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Where to buy childrens' furniture?

Sept 2008

Just wondering where people buy childrens furniture? I'm thinking of a twin bed with drawers/and or trundle that can also have bunk bed on top. I dont need the top bunk yet - Just need the bottom bed for now as I have a 2 1/2 year old and newborn. But they will eventually be sharing the same room and dont want to buy something now that i cant use later as a bottom bunk. Thanks! anon

Costco - high quality, attractive, affordable but not cheap - mattresses there are great quality at half the price of Macy's Sale Prices Costco Fan

We had great luck at Berkeley Kids Room. They are on College Ave. in Oakland (Rockridge Dist.) They had a good selection, nice quality furniture and the service was very good. I think they are an excellent mid priced store -- not as inexpensive and cheapo as Ikea, but not as expensive as some of the really fancy furniture stores. Many styles were similar to Pottery Barn, but less expensive and a nicer quality. We were able to get furniture that was appropriate for our kid's room, but something that wouldn't look silly and too ''young'' as they grow older. Kim

Quality furniture for kids

Oct 2007

I am furniture shopping for my kids and the price on 2 twin beds, 2 night stands, under the bed drawers and 2 small ddressers is coming to $5000 for a brand like Vermont Precision or or Vermont Tubbs while there are so many cheaper range options. Are these brands worth the extra price? Any experiences to share. I have 2 boys and expect the furniture to take quite a beating! Are there any other brands that have the quality with a smaller price tag? My sons are toddlers now and I would like the furniture to at least about 10 years. Maisy

Try calling Giorgi Brothers in South San Francisco. Many times, they can order the brand you have selected for about 40% below retail. I purchased 2 pieces from them, and they were great when I had problems with one of the pieces. When it could not be fixed by sending a problematic door back to the manufacturer, they sent the entire entertainment center back for a new one and got the problem fixed. No problems at all with the second, more recent purchase.

Alternatively, try the website I haven't ordered from them, but I have looked at their website and understand that you may also be able to get the pieces you have selected there for substantially less than retail. Hate to pay retail, but want good quality furniture

Where to buy quality kids' furniture

Sept 2007

i am wondering where to buy furniture, such as bunk beds, dressers, bookshelves for young kids. i would prefer quality furniture that will last--not ikea type stuff. pottery barn seems overpriced and i looked at berkeley kids room, and their selection seemed slim. any other local options?

Jonathan Kaye, in SF. The oak captains beds we bought 11 and 14 years ago look like new. R.K.

I bought my daughter's bedroom furniture at Costco, believe it or not. It has held up super well, easy to wipe down, looks like Pottery Barn styling, and I can't recommend it highly enough! And my daughter is not especially gentle. Jumps on her bed, ties her jumpropes around the bedposts, etc. Chanel

Kids' Table and Chairs

Does anyone have a suggestion as to where to buy a child's table and chairs (preferably wood or at least sturdy) for reasonable cost -- used ones would be great too. Toy-R-Us only had a plastic picnic table with benches and Orchard Supply Hardware said this morning that they don't carry these though I know I've seen at least the chairs there before. I keep calling the used toy/ baby equipment stores, so far with no luck. Any other suggestions? Much appreciated.

This is just the type of stuff Ikea specializes in! I preordered an Ikea catalog in anticipation of their store opening in Emeryville and found a round kids wooden table for $14.95 (!!) and chairs to match for $9.95. There is also a unfinished solid wood set of 2 chairs and a table for $34.95. AND Ikea has a (brightly) painted or plain wooden kid tables for $34.95, matching chairs $19.95 each, and benches for $29. Ikea should be opening in March or so, but if you want to get their catalog now, you can get it at (No, I don't work for them, but you can bet I am gonna shop there!)

1. Saw something at Crate & Barrel 2 weeks ago that was wooden, forget the price but it wasn't that high.
2. JC Penney Catalogue (it is on line too) has a 2-3 page section on kid's tables, some wooden some plastic, all prices.

We looked all over the place for used wooden children's furniture. Though Toy Go Round on Solano occasionally has it, I think it goes pretty quickly. We finally purchased a very sturdy set from 'RDreams' on the web. It was not cheap (nor the most expensive of what we saw), but it's very nice looking, sturdy, and practical (easy to clean).

Both Target and KMart have children's wooden tables and chairs on sale this week. The ones at Target cost $50 for 1 table or 2 chairs i.e. $100 total for a table + 2 chairs. The one at Kmart comes with Disney Design. I forgot the price though but I think it is somewhat cheaper than Target.

Target has sturdy all wood oak tables and chairs. a pair of chairs costs 49 and the table is 49. These are simple but very nice. My daughter loves them and is now all into entertaining herself at HER table. Good luck.

If you are looking for a wooden table/chairs, try either Gorman and Sons or Saw Mill. Also, Rockridge Kids sometimes has them. A friend of mine found a *great* little table & chair set at the Crate and Barrel outlet in Berkely. That said, let me share something with you -- my husband and I went thru this about 6 months ago, and ended up buying a table and chairs down at the Lakeshore Learning Center in San Leandro. They were a little more expensive than we had originally planned on, but we decided that the height adjustability of the table made it a great investment, since we anticipate that this table will be part of our household for AWHILE (our little one just turned two). These are the same style tables that you will find in daycare and schools -- very sturdy, washable, and they come in a variety of sizes/shapes. Good luck in your search!

We found a cute set, two chairs and a table, red and light colored wood, at Target in El Cerrito. The chairs come in one box and the table in another, and the whole thing costs about $120. Assembly is required, of course, but the quality is good and the instructions were simple. I think they had other styles as well, something with a sports theme and another with pastel colors. Our 2 year old is able to get in and out of the chairs easily, though his feet don't touch the floor when he's sitting, just to give you an idea of the size.

Regarding the request for affordable wood children's table and chairs, you might try Target which has advertised hardwood sets for around $50. Also, Pier 1 Imports or Cost Plus sometimes have this kind of thing. One last thought is for a low table maybe intended as a coffee table that might be a hardwood veneer from a place like Scandinavian Designs. Good luck,

Child's Table and Chairs: Crate and Barrel has a set in their current catalog & often carries them at their outlet store on 4th Street

I found a pretty good, not fancy, table and 2 chairs at Baby Depot in Hayward for $60. Painted wood (particle-board but heavyduty) and I've seen one at Darla's in El Cerrito, real wood and nice looking in the $150. range.

Crate and Barrel has a very nice low childrens' table with two chairs. Wood, solid, and cheerful colors. I think it cost about $120 for the table and chairs, which was about what the people at one of the unfinished furniture shops on San Pablo were charging as a special favor to make something similar, but not as nice. Crate and Barrel has a website, although we got ours from their catalog.

Dominic (6/99)

Gormans furniture store in Berkeley (on Telegraph at Derby) probably has a good quality unfinished wooden chair and table set in a child's size. I got one there for my daughter 17 years ago, and it is still going strong! The nice thing about their furniture is that it is so well made that it lasts forever. By the way, I think that little table/chair set was one of the best investments I ever made, both my kids loved having their own special space for projects.

Deborah (6/99)