2'' so I could write a book about the travails of the non- short woman! Women's clothing is getting better though. Eddie Bauer has not only pants, but sweaters, jackets, shirts in tall sizes (good if you have orangutan arms like me.) The Gap recently added long lengths for their pants, not all styles available though. Old Navy tends to be a bit shorter than Gap, but their jeans come in tall(or long?) J Crew also has tall sizes online -- the best yoga pants I ever bought were from them. I don't really like Lands End for me (great for my boys though!), but you can order pants hemmed to length. I find their styles to high-waisted and frumpy for me -- even though I'm not that fashionable. I met a tall woman once who was wearing gorgeous pants. We struck up a conversation and her pants all came from Amsterdam!! I hope to shop there one day. Good luck.
Tall Mama

My tall friends swear by the J. Jill catalog.
Height challenged

I'm not sure that your inseam is, but as someone with a 33'' inseam, I've found clothes at the following places: Gap online and some at stores--many sizes in ''long'' and many with very long inseams because of the new high-heals with pants styles
Old Navy online and some in stores--''long''
Eddie Bauer online--''tall'' sizes
Vistoria's Secret online--''tall'' size is often 34'' inseam
You can also do a web search for tall women's clothing, but most of the ones I found tend to be very expensive.
Good luck...been there many a time!

Pants for tall women? Try AUGUST on College Avenue. The address is 5410 College. The woman who owns the store has an incredible eye for fashion and is extremely helpful! The extra money is worth it because of the quality.

I am also 5'10'' and find Newport News and Land's End has tall pants, both dressy and casual. I go to their website and shop every now and then. There is also a great shop for tall women in Oakland, near the Grand Theater called Newfangles. It is at 474 Santa Clara Avenue, the phone number is 839-0457. They have great clothes and sometimes even their clothes are too long (what a novelty)!

For value and selection, JC Penney is a great place to buy casual and dress pants for tall women. You can also buy them on-line. Other on-line places to buy pants for tall women include Chadwicks.com, lerner.com, Nordstrom.com.

Go to www.tallmagazine.com. They have a ''Tall Mall'' section on their website that has links to retailers who specialize in products for tall people. Also try the Eddie Bauer and LLBean web sites - I think they make women's pants in tall sizes. I've also found tall sizes at Old Navy, but I didn't think they were especially long. I'm 5'10'', but a lot of my height is my torso, so I can often get away with wearing regular women's pants.
another tall woman

I am about your height and always buy my pants online, which is I guess equivalent to catalog shopping. Many stores like Gap and Eddie Bauer carry Tall and even Extra Tall pants online but not in their stores. The pants are cut a little different than regular length but I have pretty good luck trying on Regular length pants in the store and ordering Tall online. Also, if it's a place like Gap or Eddie Bauer, I just order a bunch of pants and then return them to their retail stores (which doesn't cost anything as opposed to mailing them back). There's not the greatest selection but I can always get jeans and khakis. I usually find the Extra Tall to be too long, which continues to amuse me after spending 20 years trying on pants which are too short.
Another Tall Person

The Perfect Pants for Work

May 2005

I desperately need to update my wardrobe for work and am looking for a recommendation on where to buy pants! I need pants appropriate for work (no crop pants or hip-huggers!) Post baby, I am still a few pounds overweight, and wear a size 12. I use to love to shop but just don't have the time anymore! Recommendations for either stores in the area, or online/catalogs for great pants that are both gentle on the figure and on the budget would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Post-babies I buy all of my professional clothes and casual pants at Nordstrom (Corte Madera) in the Caslon department. This is their store brand. There other store brands are great too but I love Caslon b/c the fits are kind, the cuts are modern enough so you don't look like a fuddy duddy yet not trendy enough that they are out of style in a season, and they keep the same color fabrics from year to year-- so your black pants from one year will coordinate with the black jacket from the next year. Plus, the sales clerks know the line and can help you to find the right pieces for your shape. Also, the clothes are reasonably priced for the quality. I have several pairs of ''the perfect pants'' from Nordstrom.

I am overwieght and wear size 14 pants. I only buy my pants form Talbots. I like the way the fit and they are great. worked for me.

I'm also a size 12 (last year 14, but probably will never make it to 10 again) and have had good luck at the Gap and Eddie Bauer. A friend convinced me that pants that hit below the waist and naval are indeed flattering even for a 40-plus-year-old flabby cellulite stomach like mine (who wears their shirts tucked in anyway?). Pants that sit at the waist can make one look too pear-shaped. I feel more stylish without looking like I'm dressing too young. Pricewise - everything at the Gap goes on sale eventually. If possible, try things on at the store, then bookmark the website and check it in a few weeks. Or buy ''too much'' online and return it without shipping at a store location. If you get the Gap credit card, you get free shipping and other regular discounts. Eddie Bauer also regularly offers sale prices or internet/catalog only specials. I find Old Navy size 12 a bit too tight, and Banana Republic too expensive. J. Crew - very hit and miss, LL Bean too ''fuddy duddy''.
Not a Fashion Maven

You've pretty much described me (except that I never loved to shop) -- same figure, same need for clothes (no outrageous styles, no over-the- top prices), same lack of time. I buy pretty much my whole wardrobe online or via catalogs from the following: Eddie Bauer Land's End LL Bean Coldwater Creek You can find any of their websites by typing the obvious (www.NameOfStoreAsOneWord.com) into the address bar.

It's not cheap, but I'm a recent convert to J.Jill (there's one on Bay St. in Emeryville, and you can of course also order online). Their clothes manage to ride that thin line between too young 'n' trendy and hopelessly frumpy. They have what I'd call ''updated classics'', mostly in natural fibers. Best of all, their cuts are forgiving to those of us who are not anorexic teenagers. I have several pairs of pants from them that are so flattering and comfortable. Note that their sizes run bigger than most stores. They carry sizes from 2 up to women's, and many styles are available in petites.
A J. Jill fan

I'd definitely try J.Jill for pants if you wear a size 12 and don't want your pants fitting too snugly. Very comfortable in cut yet fashionable. Not the cheapest, but if you are limited on time, we all know time is money and $10 here or there in the wardrobe dept really doesn't kill. I'd suggest visiting J. Jill online first then visiting their store in either Walnut Creek or Emeryville, if what you find is pleasing to you. And secondly, try Ann Taylor Loft (also located in Walnut Creek and Emeryville) for a slightly more form fitting pant.
Another mom with minimal time on her hands

I found some nice work appropriate post-pregnancy pants at J Jill (either the Bay Street in Emeryville or Walnut Creek by the fountain). Their waistlines are much more forgiving than other stores that target our age group. Kim

Try landsend.com I was amazed at how accurate their model thing is -- you put in your specifications and it suggests clothes, sizes, etc. I ordered clothes and they fit perfectly.

Talbot's has pants that I believe may be called ''the perfect pants.'' They can be dressed up or down, have just a enough stretch to they're really comfortable but don't look like stretch pants, etc. Clean lines, side zip, very flattering. They are about $80, but I've had some for 3 years now and they are holding up better than any others I've purchased and I wear them a lot. Alison

2004 & Earlier

Levis in Odd Sizes

Does anyone know where to buy Levi 501's in non-even sizes. In particular we are looking for size 35/36. All we can seem to find is 34/36 or 36/36. Websites would be especially appreciated. Thanks!

levis company makes custom fitted jeans and will take measurments at one of their san francisco locations. call levis for details Sara

The only place I was able to find those rare 35s is the Levi's store in Union Square. Call first to make sure they have exactly what you want and have them put it on hold. Kitty

A couple of years ago, I was in search of Levis in a specific style number and color.~ After an exhaustive search which yielded nothing, I called Levis directly.~ They were able to tell me which stores carried the specific style and colors for which I was looking.~ I think it's worth a phone call to see if they can aid you in your search for specific sizes. Hope this helps. Daphne

I work for Levi Strauss and, according to our records, we shipped 2 size 35x36 501's to Sears at the Hilltop Mall on 9/21. You may want to call before going to see if they have them on their floor yet. Cathy