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NIce furniture store for cherry kitchen table

May 2008

My husband and I used to buy furniture at the County Home Furniture store in Oakland, as we like that Amish/Shaker/Craftsman look, and the furniture there was of really nice quality. This store is now out of business, and we are seeking a similar store to buy a new kitchen table. Does any one have any recommendations to look for a nice cherry/wood kitchen table? J

you should check out The Wooden Horse in Berkeley. they have an extensive online catalog and a lot in the shaker style. I enjoy that they import recycled teak to build some of their furniture. Aariel

They're pricey, but Wooden Duck in Berkeley (www.thewoodenduck.com) has beautiful farm/Shaker/Craftsman style furniture made from recycled wood. And Fenton MacLaren (http://www.fentonmaclaren.com/storelocations.html) also has Mission-style pieces that could pass as Craftsman. Someday the Perfect Dining Table

Looking for comfortable & attractive dining room chairs

March 2003

We have been searching, without success, for comfortable and attractive dining room chairs - to go with our 20 yr old solid oak dining room table. We have expanded our search to include the possibility of a new dining room set, but have still not found what we're looking for. Any suggestions for furniture stores would be greatly appreciated. anonymous

I don't know if they have the style you are looking for, but check out The Oak Warehouse in Dublin 925-828-8625. Also, Bob's Discount Furniture in Berkeley on San Pablo Av sells similar stuff but they don't have as much on display I think, at least for chairs. I think these 2 places order from the same catalogs. Anon

Tradeway on San Pablo Ave, El Cerrito. Don't be turned off by the warehouse and unconventional looks; inside you will find some treasures (you may have to look hard!)...we bought a beautiful Thomasville dining room set, with 8 chairs for quite a steal. Couldn't be happier. Satisfied Customer

I ordered wonderful Parsons diningroom chairs directly from the manufacturer. The quality is very high and the service great. Check out www.carringtoncourtdirect.com. If you have any questions, feel free to email me and definitely tell them that I referred you! melissa

We too have a solid Oak dining room table (in craftsman style). We ordered the chairs for our table from the Craftsman Home at 3048 Claremont Ave (655-6503). I believe the owners's name is Lee. He was very helpful in matching the chairs to the table. We chose leather for the seat cushions(they have many options), and were very pleased with the results 6 weeks later! The downside was the price, approx. $600/chair back in 2001. You can negiotiate depending upon how many chairs you have made. You could also check out Fenton McLaren's on College Ave, but their quality is not near as nice as the Craftsman Home. Maya