Flax-Seed Grinder

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October 2001

I'm looking for a recommendation and a source for a seed grinder to grind flax seeds. My web search shows all kinds - pepper-grinder type, crank type, electric type, and a wide range of prices. I'd rather get a hand-powered one (I don't need another appliance). Does anyone have a favorite? And a place I can buy it without paying shipping & handling, which sometimes amounts to 25% of the cost? I'll order off the web if I have to, but first would like some input on what works. Thanks!! Rebecca

I have used my blender to grind flax seed into meal. It works quite well. Jennifer
Although you do prefer a non-electric flax seed grinder, an electric coffee grinder (Krups costs $10) is really good for this purpose. It can double for grinding spices as well. Bob's Old Red Mill brand products carries a ground flax seed that, if you keep it in the freezer, stays fresh. I find I use flax seeds more when I don't have to grind them. Nori
You said you're looking for a hand grinder since you don't need any more appliances. Do you already have a coffee grinder? Mine works really well for flax, sesame, and sunflower seeds. Jenny
I bought a $12 coffee grinder at Longs Drugs. It works great!! -Rachel Rachel
I have just started putting flax seeds into my son's food (and my own). He was prescribed iron drops and I want'ed to stave off the constipation that seemed to be starting. When I grind flax seeds, I use my blender with a smaller blender jar. It's much easier than with the big blender container. I have an Oster blender and use jars that they sell just for this purpose although I've been told that any small jar that fits it works fine (it is a pretty standard canning jar size). I also store the ground seeds in the fridge in the mini blender jar, and i store the bag of whole seeds in the freezer. I also grind brown rice, etc. for my baby's food. Sharon