Where to Get Ice Cream

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Who makes the best sundae?

June 2004

Any recommendations for the best ice-cream sundaes around? Kim

What a lovely pursuit; to find the best sundae! Have you tried the sundaes at Tucker's Ice Cream on Park Street in Alameda? Man-o-man! They are unbelievably tasty! MG

- Ice Cream Lover

Fentons on Piedmont Ave! My husband and I are nuts about the Black and Tan. Kind of expensive but we share one which is better for our waistlines anyway.
sundae lover

For adults, Rivoli on Solano, (510) 526-2542, www.rivolirestaurant.com. This is a nice, 'tablecloth' restaurant so I'm not sure it will work for young kids or for dessert only, but it's great. And it's $7 or so for a big sundae.

Also, I haven't been there yet, but I'd bet Cafe Cacao at the Scharffen Berger chocolate factory in W. Berkeley is delicious as well. Their fudge-like chocolate syrup is sublime. http://www.cafecacao.biz/ 510/843-6000.
mmmm, sundaes . . . .