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Hooded Fleece Pajamas for Camping w/ Baby

July 2001

We are going to be taking our 1yearold camping in the mountains this summer and fall, and are looking for warm nightware for him. Some of the older postings on the website mention using hooded, fleece sleepers to keep babies warm while camping, but I can't seem to find any in stores or online. Any suggestions as to where to buy this kind of thing? Or what else might work as a substitute? thanks, Heather

REI has a good selection Alexandra
We recently went camping with our one year-old. We put her in a blanket sleeper with light cotton pajamas underneath and had her sleep in a hat. That worked well and it was in the 40's at night. We do have a hooded fleece snowsuit that I bought online from LL Bean, but I think that would have been too warm. Hardin
Try REI online or instore...I've used them for my little one and they are great. Liz
Look on http://www.landsend.com. They sell a hooded polartec fleece bunting for infants and toddlers that is $44.50. Just search the site for bunting and you should find it. -- Ilana
I have a Baby Bag I don't need, it's like a sleeping bag with legs and a zipper up the front, so you can easily clip infant into car seat or stroller in it. It looks very warm and cosy, we never used it (our kids didn't see snow till they were three!). Carrie
Both REI and Patagonia make nice hooded fleece suits. I don't see them on rei.com but we have one purchased at REI in the past year. The baby bunting at patagonia.com isn't cheap but we liked that the zip allowed baby's legs to be separate (for the car seat) or together in a sack (warmer for sleeping). -Charis - An aside- we've found the suggestion on the website about using an adult down parka as a baby sleeping bag a very good one for camping.
I don't think there are hooded pajamas but I bet you could use a fleece snow suit thing with regular PJ's underneath. This time of year you may have a harder time finding them but try your luck at REI or other mountain stores. Try Patagonia on line too. Also, second hand store often carry things out of season. Hadley
For our coldest trips--October at high elevations, outside temps certainly below freezing--we kept our daughter (under 2.5 at the time) in the hooded/footed fleece suits you can likely get at REI. (Just did a quick scan at REI.com and didn't find them, but did find something, labeled PolarTec bunting at Landsend.com: http://www.landsend.com/cd/fp/prod/0,2503,1_2_474_16383_3083_3083_5:vi ew=-1,00.html?sid=0993666261264) (But most of the time, even in the mountains, we found that, in regular winter pajamas she stayed very warm between us, with our sleeping bags zipped together.) We also took along (and still do, with our younger son) an extra little fleece blanket, which we also got at REI (and has a little fleece pouch, so it doubles as a pillow). We use(d) the fleece blanket to cover the gap where our bags (mummies) won't zip up all the way because of all three of us being together. And, when/if she/he squirmed away from us (usually up above our heads), there was something to cover her/him with. judy
One of my friends bought our baby an Old Navy hooded fleece coverall (hood, long sleeves, goes to ankles, but feet stick out; fastened with zipper). We haven't had a chance to use it yet because our first camping trip was to a very warm place! I believe she purchased it at the Old Navy outlet in Vacaville, but it was about 3 or even 4 months ago. You could call them or go online to see if they're still available. Lisa