Where to Buy Gripe Water

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April 2006

I just wanted to let everyone know that I did buy Gripe Water from Canada at http://www.77canadapharmacy.com/Gripe-Water.php

Hope this updated info helps parents. Jane

Jan 2004

Gripe water is something that we've used in England for a very long time. I even remember my mother purchasing Dinnefords for us children as babies.(I'm fifty three years old now) The brand names have changed though I think. (My daughter recently had her second baby), I was home in England, while she was pregnant so I picked up two bottles of woodwards gripe water. You can get it through BBC AMERICA's site. (Or that's where I saw it the last time I was online looking for gripe water for my new grand daughter, who is almost four months old now. Good luck with finding it, I would NEVER be without it for my babies.

[Editor] I found Woodward's Gripe Water ($6.25 for 5.3 oz.) at the BBC America UK Goods Shop: http://www.ukgoods.com/ (look under Household Items

or try this link:

August 2003

I am a new breastfeeding mom of 10 weeks and have just been introduced to ''Gripe Water''. I have found it works great when I eat something that doesn't agree with my daughter and she gets tummy upset. ABC DIAPER SERVICE had a booth at the Guinness World Record Breastfeeding Event and they were selling Gripe Water. They keep a stock at their store/office and it sells for $9.95 per bottle. ABC DIAPER SERVICE (510) 549-1133, 1800 Second Street, Berkeley, CA 94710. Melissa

March 2003

Where can I purchase Woodwards Gripe water? I went to all the places suggested on the BNP site: two no longer exist, the other carries another, less effective brand. This stuff was great with my first child. My second has almost finished my last bottle. Please help! ellevyra
I posted about this in 2000 but evidently it didn't get archived on the website... Gripe water is no longer available at the stores in Chinatown. It can be purchased at Vick's Grocers (name may be slightly wrong), an Indian grocery store with chaat house next door. It is in Berkeley several blocks over from University Ave., below San Pablo. Other Indian stores on University Ave may also carry it. A brand called ''Mother's'' that doesn't work quite as well (different ingredients), and that is more expensive, is carried by the Lactation store next to 2999 Regent St. behind Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley. Fan of Gripewater
The Nurture Center sells gripe water--not sure of the brand but it came in a small dark (blue?) glass bottle with a vintage- looking picure of a baby on it. They're in Lafayette. Call them & ask! Christina
You can get gripe water at natural resources on 24th and Castro in SF. Its fabulous! felicia

March 2002

In response to the posting on where to buy gripe water i thought East Bay parents would be happy to know that they can now buy gripe water at Pickles & Ice Cream on Virginia & Shattuck in Berkeley. That's better than going all the way to China Town in SF with a cranky baby! Elisabeth

July 2001

See FDA's caution about the dill oil in Woodward's Gripe Water: http://www.fda.gov/ora/fiars/ora_import_ia6609.html

March 1997

i went to chinatown,sf on friday for the first time in at least three years. i know it's been at least three years 'cause that's how old my son is. i took a mental health day off from work and did dim sum at gold mountain. highly recommended! (the day off & the dim sum) in any case, when my son was first born i'd always heard about the horrors of colic and the special type of colic associated with teething. hearsay can be so true, and i found myself in the more than occasional situation of i've tried everything to calm this baby down! a friend of my husband's, an herbologist, recommended something called gripe water. works like a charm, he said, my ten year old still wants it for upset tummies.

so my husband comes home with a bottle of it. well, being from the (not so) old school of following traditional medicine, i was skeptic. the bottle looks like something out of those old west shows with the traveling salesman who sells you that tonic that cures everything. the bottle has a big fat cherubic baby who appears to be holding snakes(?) under the heading IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS and further down... Woodward's Celebrated GRIPE WATER... also...for relief from wind pains, digestive upsets especially during the teething period...etc...and if this won't raise an eyebrow, then turn the bottle around and you'll discover that you really can't read chinese, and two other languages that i'm not going to even take a guess at.

anyway, i was skeptical so i called my pediatrician (at kaiser). this wonderful, no frills, you heard what i said, once displaced from new york city woman, who i'd come to trust (and still do) with questions re: the baby. she told me, in her colorful nasal tone, as a pediatrician for kaiser i can't wholly recommend an herbal home remedy, as a mother of two young children i can't recommend gripe water enough!

nuff said...i found myself completely reliant on gripe water, it's incredible! (the active ingredients are dill oil and sodium bicarbonate, kind of like a gentle alka seltzer for kids) give a little dose to the little tyke and he goes from cranky and uncomfortable to relaxed and content in less than 2 minutes, i'm not kidding...and it's not just my kid, it happened with others...

of course, once i found out that this stuff is hard to get and costs about $10.00 a bottle, i quit being so generous with all my new mom neighbors and started downright hoarding the stuff (we continued to get it from my husbands friend, but sporadically, and again, i'm not kidding, this stuff works so well you go into a panic when you're getting low!) i'd heard one could find this it in chinatown,sf and soon as i got (all the way!) over there i was gonna look it right up.

well guess what? i finally made it to chinatown. after looking in about 20 herbal and tea shops, i found it! and you can too! at the TIN SHING CO., 1021 Grant Ave, No. 4, SF (chinatown) (415) 291-0108 and for only $5.00 a bottle!!! then of course, i went next door to KWONG SANG LUNG CO., 947 Grant Ave, (415)421-7665 and they had it too for $4.25... (sigh)

I just found your website and found myself smiling about the woman who sang the praises about Woodards Gripewater ----yes it is fantastic for everything that ails your baby, and I have used it for all my children during their collicky and teething stages. It is in fact a common and popular remedy in England (where it is made) and Ireland (where I am from), every mother has it and would not be without it if they have that type of baby. You might even find yourself taking a gulp of it during those challenging times! So if you are ever in Ireland or England, you should stock up as it is a few dollars less there. When any of my friends are taking a trip they bring me back some of that life-saving stuff we call gripewater. Best regards,