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Glue for plastic

August 2001

Does anyone know of a glue which might work to glue on the leg of a foozball game table? I've tried Gorilla glue, and it didn't work. It gets a lot of action when used. Diane

We were recommended Loctite Plastix for repairing eyeglass frames, and the package also mentions plastic toys, plastic knobs, and so much more. If you think the game might be PVC, you might consider the glue used to glue PVC pipes together. It comes in a round can and is probably sold in plumbing supply departments of hardware stores. Fran
The type of plastic makes a LOT of difference in which glue to use. Try a few different ones on a non-critical surface. Some glues work by softening the plastic, then evaporating away, leaving a weld (model airplane glue), others chemically react with themselves, still other react with the surface to be glued. If the test patch either softens the base material A LITTLE, or dries so that it cannot be removed with a fair amount of force, you MAY be good to go. It may be easier in the long run to make a mechanical repair. If the leg is broken, but the parts still mate, try splinting it with a length of metal tubing split in half, and either screwed into the plastic, or wrapping really tight with line or wire. Ryan
See if you can get an answer at amy
Try using may be the only thing strong enough. Liz