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Ace Hardware

From: Cindy (10/98)

When I first moved to Berkeley from a suburb in Ohio, I was not used to the local shops and businesses that I could walk to. My husband is a firm believer in supporting our local small business owners. While the prices aren't always as competitive as the big chain stores, the personal service and friendly attitude of the employees far surpass them. We always felt this made up for the price differences.

Something happened yesterday which more than reinforced this. I had purchased a small ticket item (less than $30) at Christmas at the ACE Hardware on University (by the way, I don't know anyone who works there or the owners!) It stopped working and I took it there to see if it needed a new rechargeable battery or something. I couldn't find the receipt, and we had thrown away the box. All I had was a credit card statement showing a charge at ACE Hardware in mid-December.

Well, they took back the dustbuster--they would send it back to the manufacturer themselves since it was still under warranty--and gave me a new one!

Can you imagine Home Depot or Target doing something like that???